Datre 064 – How To Change Your Reality

JOHN: We have some questions from some subscribers the first questions are from George and his first question is… “It seems that we take imagination for granted as we do the air we breathe. I don’t think we realize the significance of imagination. But what exactly is imagination?”

DATRE: Well take the word and break it down, ‘imag-in-ation’. ‘Imaging’ is imagination. Imagining refers back to your ‘pictures’. You can ‘change’ your pictures that you put in front of you. In other words, you are getting to the point, with the new energies, where you can begin to change things through that which you call ‘imagination’ or imagining, simply by intent. You look at something and you kind of look at it not with any particular intent, but look at it in a state of ‘possibilities’. In other words, you can look at… like I’m looking at a small fence, just a little small fence, and by looking at that little fence you can come with all kinds of ideas. What color do you want it? It does not have to be the color that it is. Then in looking at your surroundings you think, ‘oh, now if I were to paint that fence this color, that would change the whole appearance of that fence’. You see your pictures are your ‘images’.

Your ‘imagination’ comes when you ‘un-lock’ yourself, shall we say, from ‘well that’s the way it is’. Then look at it like, ‘yes, that’s the way it is, but what are the possibilities if I make changes?’. Now, that is what forms your reality. Many individuals say, ‘well that’s the way it is’ and gripe and moan and complain about it. There are others that use their “imaging” to look at something and say, ‘that’s the way it is, but, this is what I can do to make it different’.

So, there again it’s the pictures you put in front of you – play with them. See what the possibilities are through your imagination. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is it an energy, a force, a tool or an ability?”

DATRE: I would say it’s a tool for you to work with. You see the only way your “reality” changes is ‘how’ you picture or ‘image’ it. Now, there are those that will look at something and say, ‘oh, that’s a mess, what in the world could you ever do with that?’. The individual that is used to looking at his pictures and using his “imagination” will look at it and say, ‘yes, its a mess, but look at the possibilities’. Now, you can sit and dream all you want, but until you get up and take physical action it’s not going to change a lot. But, what imagination does, it ‘spurs’ the excitement within the physical construct and the physical construct begins to get excited, because it ‘knows’ it can DO something. The physical construct ‘loves’ to DO – the body loves to DO. So, if you give the physical body something to do and watch the changes and the ‘excitement’ ensues. That’s the difference, between sitting and moaning and groaning about your situation and looking at a situation and saying, ‘these are the possibilities’. Get some excitement into your life – do something. At home, work, play whatever. Continue.

JOHN: Can I make a comment on that?

DATRE: Yes, what?

JOHN: Another term for ‘imagination’ is ‘role playing’.

DATRE: Well yes, role-playing is, but what you’re trying to do is trying to put your pictures in front of you that are your ‘enjoyment’. So, if you can see yourself as little children do, that is ‘role playing’ as you said. Little children can see themselves as Olympic stars. They ‘role play’ until they get to be Olympic stars – that’s right.

JOHN: Or as Aona and John say, ‘Fake it until you make it’.

DATRE: That’s exactly right. Then you will find that if you will speak to those individuals that the ‘fun’ was getting there. The ‘journey’ is the challenge. Use your imagination.

JOHN: George’s next question is… “Is it that which brings creation forth?”

DATRE: Bring forth your own creation and in bringing forth your own creation you affect others, that does it. You take a business, that somebody buys, its all run down and it doesn’t look very appealing and you take somebody with ‘imagination’ and they see all the possibilities and they go in there and change ‘everything’ about that building. Then the next thing you know, they have a thriving business. Simply because they have put their physical energy into that project. The same with people that go to work everyday, it becomes very routine and very mundane. But, if you will look at something and say, ‘well this is the way its been done since whenever, is there some other way to change it?’. That’s what its all about, don’t just sit and accept. Acceptance of a situation keeps you exactly where you are. Use your imagination to accelerate your own progress, shall we say, because in turn that changes other situations. So, next question.

JOHN: As the commercial on television says, ‘Imagine the possibilities’.

DATRE: That’s it, that’s it, imagine the possibilities. You would be surprised if you start changing your thought patterns and your belief systems… your ‘pictures’ change DRAMATICALLY. Continue.

