Datre 072 – Existence, Universal and our evolution

Datre answers Thomas (part II)

JOHN: The first question from Thomas in this session is… “I understand that the I that I am, have simultaneous existences that exist in different times.”

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “I understand that I use these existences to grow and learn from”

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: And the next question is… “This implies that some existences have more substance and more growth behind them than others”

DATRE: That is true. There are some existences in your “time spans” that you, shall we say, take a ‘free’ ride. You don’t… you’re not interested in evolution all you’re interested in is physicality. So, there are existences that are more beneficial than others. You see it was so long ago that you lost your ‘interest’ in evolution that it’s hard to go back to that point. But, you’ll find in today with all the individuals you have on your planet, the very small amount of individuals that are interested in that which you call evolution. That is not anything that even “enters their mind”. All they care about is getting through today and thinking about what tomorrows going to bring and remembering yesterday. But, not particularly interested in where they’re going after what you call death.

They would have absolutely no interest in what is involved in planetary existence. They would have no interest in anything that would involve UNIVERSAL existence. They might be interested in what happens if your mechanical things go to different planets. But, that soon fades except for the people that are involved in it everyday. The rest of humanity is not that much interested in it. They’re interested in what happened, ‘oh, the space probe did this or did that or something else’, a topic of conversation and that’s all that’s important. But, the evolution of the individual is not of any interest to the majority of the people upon your planet. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “This is what I see as the idea of ‘soul age'”

DATRE: I don’t know where that all came from, I have heard of it spoken of many times, ‘he is an old soul’. Now, to me that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever because I don’t know what that is all about. You have experiences; you have maintained the continuity to some degree, from one section of physicality to the next section, in some cases. But, the thing… what it may be when you term ‘old soul’ that you have in speaking to another person – have a remembrance of vaguely having done something at some other space in time with an individual so therefore you will set that up as being an ‘old soul’. All that is is tapping into another ‘time frame’ from this vantage point and recognizing an experience that is taking place and recognizing the vibratory construct of the individual that you are speaking with. Then recognizing that vibratory construct in another person that you’re speaking with in another ‘time span’.

In other words, if you are talking to this person and they say, ‘I have a feeling that you and I did such and such in the time of the Roman Empire’ and you will tap into that ‘time span’ and say, ‘oh yes, I remember you were there and we did this and this and this’. Now, all you’re doing is tapping into another ‘time frame’ and recognizing the vibration of the other person that you’re speaking with. So you figure, if that’s ‘then’ and this is ‘now’, you have to be an ‘old soul’. That is all I can figure out that you’re doing.

JOHN: The reference to an ‘old soul’ is broader than that, usually what it implies is that the individual has some recognition of what they were prior to physicality, prior to coming to ‘this’ experience.

DATRE: There are not that many that are able to do that.

JOHN: But that still doesn’t make it any older.

DATRE: No, not a bit. Not a bit, but most of the time there are not that many that ever recognize that they were anyplace other than here. They will talk about the Roman Empire, they will talk about the Egyptians, they will talk about all these other things, but they’re all Earth based. That’s when I’ve heard them talk about ‘you must be an old soul’. What they’re picking up is who you are ‘representing’ or how you are ‘representing’ our self in ‘this’ physicality with the knowledge, shall we say, of multiple physicality experiences. Things that you have maintained in, shall we say, your genes or whatever that you have been able to connect with and how you are living ‘this’ particular existence.

You know, to a ‘novice’ who meets someone that is… has evolved, the ‘novice’ thinks that one in evolution is far superior to them. Because, well you know this and you know that and you know something else and I never heard of this, where did you ever hear of that? So, ‘well you must be an old soul’ otherwise you would not have gathered all this information. That is what I’m referring to and that is the only context I can think of. Because, you see, you figure that ‘soul’ business in a context that I cannot relate to. Continue.

JOHN: The next question continues along these lines and he says… “Is this a valid way to view our existence?” the old souls thing

DATRE: No. No, you view your existence on a daily basis. It is not what you knew yesterday that’s important if you don’t learn anything today. Now you may say, ‘I didn’t learn anything today’, but the very fact that you were in physicality and reacting with all the elements within physicality, even by default, you have learned something. So, it is the day to day process that is important. Yesterday is NOT important, it never has been, it never will be.

If there were something of importance, to maintain, you would have ‘compressed’ it like you do with your computers and kept it on a disk. But that does not mean that everyday you have to put that disk back into your computer to be sure that its still there. You see what I’m referring to? Your brain does the same thing, you don’t have to check up to see how much you remember, it’s not important. It’s where your going and where you want to go and what you want to observe. If you’re going to think about anything, think about tomorrow. You can’t go forward if you’ve got your head turned around looking behind you, because the first two steps you take you’re going to fall over something. It’s not going to be of any advantage. Behind you is not important.

