Datre 084 – The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea

Datre answers Kevin (part II)

JOHN: We are now continuing with the questions from Kevin and his first question is… “Datre has stated that since they are outside of our BUBBLE, they (Datre) therefore have no influence on individuals within our BUBBLE and no affect on our evolution: they are only here to observe. But by the very act of providing this information for us via a channel, not to mention adjusting the energies that enter the BUBBLE, aren’t they in fact influencing individuals within this BUBBLE, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and in some way, our evolution? Isn’t this the intent?”

DATRE: That is a byproduct, it is not an intent. If we were to stand by and ‘not’ bring forth this information we would be doing a disservice to those ‘specialists’ that are in here that have become enamored with physicality and have become, shall we say, forgotten ‘who’ they were. Now, by bringing forth this information the main thrust is to help those ‘specialists’ who really came in here for some specific reason and did not turn around and leave when the job was done.

In other words, it would be like you had a plumbing problem in the kitchen sink and you called in a plumber. Then when the job was finished he came back, he couldn’t get the job finished in one day. He says, ‘well I have to have some other parts, so I’ll come back tomorrow’. So the next day he comes back and he brings some other parts. But he finds out, ‘oh well, this doesn’t fit just exactly the way I wanted it to but I’ll get another part and I’ll come back tomorrow’. Then the next thing you know, he’s beginning to eat his meals with you and you’re becoming friendly with him. Then, well this one night it was starting to get dark and he had a long ways to go and you said, ‘well do you have any family?’ and he say’s, ‘no, I live by myself’. ‘Well then, why don’t you stay over night with us?’ Then after staying over night with you, then the next day he went off to work, but he came back in the evening to see if everything was all right. ‘Well come and have dinner with us, why don’t you stay with us tonight?’. The next thing you know, he’s moved into your spare bedroom. John is laughing, but that’s exactly the way it looks to us.

He’s found some place that is comfortable and he’s not going to leave. His ‘job’ was to come in and fix the plumbing. He’s forgotten everything else, except that this has become his home. That’s what happens to ‘specialists’ that have come in here.

Now, if someone, after many years of living in this house, to this plumber you said, ‘we can’t have you living with us any more, we need that space, because one of the parents is ill and we need to have that spare bedroom to take care of them.’. The plumber gets mad, because he is told to leave. Now, if the situation is explained to him and he is a reasonable individual he will leave and that will be fine. But, until something happens that the plumber has to leave, he will stay.

Now, when the BIRTH comes, far better for the ‘specialists’ to ‘know’ what is coming and explain to them what the situation is and what its like, which he’s forgotten all about what its like out of this little BUBBLE. Wouldn’t it be a disservice to all of a sudden throw the plumber out into the snow and not explain to him why? It would be the same with the ‘specialists’ to have the BIRTH occur and he felt he was dumped out in the snow? Then sitting out there in the snow, wondering what happened, totally and completely lost. Far better for the plumber that the situation is explained to him, than opening up the upstairs window and throwing him out into the snow. Same as the ‘specialists’. He needs to remember ‘who’ he is. I know that’s a very simple analogy, but sometimes, I have to use stories for you to understand WHY Datre is here. That’s what its all about.

Then the people that are not interested in this information are not going to pay that much attention to it. They’re going to read it and say, ‘oh, there’s another channeling’. ‘Oh, this is interesting, this is something different, this is new’. But that’s going to be the end of it. But, there’s going to be certain phrases that a ‘specialists’ is going to hit and say, ‘now, that’s something I’ve always ‘known’ but forgotten’. Then, search for SELF will begin. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I am interested in the “new wave” energies. Specifically how are these energies being controlled?”

DATRE: They are NOT being controlled, they are being directed. They’re being directed to your BUBBLE to be used in whatever way the individuals within the BUBBLE use it. That is all it is, it is a “direction”.

You see, we can’t come in here and pull out the ‘specialists’ by the tops of their heads. We can’t come in here and make all kinds of changes – if the changes are NOT accepted. The energy is to help those that have different thought patterns to be able to maintain and use them in the way they so desire.

So, the energies are put in here. It is up to each individual to do with them, whatever they want to do with them. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Have these energies changed over the past several years?”

DATRE: Well, it depends on how ‘observant’ you have been. If you have not noticed many of the changes that are taking place in areas of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. If you have not noticed the changes in your weather patterning’s. Then I cannot tell you any more than that.

You will find that, although you can’t put down stakes to measure the changes that have taken place, there have been a great deal of changes that have taken place with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of your whole planet. Now, you can say, ‘well, I can’t see any change here, or I can’t see any change there’. You’re going to hit pockets that haven’t changed. But, if you were to see the energy patterns ‘over all of your planet’, they definitely appear to be different. Now, this has been going on for a number of years, it has just been intensified within the last few years. But, there’s going to be more changes. There are changes coming up that you will notice.