JOHN: George’s final question is… “What is the difference between imagining, visualizing and thinking?”

DATRE: Well it all kind of works together. The thinking process is putting things from the ‘past’ together so your ‘brains’, your computer – we’ve said that before… so when you have a brain, you’re taking things that you have ‘recognized’ in the ‘past’ and putting them together to make something work. Now, that’s ‘thinking’, we’re not getting into ‘thought’. Now what was the other thing?

JOHN: Thinking, imagining and visualizing.

DATRE: Imagining and visualizing kind of go hand in hand. In other words, in your ‘imaging’ you’re ‘visualizing’. You’re seeing what IS as a solid mass and you’re ‘visualizing’ what it can be. So, does that explain it all?

JOHN: There is a subtlety in the ‘visualizing’ that I have noticed. Many people ‘visualize’ very loosely – they don’t put a ‘concrete’ vision to their visualization. It’s a ‘vague’ visualization. I’ve found that the ‘stronger’ that you ‘visualize’ – the more ‘content’ that you put into that picture – the quicker it comes into being.

DATRE: Yes, oh yes, very definitely, very definitely. When you see something and you begin to work with it… yes that is putting the ‘strength’ into the ‘imagining’. If you’re going to just do it willy – nilly, nothings going to happen. Because, number one, willy – nilly will keep you sitting in your chair. That’s what we say; you’ve got to DO something. You change your picture, so ‘imagine’ what you can DO. The possibilities are there. Its not that one person has that much more than another person – the difference is in APPLICATION. The possibilities of something – and then DOING. Continue.


JOHN: That was the last question from George, but we have some questions from June and her first question is… “I would like to ask Datre some questions about enlightenment and ascension. What I would like is to have him explain exactly from his perspective what enlightenment and ascension are, how they are achieved from both a physical and physiological level in the body.”

DATRE: Well I think, as far as this situation at the present time is concerned, we throw out ascension. Because there is not going to be an ascension in any way, shape or form. You’re in a ‘time frame’ now, with the new energies, that are changing your thought patterning’s. They’re changing your physical patterning’s and many things are happening. Therefore ‘ascension’ is NOT in the cards – that’s NOT what’s going to happen. A BIRTH of physical individuals from one planetary existence to another existence is NOT an ascension. It is nothing that you need to work toward – when it happens, it happens. It is Universal ‘timing’. It has nothing to do with ‘individual’ timing what-so-ever. Now, as far as ‘doing’ anything – you can’t. There is nothing that you can do now, except, improve the pictures in front of you.

JOHN: What about enlightenment?

DATRE: Well there again, ‘enlightenment’ is learning as much as you possibly can about ‘living’ this physical existence to the very, very best of your ability. Now, if you’re something like different individuals in different countries that go out and sweep the streets. Sweep the streets the best you know how to do it. If you have ‘mundane’ jobs that are very repetitive, see what you can do with your ‘imagination’ to change either the thinking towards the ‘mundaneness’ of the job or actually changing it and making it more exciting. Enlightenment is learning as much as you can about the situation in which you reside. In other words, if you don’t know much about what’s here, you’re not going to have much to take with you.

You need to expand your thinking into ‘other’ horizons. Become interested in many, many, many different things. Do not ‘limit’ yourselves. That is one of the things that we see probably more than anything else on your planet, is that you limit yourselves to very, very narrow scopes. We see the individuals that are born – live – raised – shall we say, died, all in one small area. Now that doesn’t mean go hop on a plane and go to another country – I’m not saying that. But, expand your horizons. You’re so limiting. You find a group of ‘friends’ shall we say, and you stay with those friends forever. You don’t realize that there’s other people to interact with. We see it so often, that people that go to this little group and they go to that little group and they go to another little group and they cycle again and again and again. But they never ‘extend’ themselves out beyond that point.

