Datre 075 – What you need to know right now is “life”

Datre answers some recurring questions.

JOHN: We have some recurring questions that we’ve decided to group together for answering. The first question is… “Could Datre explain in more detail how a being living in a terrestrial body could be able to “duplicate” its physical body in the Universe if the physical body belongs to the Earth? In other words I understand that when the BIRTH shall come, very few individuals shall be able to reconstruct their physical bodies in the Universe.”

DATRE: Well, first of all, you have to understand that from a physical standpoint, you’re not aware of all the functions of your body. In other words, that is not your prime objective to know how everything within the construct of your body works. It is taken for granted that everything works in a certain manner. If you want to point at something, you lift your arm and point one finger, you don’t even think about it. Those are all cellular activities. The functions within the body are all what you would call AUTOMATIC, they have been made that way so that you do not have to be concerned with how everything functions. If you had to run your body from a mental standpoint, you couldn’t, you would be over whelmed. So it has been made so that it is a cellular activity and it all works and it is of no concern to you.

But, the YOU that you are knows ‘how’ everything works. Then when it becomes necessary for you to have that information, you will connect with the YOU that you are and bring that information into the physical construct. You won’t be constructing a body from the grass and trees and animals and dirt and all that sort of thing, because that’s PARTICLE. But, you will be re-constructing that anatomy in an entirely different way.

Now, that is for those that will be going into a wispy environment that their body will not be necessary all the time. They will learn to function ‘with’ a wispy body and ‘without’. But that again is a learning process. Now, as for the individuals that are going to other planetary existences, those will be provided on the ‘other’ planets – you don’t take it from here. You re-construct it on another planet. If you want to call it that, there will be a ‘prototype’ there that will be used for re-construction. So, as to what you’re going to look like next time, what difference does it make? You’re not concerned when you die as to what you’re going to look like the next time.

So, you see what you’re doing is you’re putting ‘big numbers’ on that sort of thing and that is not important. It will happen and it will be… you see, when you’re working with the physical brain you’re working with questions from physicality. Then when the BIRTH happens, if you’re going to another physical existence, to finish up the things that you want to finish up in your learning experiences, your re-construction will be on whatever you want to continue to learn on. That is why we’re saying that it’s important to get in touch with the YOU that you are. The more you get in touch with that, the more you will understand about ‘other’ things other than ‘this’ physical reality.

We have talked about many things and the thing that’s something that cannot be explained, is that which is IN BETWEEN. That is ‘that’ reality that you have not brought into physicality. You see, if you were to bring ALL the knowledge of the YOU that you are into physicality, it wouldn’t work, it can’t work. You get into an automobile to get someplace, but you don’t stay in the automobile. You get into a physical construct to get someplace, to learn something, but when you’ve learned what YOU want to learn you’ll get out of it. Hard concept, but very true. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is, relative to the previous… “If yes, what should be the “know-how” of these few individuals able to do so?”

DATRE: Its NOT a ‘know-how’, its all there for each and every one of you, nothing, we have said it many, many times, nothing is hidden, it is for you to find, for you to discover. There are many things that you don’t NEED to know right now about what your future is. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW is “LIFE” – LIFE on this planet. Don’t sit and muddle about things, get out and LIVE. That is what the name of the game is. Physicality is a GAME, but you’ve all taken it seriously. Physicality is something that you’re ‘bored’ with, because you’ve had it too long. You want something NEW, you want something different, you want to get out of here and HERE is the most important and interesting place you can be. Once you discover that, things will be entirely different for you.

We can’t explain it any simpler than that. If you did not want to be in physicality, you would NOT be here – simple. You ‘chose’ to be here and yet the minute you get into the physical body, you complain about it continually. Instead of enjoying and trying to understand, circumstances, situations, your surroundings, everything upon this planet. You’re not curious about what makes THIS planet work; you’re more interested in what goes on ‘out there’. This is where it’s interesting. But you don’t see that and it is a very hard thing to get across, because ‘out there’ is supposed to be so marvelous. You see, when you go into meditation and you go ‘out there’, you’re actually avoiding LIVING here, because you think THAT is grand and glorious. You know why it’s grand and glorious? Because you have NO bodily feelings. When you’re in meditation, you don’t feel your body – correct? Am I right John?