The GARBAGE that you carry in a bag that you put by your bed when you go to bed at night, you pick up the next morning and drag it around with you all day long. Every once in a while you get down into that GARBAGE bag and rummage around and rummage around to see if you can find something. You take it back home; you put it beside your bed. You know, the people that decide, ‘I don’t need to carry that with me every day of my life’, my goodness what freedom, of not having to carry… The older you get, the bigger the bag. By the time you reach 50 you’ve got a great big, well sometimes you’ve got 2 GARBAGE bags you’re dragging along. Then you wonder why you look at these old people and they’re all slumped over? Just the next time you see some elderly people walking along and they’re all slumped over, in your mind, imagine them pulling 2 great big GARBAGE bags and then you will smile. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is that what separates who will go to which planet at the BIRTH time?”

DATRE: The only thing that separates who will go where is the vibration of the physical construct of your physical HOLOGRAM, that is what is the separation. It has nothing to do with anything else. You are constantly making changes in your HOLOGRAM. It is your experiences, your understanding of your planetary existence, what it is all about. When you have reached the point that you’re secure in the ‘knowledge’ of what your planetary existence is all about, what ‘you’ are all about, what your HOLOGRAM is all about, then that is what decides where you go. It is all those things that make up your vibratory construct. Then as we have said before, realities are divided by vibratory constructs. That’s why you can go to some realities and you can’t go to ‘other’ realities because you don’t have the ability to function in certain realities. That’s because you don’t have the ‘understanding’ for functioning within different realities. It is the same any place you go, you have to be able to function within the reality that you’re going to in order to be able to be there.

You can’t, just by desire go, because number one, if you’ve never been there, how do you ‘know’ where you’re going? There are no road maps. There is nobody to tell you, when you get up to star 13 you make a left turn. There isn’t going to be any of this. We have said before and we will continue to say, THIS IS A JOURNEY THAT YOU DO ALONE. The vibration of your physical construct, which is comprising all of that which is within your physical structure, including your brain, including all your sensory perceptions, that comprises your whole HOLOGRAM. That is what is going to ‘allow’ you to go to different areas, because ‘that’ is the ‘package’ you take with you. Then if that ‘package’ is of a low vibratory construct, you’re not going to be able to function in any existence that has a ‘higher’ vibratory construct – it is an impossibility.

It’s a very simple physics principle that functions throughout the UNIVERSE. It is ‘not’ magic, it is all ‘principles’, UNIVERSES are set up on PRINCIPLES. Then each area of a UNIVERSE has different PRINCIPLES, different vibratory constructs. So, you will go, where you will go and you will be happy in it. It is like going to bed at night. Are you going to wake up in the morning or are you going to wake up ‘dead’? You don’t know, how do you know? The YOU that you are knows, but in physicality you hide that from yourself because you don’t want to know. Even that YOU that ‘you’ are cannot bring ALL of itself into physicality, no way. You could not come in to physicality with ‘all the knowing’ that is available to you. You take it a step at a time, that’s what you do in a ‘life time’, you learn, one thing after another.

So, do not be concerned about the BIRTH, do not be concerned about ‘life’ and ‘death’, it is ‘nothing’, it is EVOLUTION. It is nothing to be ‘feared’. The one thing you need to know and be ‘secure’ in is that you ‘know’ that you ARE. You ‘know’ that you WERE that you ARE and that you will BE. When you become secure in THAT knowledge, then it does not matter ‘where’ your existence is. It doesn’t matter if your existence is on planet Earth. It does not matter if your existence is out on the planet in the far regions of the Milky Way. It does not matter if your existence is out in the UNIVERSE – it doesn’t matter, because you ‘know’ you ARE.

But, because of physicality and what has happened in the ‘layering’ of ‘mass consciousness’ in physicality, you have held yourself in a cocoon. Now you hear about the cocoon and the butterfly all the time, that’s a very familiar one to you, OK, you are in a cocoon. But there are those that are beginning to get that cocoon to start opening and those are the ones that are going to be butterflies and they’re ‘fascinated’ by the process. You’re no longer fascinated by the process of living in physicality – bottom line. When you become fascinated with what is happening in physicality, you’ll look at things differently. Now, that does not mean you’re not going to have ‘bad’ days. That doesn’t mean the stomach isn’t going to hurt. That does not mean you’re not going to get headaches. That does not mean you’re going to have many different things that happen in physicality. You will have challenges, within the physical body and outside the physical body. You’ll have challenges within your family relations or whatever relationships you have.