You see, right now, all you can see, in almost any direction you turn, is the squabbling and the arguing amongst individuals – the other guy is always the one that is wrong. Then when you have that occurring, somebody is paying attention. Somebody is going to look at the situation and say, ‘wait a minute, who is wrong?’ and begin to analyze and see. The fellows that are up there in any capacity at the top of a company, at the top a business, big or small, as we’ve said before, it will be… the area will be pretty much as that individual has set the patterning.

You’ll find that in these countries they’re always changing heads of government. One’s in for a while, then somebody else is in and then somebody else is in and its always pointing the finger – well its not my fault, its the other guys fault. But, every time you put one finger out, you’ve got three coming back at you.

You know, in a HOLOGRAM, it can be manipulated in any way “you” wish to manipulate it. It is your AWARENESS of your being in a HOLOGRAM and watching how ‘you’ can make ‘your’ HOLOGRAM work rather than watching everybody else’s. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Are we and the planet being affected differently by them at present and if so, how?”

DATRE: I think we got… didn’t we just take care of that?

JOHN: Well, we more or less took care of that in the last question.

DATRE: That’s what I figured.

JOHN: So we’ll go on to the following question… “Is there an ultimate set of physical changes that these energies are being used to manifest and if so what are they?”

DATRE: The ultimate would be that you could use these new energies to get in touch and bring in more of the YOU that ‘you’ are into physicality and functioning from “that” standpoint, rather than functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea. It’s the BEST TEACHER you’ve got – but you don’t listen, you don’t pay any attention. Because its, ‘I want to do it this way’. If you do… what they say, RELAX and watch what’s happening and you take action accordingly, your life would be altogether different.

But, what the majority on the planet does, is NOT watch the signs and take action. The first thing they do is RE-ACT and that changes your whole pattern. Re-action, is the up-tight, its the strung out, its those that don’t have enough ‘time’, its all the ‘pressures’ and yet, how come some people can walk with such serenity that are doing the same thing or maybe more?

Its watching the signs… you’re painting the picture. Why don’t you pay any attention to it? Believe me, if you were an artist and were painting on a piece of canvas, you’d pay attention to what you were doing. You’re ALL artists. You’re creating everything that exists around you all the time, why don’t you pay attention to it? If you were paying attention to it, things would be so much easier, you wouldn’t have the struggle. You might experience things that are ‘unpleasant’ to you, that’s different. You may get angry, but you ‘know’ what the anger is about. It’s ACTION, not RE-ACTION that makes the difference. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I sometimes get the impression that Datre are cognizant of the personality that is asking the questions of them. They (Datre) seem to anticipate questions that I have before they are even sent and some of the answers have particular relevance to what I am experiencing at the time. Despite the fact that we are communicating electronically, are Datre able to “tune in” to the psyche of the individuals out here on Datre Net or are they getting it all from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS?”

DATRE: No. All we are doing is answering the questions. If you will notice that the questions are answered in such a way that it does not matter what level of “intellect” you work from. Because we try to make little ‘pictures’ for you that you can understand what we’re talking about. It is as ‘we’ see it, when we are in the physical construct. So that is what we work from.

Now, more than one person has said that Datre seems to answer the question, just when I have the question in front of me; here comes the answer from Datre. Now, give YOURSELVES credit, you’re the one that is creating the picture. You’re the one that is ‘interpreting’ the symbols that are coming through on that which you call your net. You’re the one that is doing it, we are not doing it. You have a question that you wish to have answered… now first you must remember, there is no way to ask a question, if you don’t have the answer, because you couldn’t formulate it, from a physical standpoint, you could not formulate it. So, the reason you ‘ask’ the question, is because you want to get it out in front of you and you want to get the ‘answer’ out in front of you for you to be able to ‘comprehend’ it and put it into the brain. That’s what its all about. Then, because ‘you’ have set up the scenario, not us, ‘you’, you get the answers you were looking for – simple. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question from Kevin is… “Do THOUGHTERS also handle ideas for music? I’ve heard that great composers like Mozart and Stravinsky actually heard their compositions in their ears before putting them to paper. Is this the work of THOUGHTERS or did these compositions come from somewhere else?”

DATRE: It could come from two places. It could come from music that those in the ‘dead zone’ are playing with, sounds that they are working with in the ‘dead zone’; it also could come from THOUGHTERS. So, I do not know. Those are the only two options you have. Continue.

JOHN: That was the final question from Kevin.

DATRE: All right, did we answer them all now?

JOHN: Yes we have we’ve gone through the whole smear.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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