JOHN: That’s correct.

DATRE: All right, what happens when you get back in the body? ‘Oops I’ve got a pain in the back’, ‘Oh, I’ve got such a headache’, ‘Oh, my body’s all worn out’, ‘I’m so tired, I’m exhausted’, and all of these things. But in meditation, oh boy, grand and glorious, I’m seeing all kinds of things and I’m all ‘blissed’ out. Fine that’s good, do that when you need relaxation. Get out there and discover, that’s fine. But then come back into the body and LIVE. Stop complaining about the body. If you keep constantly complaining about the body that becomes your single focus. Your focus is to LIVE in the body – the body is to EXPERIENCE. So, maybe we can get this across some day. That’s why you’re IN the body. That’s why many have chosen to stay in physical existence even after the BIRTH, because they want the physical existence experience. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question, relative to the original question is… “Could these few individuals be already aware of this?”


JOHN: The next question is… “I was wondering if you (John) or Datre could comment on the energy waves that are coming our way. It seems like not much has been said about them lately. Are they still affecting our bodies?”

DATRE: Very definitely. It has not been too long ago that one particular day John and Aona were both very disoriented to the point of things feeling “unreal”. That is a result of the different energy waves being absorbed within the physical construct. This is continuing and will continue. It’s just that we don’t tell you, ‘oh, there’s an energy wave coming’, because some of you will feel bad because you don’t feel it – ‘I didn’t feel anything’.

Then some of you will say, ‘oh, this was a marvelous experience’, because they’ve set it up mentally that that’s what it’s going to be. We would rather NOT tell you, because that way you will experience what you experience and it has nothing to do with conjuring up something in the brain. Or feeling bad because everybody else felt something and you didn’t. You see, there are those that will say, ‘oh, I felt this marvelous… and I was disoriented… and all these things’, then ‘oh, yes I did too’. So everybody has that experience and you’re sitting in the room thinking, ‘well, what’s the matter with me, I didn’t feel anything?’. Now, what if you had had that experience two months earlier and they’re all just getting it now? So don’t feel left out when everybody has grand and marvelous experiences. These that are experiencing these grand and marvelous experiences are probably catching up to you because you’ve already had them or you have had them at such an early time that those experiences that they’re having now are of no concern to you whatsoever.

Don’t think you’re always… don’t plant the seed in the mind that you’re always behind everybody else. Stop and turn it around and think, ‘well, it might be that I’ve already experienced that’. You see, you have a tendency to put yourself down – don’t do that. Let people have their grand and glorious experiences, let them all get together and say this and this and this and this. But listen to what they’re saying, because it’s important to listen, but if it doesn’t effect you in any way, shape or form what does it matter? Then they’ll say, ‘well what about you?’ and you’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t feel anything, but I didn’t think it was that important to me’. It might be that you’ll have it later, but what difference, time is NOT important and it is going to be less and less important.

Different bodies absorb different energies differently. Different brains process information differently. So you cannot all be the same. You can agree on a table being a table and that sort of thing, but when it comes to the inner ‘self’, your experiential ‘self’, your ‘in between’, shall we say, that ‘in between’ is different for every single individual upon this planet and every individual in the ‘dead zone’. Everything is different for everyone that is functioning from a ‘brain’ standpoint – it’s all different. So, don’t compare and feel bad. Many people will agree on something and you don’t agree – what difference does it make? You’re doing you’re thing. There was something that they used to say, ‘I want to do it myself’, what
was that…

JOHN: I want to do it my way.

DATRE: I want to do it my way, now, that was a very big message coming through. That does not mean that you step all over everybody else to get where you’re going. But, do it ‘your’ way. Not according to somebody else. That is a big number. Then you will begin your first steps to being an INDIVIDUAL when you quit following the crowd. Step out and experience to ‘your’ own understanding and for ‘your’ enjoyment – not somebody else’s.


JOHN: And the next question is… “I know I have had an unusual back problem lately, right in the middle of my spine. I’ve never had much problem with my back, but for the past week and a half there has been something going on, can it be explained by the energy waves?”