So, ‘enlightenment’ doesn’t come from sitting down with the same people consistently. You may be hashing over new material, but after just so long, you know what each individuals reaction is going to be to a certain subject. So why spend your time doing it? Do something else. Intersperse different experiences. Somebody will say, ‘well I don’t like that’. How much have you studied it? How much have you looked at it? You might find that you’re quite fascinated by it. Somebody will say, ‘well I don’t like hockey’. But when you begin to observe it and really get into it, you can get excited, even if you don’t know what’s going on. They’re smashing and banging all over the place. Get excited about something. If you’ve never been to a hockey game, go to a hockey game and see all the excitement. You may go home and say, ‘I still don’t like hockey’. That is fine. But you have ‘experienced’ it. Now, that’s sports, peoples that have never been any place to look at beautiful paintings. You’ll say, ‘well I don’t have any museums, I live in a small town’. Well, if you’re writing to us through the net, you have access to beautiful pictures in museums.

JOHN: From all over the world.

DATRE: Yes, I’ve seen them on that screen, because John has shown them to me. To allow me to see what is available to you in physicality. You may not like it. It may not be of any interest to you – but look at it. You see the enlightenment comes in exposing the physical construct to as many different situations as come up. Don’t go down the same path. We’ve talked about that… if you always turn right, always turn right, always turn right, go a different way. Call up somebody and say, ‘I’m going to be late’ and go home a different way. Going to work I can understand you’ve got to go a certain way because you’ve got to get there as fast as you can.

But, go home a different way. Or just get in the car and go someplace. Go to a park and walk around and look at the different trees and the different birds. You don’t realize that everything on this planet has a story to tell. If you could but go to a tree… the story a tree would tell you. Just look at it and realize that that tree has been sitting out in the elements for how many years? How many people have walked by that tree? How many experiences of… the tree can’t see, but a tree can sense. They can sense a child going by. They can sense a grown up going by. They can sense all of these things. Go out to a park and walk around and pat the trees. My goodness, to them what an experience to have a human touch them. There are so many ‘magical’ things, but you get caught up in the everyday mundaneness that you call physical existence that you don’t see the ‘magic’.

You have to work, so that you have money so that you can put roof and clothes and food and all that stuff. But, take the moments and go and see the ‘magic’ of nature. That doesn’t mean that you have to go rock climbing or budge jumping, you don’t have to get ‘that’ physical about it. But go and enjoy stuff. Don’t go with the attitude that ‘I don’t think I’m going to like this’. Go with an open mind and ‘see’ what you like. Then if you don’t like it, that is a ‘choice’. So you don’t like it, don’t go again. But ‘expand’ your horizons, that’s what enlightenment is all about. There are ‘masters’, as you would call them, on this planet that will say that ‘observation’ is the greatest tool that you have. Put ‘new’ pictures in front of you. That is what enlightenment is all about. Not everything learned comes out of a book. Continue.

JOHN: Her next and last question is… “Pertaining to this I would like to know how Kundalini energy and the nadis and chakic system and brain work together in these processes toward enlightenment and ascension, and what we can do to facilitate an acceleration of these processes on the physical, emotional and mental levels.”

DATRE: Well, I’m probably going to surprise some of you, because it is not a natural, normal teaching upon your Earth plane, but I’m going to tell you this from what we have heard from our standpoint in the Universe. You have all of these things within your body that many people ‘strive’ to work with. The Kundalini and all the rest are very, very powerful centers within your body. Any time you begin to work with ‘power’ – like a nuclear reactor – a nuclear reactor gives you energy. But, if something goes wrong in a nuclear reactor, it can cause a tremendous amount of damage. At this time, in your physical existence, with the energies changing and everything else changing, my advice and I’m not in the habit of giving advice to anyone, I’m always giving you ‘options’ and opportunities, but my advice would be – leave these things alone. If they are going to happen within the body, it will be a spontaneous action and when it happens – because you have no control over it – you will not ‘damage’ yourself.

To control an action within the body – to control a Kundalini – is like trying to find out and control a leak in a nuclear reactor that is going bad. It can damage the system to the point that it cannot be useable for long periods of time. It can completely ‘blow’ your system out of kilter. You’re working with very ‘explosive’ energies. Now, it is up to you, to every individual upon the planet, to do whatever they want to do. It is your decision, entirely, completely.