But if you’re able, just for a few minutes, to step back and say to yourself, ‘oops, I forgot to watch the process’, instead of getting emotionally involved in it. That is the part that is important. That is what, to use an example, Aona did today. She was hot, she was tired, she was dirty, she’d been scrubbing for 3 hours, she was angry and she lashed out at John. Then John said, ‘I’m an innocent bystander, why are you lashing out at me?’. Then Aona realized, at that moment, what she had done, not to John, but what she had done to herself. She became emotional and forgot to be an ‘observer’. That’s where the difference comes in, in your ‘reactions’ to situations, is the pressure of doing things and having to do things. The ’emotion’ that is of the physical construct, gets in the way. Then it is through the ’emotion’ that you ‘react’ – I said REACT – because when you are in ‘control’ you ACT, not REACT. Continue.

JOHN: Well the final question for this session is… “It seems that there are a lot of people on the planet now that do not have a good understanding of what life is about, and this causes problems in dealing with life on the planet. Is this a correct assessment, or misplaced belief?”

DATRE: Yes, the ‘mass consciousness’ is ‘not’ concerned with ‘life evolution’ – not concerned one bit. So those that are interested in LIFE, learning about their physical existence, learning about planetary existence, learning about EVOLUTION, learning about UNIVERSAL existence, that’s where there is that distinct division. That is going to be one of the things that is going to ‘separate’ individuals. Because, those that are in ‘mass consciousness’ are not interested in what the Datre information is. This is fine, that is THEIR evolution. Everyone evolves at an ‘individual’ rate and it does not matter how many eons it takes for evolution – there’s no ‘time’ on anything.

That’s what gets in the way of much of thinking is that everything you do is related to ‘time’ – EVERYTHING, including your Sun coming up and going down. That is the way your planet works. But you’re so related to ‘time’ that you feel that ‘evolution’ has to come in a year or two and that’s even stretching it. Evolution is a continuing process. The difference is, there are those on this planet that have evolved to a point, that the ‘difference’ between the ‘mass consciousness’ and where they’re at is, there is such a BIG division and its very difficult to, shall we say, make any headway beyond this point. You’re both on the same planet using the same basic substances for ‘evolution’.

But, the people in ‘mass consciousness’ are content; they’re content with what’s going on. If they weren’t content, they wouldn’t continually come back into physicality for other experiences. Now, those that are ready to have a NEW experience are anxious to get ‘on’ with it. They are anxious to find out, ‘what could we work with, other than grass and trees and automobiles and flying airplanes and houses and all of that?’ What type of experience would be that different? What type of things could we work with? What could our dreams take us into?

You see, if you could sit down and fashion a NEW PLANET and not use ANY reference to anything that exists upon this planet or that is in this planetary existence and make an ‘entirely’ NEW one, what would you create? Try it, it is a real mind bender, because you think you’ve come up with something, but as you stop and think about it, you’ll find that it exists within this physical construct, because THIS is all you have. You are working off a MIND within this BUBBLE. So everything that you would ‘think’ of is within this planetary BUBBLE.

Now, if you were to be going into ‘another’ BUBBLE with ‘another’ UNIVERSAL MIND of a ‘different’ construct, what would it be? For some, it would be scary. For others, it would be excitement. Can you imagine functioning in a ‘totally’ different environment that had NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING that resembles this planet – period. That is what the BIRTH is all about is to take those who have finished their EVOLUTIONARY process upon ‘this’ planet and are ready for a NEW experience and give them that NEW experience. The only one that sets the parameters, as to whether you go or you don’t go, is the YOU that you are and you ‘know’ or you don’t know – its as simple as that.

This is not complicated, evolution is not complicated. What complicates it is that you have a real… what is the word, dichotomy in the thinking processes. You have those that are working their bodies and their thought patterns off of ‘mass consciousness’ and there are individuals who are working their physicality off of UNIVERSAL MIND and those two are as different as day and night. So, the separation is needed, the timing and the change is to be made. But it is no big deal. You’re not afraid to go to sleep at night; you ‘know’ you’re going to wake up in the morning. That is the confidence that you have when you ‘know’ WHO you are. You KNOW you are and it does not matter what the ‘location’ is – no big deal. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from Thomas for this session.

DATRE: All right, we hope we have been of help, cleared up a few situations, we’ll leave you now.

We’re Datre.

To be continued on (part III)

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