DATRE: It can be explained by the changes that are taking place in your body. Now, one of the reasons that Aona and John watch their television is to watch and observe what is going on in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now, in your sports, and I don’t care what sport you want to mention, you can go the whole gamut, every single kind, you will find one recurring thing – injury.

Now, there was a time when you did not have all the equipment that they wear in the football game, as an example. They had very little, their heads banged around inside their helmets and the padding would slide all over and you know they didn’t have much in the way of padding. They would grab the clothing and spin people around and all sorts of things and they’d go crashing to the ground. Now you have them playing on cement and all padded up and they’re getting hurt all the time. They go out and play on the grass, they still get hurt all the time. Constant backache. Constant injury to the limbs. All of these things, consistently. If you were to walk into a room with 50 people and ask them to raise their hands, the number of people that have had back ache within the last week, you would find almost everyone in that room had had some sort of back problem within the last week. Everybody complains, ‘oh, my back, oh, my back’. What is happening is the little pads between the bones are expanding.

JOHN: In the vertebrae.

DATRE: Yes! I couldn’t think of the name of it. They’re expanding and what happens is, that is the, shall we say, the electrical system of the body. That’s where all your nerve endings are, beginning or whatever and those are getting bigger. Then when that happens, that is making the spinal column change. Then when the physical body goes through changes, there are areas that will have pain from time to time. The back is a major place that changes are taking place. That is not a result of the new energies. That is the result of the changing, by the YOU that you are, changing the physical construct.

Your physical construct, in the last 50 years has changed dramatically, but you don’t see that because it’s such a progressive thing. But if you will look, even go back to the time of the 1800’s people were tiny. If they were to come… if you were to take those people in the 1800’s and put a basketball player in front of them, they would run and scream in terror. The ladies were less than 5 feet tall, some of them a little bit taller. But that isn’t that long ago and look at the changes.

You go in someplace and look at the clothing those people wore at that time – tiny, tiny, tiny things. Your children, even at six and seven, could not get into some of the clothing that was worn by grown up ladies at that time – very tiny. The physical construct is constantly in change. That’s where the backaches come from. That’s where the arms, the shoulders, the legs, the ankles, the neck, the head, everything all these changes are taking place. So, if you hurt, okay, so you hurt, it is nothing dramatic. Now, if its something you get to the point you can’t stand it, then find out about it. But, just for having something unusual, it comes and it goes.

So, its like with Aona, she had a constant headache for 6 or 7 years, something like that. But there were changes taking place. That’s along time to have a headache. You see, everybody thinks it is very simple to make changes, it is not that simple. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question… “I’m still having a problem understanding what role the physical body plays in the BIRTH. I imagine the BIRTH as more a mind or spiritual experience, are there physical aspects to the process, or will our bodies just be blown away when the event happens?”

DATRE: As we have said before, some people will be aware of what’s happening, some will not. Some will, shall we say, go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning and they’ll be someplace else and not be aware that anything different has taken place. Any more than you remember what happened in your last lifetime. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there an advantage to being in a physical body as opposed to being in the dead zone?”

DATRE: From our standpoint it depends upon the evolution of the one that is in, what you call, the dead zone. Now, there are many in the dead zone who have not reached a great deal in their evolutionary construct of what they have decided… that the YOU that you are has decided that it wishes to experience. So, from our standpoint, those that need to get on with what they had ‘originally’ set out to do when they took physicality in the first place, need to get going. But, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is NOW is the most exciting time to be in physicality, because of the changes that are taking place. So, those that are not in physicality are missing out on a lot of exciting things that are happening.

Things are happening in the physical body, things are happening on, what you call, the spiritual world and things are happening in your technology. So, there is a great deal happening NOW, more than any other time in every area, because you’re coming to the end of a cycle. What we mean by the end of the cycle is that when you end a cycle, then you have what is called a BIRTH or re-birth, whichever you want to call it.

