Datre 063 – Datre Speaks about the new energy and planetary changes

JOHN: We have some questions from some of the subscribers. The first question is from Mark, and he says; “I am a househusband with two kids that I care for. Are the energy waves easier for them to adjust to than for older people? Ours don’t seem to be as affected as we do. Maybe they haven’t built up as many layers of resistance.”

DATRE: It is not that the children have ‘not’ setup as many layers of resistance, it’s that they have ‘not’ lived long enough to have all the layering of that which is told to them by the family, by the teachers, by everybody. So there is not that ‘considerable’ amount of confusion.

What is happening with the new ‘energies’ is that the peoples are being affected by the energies in many ‘different’ ways. You are being affected physically. You are being affected emotionally. And you are being affected in your thought patterning. In other words, these energies that are coming on to your planet are making you take a good look at yourself. In other words, there are those that are making up their minds what they want to do, as far as their existence is concerned.

There are those that are making up their minds that they are very content and very happy, where they are right NOW. They’re not interested in what you would call ‘awareness’. They’re not searching for answers. They’re not seeking answers. That is not in their thought patterning whatsoever. They’re content, right where they are. And, when the BIRTH occurs, that’s where they will stay – right where they are.

Now, there are those that are ‘restless’ within their being. They’re looking for answers – they’re wondering about things. If you were not wondering about things, you would NOT be reading Datre. Its the wondering – what is it all about? “How can I learn more about what is going on not only with my everyday life, but with existence within the planetary bubble?” “What goes on here?” “What goes on out of here, in other areas of the BIG Universe?” “What makes this work?” “What makes that work”? Wondering, wondering, wondering?” Increasing your awareness by searching for answers – not only from Datre, but other material also. Because it doesn’t matter where you find it – it’s that you find it and satisfy yourself.

Now, a child is only interested in getting up in the morning and having breakfast and playing or going to school. All of these things of the world at large are not that fascinating to most children. Now, there are children that are fascinated by the world at large. Those are the discovers, those are the ones that are ‘looking’. “What makes a leaf purple and what makes another one green?” Why, how come – that’s a different kind of a child. But the child will not be as effected by the energies as a grown-up will. Because, over a period of time, a grown-up has assimilated so much material, in so many different directions, that now when these energies are changing, they’re looking at, “well now I wonder if I want to keep that idea or not?” “I wonder if I want to change something?” “I want to change a thought pattern, I want to change something about myself?” “I want to take a good look at myself, the way I react to different situations.” So all of these things are coming up for the grown-up, where it is not affecting the child. So, is there anything more on that?

JOHN: No, that was the question that he presented.

DATRE: All right!


JOHN: Our next questions are from Frank and Franks first question is… “Where do the loving, healing energies available to us to use for ourselves and others on this plane come from?”

DATRE: You are living IN THEM. When your Universe was set up, with your ‘bubble’, the energies were put in, because you have to have an energy source for your existence. Now, ‘energy’ is, shall we say, ‘impassive’ – it IS. How you ‘apply’ it, is what makes the difference. You ‘live’ in the ‘same’ energy – everyone of you.

What makes some people take the energy and apply it to ‘different’ ways of working with it? In other words, some people will say, ‘it’s a loving energy’. Another person standing right next to them says, ‘I don’t feel a thing’. Or someone will walk in a room and they’ll say, ‘oh, that person has such a loving energy’. Then somebody else will say, ‘boy that isn’t the way I look at it’. Now, that energy that you’re picking up, you’re picking up from another person. In other words, energy IS. It’s the individual that uses the energy and ‘projects’ it; the ‘projection’ is what you’re feeling. You’re feeling the ‘projection’ of an individual’s energy. But, there’s no difference between the energies, its ‘how’ the individual on the planet uses it. That’s what its all about, its all there, its whatever ‘you’ want to DO with it. So, next question?

JOHN: Frank continues with a second question that says… “In what areas of our lives are they best used?” Referring back to those same energies.