We have observed what has happened to many, that is why we say, at this particular time, over and above any other time, is to learn to work with the ‘energies’ that you have. These energies that are coming in, as you well know, are having a great deal of effect upon the physical body. John and Aona have gone through several very, shall we say, uncomfortable situations. Do not ‘stress’ your bodies at this time. Give them as much help as needed. If you want to meditate, that’s fine, meditate. But, to push the most ‘explosive’ part of your body – of your being – at the time ‘now’ when there are so many other things that are happening is adding ‘stress’ to an already stressful situation. You may say that you are not experiencing any of these bodily changes. Remember each individual has their own “timing and orchestration”.

Number one, as we have said before, those separations between the realities – they’re all coming together. So that you’re getting a melding of the different realities in your ‘time lines’, because ‘time’ is becoming less and less of a viable thing. Time has run out. But you’re still using a ‘pseudo’ time. It is much like those peoples that die, they’re distraught, they’re upset, and they don’t know what’s happened to them. The first thing they do is build themselves a body like they had in physicality because they’re not comfortable, they can’t ‘find’ themselves until they build themselves a body. That’s what you call the ‘dead zone’.

Now, the same thing is what’s happening with ‘time’ – time is OUT – the time has finished, as far as ‘linear’ time is concerned. What you’re doing, is you are continuing to ‘build’ yourself ‘time’ to live in because you are not comfortable without that which you call ‘time’. So, the ‘mass consciousness’ is holding, what you call, a ‘pseudo’ time until the Universal time clock makes the BIRTH process. So, what I’m saying is, in the ‘realities’ being closer to you, in other words, your Entity has all of these different experiential patterning’s taking place, in different ‘time’ spans. But they’re ALL you and ‘you’ are ALL them. To those that were in the 16th. century, ‘you’ are their future and they are your ‘past’. But when you take and ‘diminish’ the time there is ‘absorption’ of those aspects – which are all you.

Now, the ‘aspects’ are getting closer to you all the time. Many of you, that we have read the letters that you have sent us, many of you are ‘absorbing’ aspects, because you are finding that there’s a ‘shift’. Its like you’re noticing something that you’ve never noticed before, you’re doing things in a different way than you have ever done them before. You have ‘felt’ another presence and then you don’t feel it. But your actions become different because you have ‘absorbed’ another aspect or ‘face’ or whatever you want to call it, of yourself. So, when you have all of these things going on, you certainly don’t want to get your body out of kilter in any way, shape or form. Because you want to be able to ‘accept’ these energies and these ‘faces’ and ‘aspects’ because there is a greater possibility that they will want to come ‘forward’ into ‘your’ physicality, rather than you go ‘backward’ into theirs. Now, you’re saying, how can you do that? Well, because you don’t have any time, you could go back into theirs and work from ‘that’ vantage point. But you wouldn’t want to because that which is ‘you’ has taken you to here. Then all of these ‘aspects’ that have experienced have helped you to be where you are now. So, that’s why ‘they’ will want to come and join with you.

So, with all the things that are taking place, I would say, relax into the body. Give the body as much rest as it wants. On the weekends the body wants to sleep 10 hours, let the body sleep 10 hours. If you want to sleep 6 hours, get up and have some food go back to bed and sleep – DO that. Don’t say, ‘well I should do this and I should do that’. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t press yourself into things. Yes, you have a certain amount of things that have to be done, but then do them and give yourself the rest that you need because your body is going through a great deal with these new energies. You can notice it in your physical ‘outdoors’. The weather patterns are dissimilar to anything you have previously seen or experienced. A lot of changes are taking place and there’s going to be a lot more. Then you’re going to want to be fit and well, in order to be able to experience them.

Enlightenment is learning about the situation that you’re in at the present time. Everybody is looking forward to being something ‘grander’. There is nothing ‘grander’ than where you are at the present time in any given situation. I don’t care what planet you’re on, I don’t care what non-planet you’re on – its the moment, its the ‘now’ existence that is important. Yesterday’s gone; you are not into tomorrow yet. So live today to the fullest. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from June.

DATRE: Now, remember; do not be anxious about your future. Remember, you do NOT push yourself into the future – the future PULLS you toward it. We will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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