Then at the end of a cycle, everything is accelerated. So the acceleration and being an ‘observer’ and watching everything that is happening and taking part in things that are happening, this is an exciting time. So, from our standpoint, we think it is a better experience, there’s MORE to experience, than if they were in, what you call, the dead zone and observing from that standpoint, if they so desired. Because more can be learned ‘faster’ in the physical construct. That’s why your physical construct was set up, for experience. It was a different kind of experience, a different kind of understanding. So, NOW is an exciting time, even if most of the people don’t think so. Most of the people on the planet don’t think this is exciting at all, they look at every tragedy. But it depends upon… its like the coins that you have, its got two sides and you are the one that chooses which side of the coin you want to look at. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “In the latest material, Datre was talking about experiencing reality through two bodies at once. Was he talking about becoming aware of other aspect selves of your Entity or creating a double of our current body?”

DATRE: I do not know, because I was not the one that did the transcript. But I would say that there… when you experience and work from two bodies, you are working from two bodies. You’re NOT working from an aspect; you’re working with two SEPARATE bodies. Hard concept, yes, but it can be done.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there something one can do to work towards that experience? Sometimes I feel like I am on the edge of a bubble, like I am in an egg ready to hatch if I could just figure out how to break it open. Is that a fair analogy of our position?”

DATRE: Yes, there are many that are having that feeling. They’re getting a type of excitement, an exhilaration that in the physical they feel like something is going to be happening and that’s just a feeling that they’re getting. What it is that they’re feeling is the exhilaration of everything that is happening upon your planet at the present time. So, that is an experience that many people are having right now.

There is nothing you can “DO”. Be observant, watch, listen and then you pay attention to what signals you are trying to give yourself in physicality. You are constantly, constantly, giving the physical body signals and begin to watch the signals that you’re giving yourself. You’ll turn down a street and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here, I turned at the wrong place’ and get angry because you made a mis-turn. Now, instead of getting angry because you turned on the wrong street, become ‘aware’ of WHY you made that turn. Begin to look at the buildings, the stores, begin to look at your surroundings on the street that you’re on. Why did you turn on that street? You’re giving yourself a signal, there’s something there, look for it.

Then you’ll say, ‘I didn’t find anything’. All right, you didn’t find anything, but you did ONE important thing, instead of ‘re-acting’ you ACTED. You didn’t re-act and get angry with yourself for turning on the wrong street. You took ‘positive’ ACTION to begin to look and see ‘why’ you went down that street. You may come across a building that say’s, ‘oh, this is something that I’ve been looking for’, park the car and go in. Or, as said before, you may find nothing. But you have, in that little action, have changed thought patterns from frustration and anger, into ‘observation’. And the more you do that, the more interesting your life will become. This is what we have said about being an ‘observer’. Don’t re-act, ACT. Continue.

JOHN: The next question… “I know one time you cautioned me against breaking the personality (ala Carlos Castaneda). I don’t expect there is a manual with exact steps, but I guess I am looking for some guide lines or suggestions.” Relative to this opening up dynamic and cracking the PSYCHE.

DATRE: All right, now we just got through explaining, instead of being a re-actor, take action. I know that sounds like a very simplistic way of doing things. But at a time when your body is making as many changes as it is, mentally your brain is making changes in your thought patterns. Be gentle with the body. Then in that simple way of ‘action’ instead of re-action, that is an easy way to take the tension off of the body, become an ‘observer’, take action and in that way you’re going to gain tremendously, without going through a ‘cracking’ of the PSYCHE which is going to cause you physical discomfort. You don’t need any more physical discomfort than you have at the present time.

Now, somebody will say, ‘well, I feel fine, nothing wrong with me’. There isn’t anything wrong with you, no, but the changes that are taking place within the body, are ‘within’ the body. So, give the body its optimum chance of making changes and by doing that which we call ‘action’ instead of re-action. That allows the body to make its changes and also does a great deal to enhance YOUR experience of LIFE. Not ‘existence’. The majority on your planet ‘exist’. Change your existence into living LIFE. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Why do I increasingly feel unattached from my day to day life?”

DATRE: Because you’re getting out of ‘time’. We have spoken of this previously, that everyone on this planet is getting out of, what you call, your ‘time’. You’ve all asked for ‘freedom’. The feeling you get from ‘freedom’ is a feeling of ‘detachment’. Detachment is showing you that these are the things that are happening. You have allowed yourself to let go of that GRIP that you have so ‘tight’ on physicality. And getting out of ‘time’ also gives you that feeling of ‘detachment’.