DATRE: Well, there again, that is an individual thing. You’re the one that decides what you’re going to do with the energy. It is not up to anyone else, except you. If you want to use the energy that is on the planet, and use it as a ‘healing’ energy, OK, then you can do that. But the way you DO that and project the healing energy is ‘through’ a ‘physical’ construct. In other words, you don’t put somebody in a closed room and say, ‘OK, there’s healing energy in there’. How do you know that there’s healing energy? Because you’ve got somebody that’s going with their hands on the person and giving them healing energy? In other words, they’re saying that I’m using this energy to heal you. But remember, the energy is ‘passing through’ a physical construct. Now, some people are able to transform energies through their physical construct – without getting their ‘junk’ in the way. In other words, being what you call ’empty’ and just letting the energy go through. Not projecting it, not doing anything with it. But, the majority, when they do healing, is they’re ‘pushing’ their ‘own’ junk into you, instead of allowing the energy to flow ‘through’ you.

In fact, here is an interesting one that Aona could never figure out. People will come in and say, ‘oh, I’m so tired, I’m all worn out, I’ve done three healings today and I’m so tired I can hardly stand up’. Now Aona could never understand that, until one day she ‘realized’ what they were doing. They were ‘pushing’ THEIR energy into other people. Now, the ‘healer’ that does NOT use their own energies, after putting their hands over the top of somebody’s head, for a few minutes, will become so ‘pumped up’ that they can hardly keep their head off the ceiling. If you open yourself up to the energy that’s available and let it pass through your system, you’re going to get PUMPED. Very simple. If you’re tired, you sit down and open yourself up – just make yourself… pretend you’re empty – and just sit there and let the energy come into your physical construct and in a very short time you will be up and going again. So, the energy is only changed, through an individual. I don’t know whether I answered that question properly or not?

JOHN: I think you did. That was the last question from Frank.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Ed and his first question is… “Is Datre familiar with, and willing to expand on, the “field unit” concepts first mentioned by Seth in his previously unpublished session #25 of 2/12/64?” This relates to “personality field units” and “whole cognizance fields”.

DATRE: Well, I am not familiar with that particular concept. It isn’t that I’m not willing to expand on it… what was that about the field units?

JOHN: This is relative to “personality field units” and “whole cognizant field units”.

DATRE: All right, the personality field units – you see, you have many, many, many personalities that you use. You’re not even aware of the number of personalities that you have. In other words, you have ‘hundreds’ of them. Now, how many do you use? How many do you allow? So if he is referring to them as ‘units’, that is a possibility, because they actually are each individual UNITS that you use at your discretion. In other words, if you’re having a ‘grumpy’ day and whoops, what am I so ‘grumpy’ about, I don’t need to be grumpy. Then you say, ‘I don’t need to be grumpy, I desire this personality to leave and allow ‘another’ personality to come forward’. Then wait, and in a very short time, what you call your ‘mood’ will change – if you are a good observer. Now, that ‘grumpy’ might want to turn around and come back in again. But, if you see that ‘grumpy’ turn around and come back in again, just say, ‘I prefer you to leave at this time I would like another personality to come forward or come in’ whichever way you want to say it. But, that is being very, very observant.

Now, the majority of the people on the planet will say, ‘he has thus and thus type of personality’. In other words, ‘he’s such a jovial person, he’s got such a marvelous happy personality’. Well, they don’t see him all the time or her all the time. Because the majority of the people have more that they work with and that is part of expanding your ‘awareness’ is allowing those personalities to ‘express’ instead of trying to get ‘rid’ of them. Let them come in and ‘experience’, but don’t let them stay. Say, ‘now this is enough, you’ve had your expression, now I would like some other personality to come in’. Then watch it, it becomes a lovely game.

The more you experience different personalities, that’s another part of your awareness growth. But its not easy, especially when you get the ‘grumpies’ or the anger or some of those. But you just say, ‘I prefer not having you around at this time’. Don’t banish them completely, because it’s like a child. You tell a child not to do something and the minute you turn your back, that child is going to try and do that same thing again. Your personalities react the same way. So, personalities are interesting. Begin to play with them. You’ll find that your awareness increases tremendously. Continue!

JOHN: I just wanted to make a comment on that. Those were comments that Seth made over 30 years ago. But just because he used those terms then, he was doing – like everything else – he was fishing for terms that best described what he was trying to get across. He may never use those terms today.

