Datre 100 – The New Age Belief System

DATRE: Hello Everyone –

This is going to be little insight on your belief systems.

There have been numerous references that have come back thru other peoples regarding The Ashtar Command and others. Now, to those who are of a younger generation, you perhaps never heard of the Ashtar Command – it originated back in the early 70’s. It was very interesting to hear all the tapes because they had them orchestrated to some beautiful classical music and the story line was very well orchestrated.

There was so much information coming out at that time that it was almost ‘overwhelming’ to keep up with it all. There were peoples that sat out in the deserts and numerous other locations with their ‘precious’ belongings waiting days for the ‘extra- terrestrials’ to come and pick them up – their belief was that strong. Everyone was telling about their experiences that they were having with the extra-terrestrials’.

Now it is 1999, what happened to all those ‘out there’ that were coming here? Remember there are many, many layers of your present reality and time is an artificial construct. Each reality, which is a ‘layer – for lack of a better term I can find’ – is horizontal and vertical at the same moment. Everything exists in the present ‘now’ and each is experienced in that way. But that is hard for the brain in the physical to comprehend. So you separate the ‘layers’ for yourself to experience in. If you ‘dip into different layers’ you will have different experiences.

For some reason unknown to us, you always seem to think that other extra-terrestrial civilizations are superior to yours. Not so. You are by far the most advanced in a physical construct. That is why you are being noticed by those in the Big Universe. Because no one ever thought that it was possible to reach your level of intelligence and understanding with what you call, your physical brain. You are indeed remarkable. The only problem that we can see is that you don’t ‘realize’ it and are always looking to something or someone else that you think is greater than you.

If you only remember one thing from all that Datre says; that the only person you need to be concerned with is “you”. A voyeur is always trying to fix others but very seldom takes time to look at themselves. It is much easier that way.

In being that ‘grand observer’ you can watch your actions and reactions to every and all situations. What is gained by ‘carrying a grudge’? There are no victims. You do everything for experience. If you realize what you are doing you will change your life and in turn change those around you. Because you ‘teach by example’. What is gained by yelling at children and spouses? What is it about yourself that you do not like? Other peoples reflect back to you what you are trying to teach yourself. And in seeing that reflection, make changes that are appropriate to you – not to another – not to anyone but yourself.

We speak about evolution. The evolution is you. The planet will take care of itself because it is coordinated with Universal timing. If the planet goes out of orbit and heads in a different direction, what are you going to do about it? Get off? Begin to see the beauty in the life you are living. Observation can make that so.

Change your life, not someone else’s. You don’t have to live a life of tragedy so that someone needs to save you. Or to organize your life or organize the planetary situations. Today is the only day you can live anyway. And today is the ‘only you that you can be’. Where is yesterday and what can you do about it? Where is tomorrow and what can you do about it? The only person that can ‘save you’ is “you” and your actions and understandings. Enjoy your life to the fullest. We thank you for this opportunity.

We are Datre

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