You see, you live your life by interaction with other people. That’s what keeps you alive. You draw from one person, another person draws from you. That is why there are groups of people that you enjoy being with, because they have some type of energy that you want and you have some kind that they want. There’s an interaction of energies between the two of you or between you and a group of people. You can go into another group of people and there’s nothing there that is compatible or needed by your body as far as energy is concerned. So that immediately is a distraction and you don’t want to be with those people. That’s why you get those feelings when you get in crowds, that you want to get out, you want to get away. You can’t stand it you feel smothered. Its because their energies are ‘totally’ incompatible with yours. Those energies have ‘nothing’ that you want and conversely, you have nothing they want.

So your interaction with other ‘bodies’ is an action that you need to maintain your physicality. If you were all alone on the planet, you would ‘not’ exist. Not only that, there would be no reason to exist in a physical body. A physical body works in many different ways you never begin to understand. But, the ‘detachment’ feeling is, you’re getting out of ‘time’, your thought patterns are different and when your thought patterns are different your physical construct is different. Then when your physical construct is different, you’re ‘not’ exchanging PHEROMONES with another person. When you’re NOT exchanging PHEROMONES with another person, you feel ‘detached’. Then THAT is the beginning of INDIVIDUALITY. That is what is happening to many people that are making great strides in understanding – the feeling of detachment.

At some times you feel strange and it doesn’t last long. But you will find as that which you call your years go by, you’ll find that detachment becomes very comfortable. Because, at that point, “you’re pretty much living your own life”. You can be in crowds of people and be totally detached from them and that is the time of being the greatest ‘observer’. Because, ‘they’ are all interacting and at that time, when they are interacting, you are ‘detached’ and being an ‘observer’. That’s when you can see what happens on your planet with the people in physicality. If you’re IN IT, you can’t ‘see’ it. But in these moments of ‘detachment’, take advantage of it, because at that point you can become a ‘fantastic’ observer and you will see things you have never seen before. It may not last long, but it will be a ‘revelation’ to you. That is part of your learning process. Continue.

JOHN: The next question… “I do not feel a ‘fire in the stomach’ to achieve anything particular.”

DATRE: There are many that go through that from time to time. That is that ‘other’ emotion, shall we say, that comes from detachment. Because you don’t have the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS desire to push and achieve. Now, when you get into those states you can do one of two things, you can find something that is of creative interest to ‘you’ – after all, that is why you’re here on the planet. You are ALL grand creators. But you create in one of two ways, either you create by mimicking and by default or you create ‘individually’ as an individual creator.

In the state of ‘detachment’ you become a grand creator, because you’re NOT picking up from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. So, what happens is, you reach these states of not wanting and feeling no need to do anything. But, because of all the things that are happening, find something you really enjoy. Then create from that point and you don’t have any idea what you will come up with – but you have to start. It is very important for you to continue in your creative aspect, because that’s what you’re here to do. You can’t just sit and lolly gag around, because then you’re loosing, you need to continue to create. Buy a piece of wood and get a knife and cut into it. Get some paint and paper and draw, build something. Do something, just keep trying things, keep trying. You will come to something you’ll find, ‘I never knew I could do that’, how come? You never tried anything.

You know, as an example, the moaning and groaning about all of these people that have lost their jobs. For many, many on your planet, this has been a grand opportunity, for them, for the first time in their lives to do what they wanted to do. Then from that, there have been many individuals that have started to do what they have always wanted to do. Are making, what you call, a living out of doing what they wanted to do. Monetarily, they may not have, what society says, is a grand living, but they don’t care, because they’re creating and that’s what you were put on this planet in physicality to do. Create, in some shape, form, manner, anything thing that makes you happy – and it doesn’t matter what it is. If its going out and skiing down a slope. If its going out… in that skiing they have come up with a new innovation for a new ski that is giving them an opportunity to design it, to make it, to sell it. You see what happens? Allow these things to happen, to take place. The FUTURE is constantly PULLING you toward IT.

When you are desperate, you’re without a job; you need to begin to ‘open up’ instead of close down. In opening up, do what you want to do and begin your creative process. You will find JOY in the creating and things will change, because it much easier to ‘observe’ from a point of happiness, than it is to re-act from the point of pressure and having to do. You’ve all put yourself into pressure, from every side. In pressure, you ‘react’ instead of ACT. You can see very easily how those go together. When you release the pressure, it makes all the difference. Sure, you’ve lost your job, but its those that pick themselves up and say, ‘I can do something else, I don’t have to do the same thing for the rest of my life’. It is forcing them to look differently at different situations.