DATRE: That is true. Another thing is true, people have mentioned that they have never heard of what we call the ‘dead zone’ – ‘we’ve never heard of that before’. Well, its like everything else, just through… to say how things change very shortly, as far as describing something. Your words in your dictionary change considerably, simply by ‘common’ usage. Now, when you become familiar with one persons ‘dialogue’, shall we say, we can be talking about the ‘identical’ same thing, but because of the language structure and the understanding of the individuals on the planet at the present time, the language does not necessarily stay the same.

There are two reasons for that. Number one, WE don’t stay the same. Through experience like we have working through a channel in our observation – that changes OUR construct. Then because of the ‘time’ span, or ‘your’ linear ‘time’ span, your words change also. So what’s used at one period of time is not used at another period of time. Now, just as an example, just a little one. Remember when books and movies and conversation and all of these writings and everything – ‘they were happy and gay’. That has been used for – how long – many, many, many years in your counting? Now, what does ‘gay’ mean? Now gay has an entirely different connotation. Its spelled exactly the same, but, if you said today, ‘I feel happy and gay’ someone will look at you and say, ‘oh, really, I didn’t realize that you were gay’, meaning homosexual. So what terms are used, change considerably. In fact, those individuals that are in their 80’s – 70’s and 80’s – have to watch their language today, because of saying something wrong.

Now, someone that isn’t that old doesn’t realize that. But, when you stop and think about it – how your words have changed. You can talk about a ‘field’ at one time, but in today’s world – in the technical world – a ‘field’ will mean an entirely ‘different’ thing. So, what was used at one time… but from my feeling, I get the feeling that that is what he (Seth) was talking about was a ‘personality field’ – units, OK. That’s the way we are talking about it now, it can be used as a unit, because it actually is an experiential ‘unit’ that you use through a bodily construct. So, what was the other word?

JOHN: No, that was fine, I was just making that point.

DATRE: Well that’s a good point to make, because then we clear up some things.

JOHN: OK, Ed’s next question is… “What karmic effects, if any, resulted from the “two reality bubbles” merging, where personalities of one reality construct and therefore “history” suddenly become enmeshed with personalities from another construction with a different history?”

DATRE: Well number one lets throw out the word ‘karma’, because there’s no such thing. Karma is only a very convenient way of explaining situations that don’t exist. In other words, if you want to look at it from our standpoint – and I’m going to be very blunt – it’s a cope-out. It has nothing to do with one life time connected to another life time connected to another life time – because its all simultaneous and still its linear.

Which you have no concept of. But that’s actually what it is. So ‘karma’, we can throw that one out entirely.

What happens? It’s like everything else that happens. You have many different nationalities, many different cultures; many different thought patterns, many different religions and you all exist on one planet. A very unique situation. All have come from someplace else – very different. Now, what is happening in this ‘time span’ that you’re living in right now – which is beginning to be more and more NO TIME – you find the blending, you find inter-marriage, inter-marriage religious wise, inter-marriage color wise, you find that there’s a blending, it like everything else. You put a cat and a dog together and they might come out scraping, but when they find out that they’re going to have to live in the same house together, they decide they might just as well get along – same difference – I know its very simplistic, but that’s what happens.

There was inter-marriage, there is inter-marriage now. Thought patterns were exchanged. It is like we… I don’t know many years ago… we did quite a dissertation on the different… you’re born into a different culture. Now I can use a very simple explanation or show you something. The Americans in the United States, in your government, are working with the Chinese and the Japanese, in their governments. Now, the Americans in their government think that they understand the Chinese and the Japanese, and the Chinese and the Japanese think that they understand the Americans. But, you’ll find that they don’t, because they’re so ‘different’, their thought patterning at birth is different.

As an example, you have the young golfer that everybody knows about and they are amazed at the way he handles himself with interviews, and with people. He was brought up in two cultures of very different backgrounds and yet, he has taken advantage of and drawn from both to be who he is today. As he has said himself, ‘I am neither, yet I am both’. Because, from his vantage point he has understood the difference. But because of his ‘genetics’ he is able to work with both and use the two to his advantage. Someone else could be born in exactly that same type of situation and gone either to the father’s culture or to the mother’s culture.