Nobody DID that to them, lets get that straight right from the beginning. They put themselves in a situation to have a new experience. Those are hard lessons to learn, but that’s exactly what they did. The YOU that you are is working with you constantly and if you’re stubborn and don’t want to make the move, that you need to make, to achieve what you set out for yourself to achieve, you’re going to be pushed in different directions, to change, to do what basically, the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ in physicality want to achieve. No one does anything TO you. You do it to yourself for your own experience and growth.

So, find something that ‘you’ want to do. Begin your creative process and you will find grand JOY in it. Then, LIFE becomes something that you can LIVE instead of exist. Enjoy! Next question.

JOHN: This is the final question… “I know that I create my own future experiences, but feel guilty when I try to allow my Higher Source to take the responsibility”

DATRE: Now, your higher source, as you call it, has no responsibility whatsoever. The YOU that you are and that you connect with, in that which you call sleep, is giving you ‘multiple’ options, every night you go to sleep. Multiple options are laid out in front of you; you choose what your next experience is going to be. Then, in physicality, you act out those experiences ‘you’ have chosen.

The concept of a ‘higher self’ has a label of hierarchy. There is NO ONE higher or lower than ‘you’. All the information, everything, is in the MIND that is within the BUBBLE of THIS particular planetary existence. Everything is there. Now, if you draw from the MIND, how in the world can there be anything ‘higher’? There isn’t anything higher. It’s only what you are able to pick and choose and work with in physicality. So why is anything higher? It’s a matter of ‘choice’. It NOT higher or lower, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever. The only difference is, that there are those that are more able to connect with, what you call, the YOU that you are and bring THAT information into physicality. Rather than NOT paying attention to the messages that are sent, everyday.

That’s where we get right back to the beginning, where we said, ‘instead of ‘reacting’ and getting angry and frustrated because you turned on the ‘wrong’ street. Don’t be a ‘reactor’ be an ACTER. Why did you turn down that street? What should I look for? That changes the way you live as you continue to do that. The more you release the frustration in the physical construct, the more you ‘observe’, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you learn and it never, ever ends. And that includes all that takes place in Datre. We never, ever, finish learning. That’s what its all about. It’s taking THOUGHT and acting upon THOUGHT. That’s ALL there is, that’s this whole UNIVERSE – not just your planet, the whole UNIVERSE. So, you can see that it’s very simple and yet very complicated, because of ‘your’ thought patterns about THIS particular reality on planet Earth. It’s the confusion that exists from everything that you have been taught by ‘others’. Now it is ‘time’ for ‘you’ to begin to be an individual.

Take THIS moment from here on and begin to think for yourself. Not what ‘others’ have told you, ‘oh, don’t do this, something will happen’ and ‘don’t do that’ and ‘well you know if you do this and if you do that’. That’s fine. Now, to be an ‘individual’ you have to realize that that’s THEIR reality. Do you want to make THEIR reality your reality? That’s fine, but in that case you’re NOT becoming an ‘individual’, you’re letting ‘others’ influence you and that’s NOT the ball game. The ball game is, INDIVIDUALITY. Be your own creator. In opening that door, the FUTURE will pull you TO it and you won’t have to kick and scream.

That does not mean there won’t be ‘dumps’ in the road, but those bumps in the road, are for your ‘individual’ experience and learning and the faster you learn from them, the quicker they will go away. Because, if you’ve learned it, you don’t need it any more, you don’t have to repeat it. Learn it and learn it well and if you can answer the ‘why’, the situation is gone. When you understand ‘why’, what do you need it for? Your neighbor next door doesn’t know the life you’re living and much less cares. So, be an INDIVIDUAL. Do what THIS life in physicality is here for. You’re into the body for a reason, you just didn’t come in here wily nilly, you came into this body to learn, you came to learn physicality. Learn it! Then in the learning process, learn to LIVE LIFE and enjoy it. Next question.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now – enjoy.

We are Datre.

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