But, this young man, Tiger Woods, who I’ve heard about and have seen through Aona’s eyes on television, I have heard him speak. That is someone that has taken two ‘diverse’ cultures and ‘blended’ them, to make him who he is today. He understands ‘both’. But, in marriage, you can marry, but the understanding is NOT the same as the one that is the ‘composite’ of the two and has the astute awareness to ‘blend’ the two. To take the best of both. That is a real challenge and he has met it head on.

So, with that, what happened when the ‘bubbles’ collided? They learned to live together and everything becomes greater. With the more experience that you experience, everything becomes greater. The more experiences, the greater you become and so does everyone else. Everyone benefits. Continue.

JOHN: Ed’s next question is… “This “Birth” stuff is interesting, but has not this birth process been an ongoing and continuous thing at the individual’s level? It seems illogical to me that All-That-Is would construct a reality where no individual “graduated” … “birthed” … to the next level until some vary rare energy alignments showed up.”

DATRE: Well, you see, when you need to ‘vacate’ the planet, you need to go someplace for NEW experiential patterning’s. BIRTHS take place on other planetary existences, in other energy constructs. We have said, that the cats and the dogs are ‘realized’. In other words, the planet or whatever they were on, at the time of ‘IT’s’ birth, those – whatever was on that planet – was ‘realized’ at that point in their evolution. A cat maintains what they have learned at a cat level.

Now, on this planet it could be a cat, another planet the cat could be like a goose or it could be like a bear or whatever. But the experiential patterning is set at that level. Now, that is what happens at a BIRTH on planetary existences. In other words, those that have decided, ‘this is what I want’. This awareness thing and everything, that has never entered their mind, shall we say. Their level of awareness is just where they want it. They’re totally and completely happy, just as is. When the BIRTH comes around, this is where their evolution will be maintained – at that level. They will consistently, regardless of where they go, on what planet they are on, they will be happy with the ‘existence’ that they have chosen. They will be happy with the ‘awareness’ level that they have chosen. They will be content – this is all they want.

Now, for those that are seeking more awareness and wondering and want more and want more, ‘I want to understand more, there’s got to be more, I want to understand more’, they’re constantly in a state of anxiety to learn more, understand more – they won’t go to the same type of existence at that ‘time’ that you call the BIRTH. Because they don’t want to be ‘realized’ at this level of understanding – they want to keep on going and they ‘will’ keep on going. But, they will be aware – their ‘realized’ – awareness, will be carried on, from here to their next existence. Where ever that will be. Where ever that will take them.

But, the BIRTH is the ‘change’ – totally and completely – of the individuals upon the planet to another planetary existence – that is what’s called a BIRTH. It’s reaching that, shall we say, Universal ‘time’ that say’s, ‘this is it, you’ve had enough of this’. There are those that have stopped. There are those that want to continue. Now, this existence cannot continue at this rate, because the ‘mass consciousness’ of the majority is going to ‘stay’ at their level of contentment.

Then those that want to seek greater understanding and awareness, are wanting to push forward, and when working through the ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet, it is like you’re stuck in mud. Because you cannot seem to get the information that you want to move at the rate you want to move. So, you go to another planetary existence where what you want to ‘know’ is more easily accessible and you will find more of ‘like’ kind. You’ll notice, even in our transcriptions, we have one from one country, one or two from another country.

What would it be like, if you were able to ‘pluck’ out each one on the Datre list, from all the different countries, and all the different places within your United States, pick them all up and put them someplace together. Wouldn’t their minds stimulate greater conversation? Greater ‘knowingness’ than being scattered all over the place? That’s what its all about. It’s never ‘stopping’ anything. But the one thing its allowing, is those that want to go on and continue, in their evolutionary process, to greater awareness and understanding, to be separated out, to go someplace else.

Those that are content with what’s going on here, put them someplace else. Then each is happier and that is what the BIRTH is all about and that is how it happens, not only here but other places also. There have been many, many, many BIRTHS. There are those individuals, when they heard about the BIRTH, had a recognition within their being that they have done this before. This happens in the Universe – in the BIG Universe – all the time. That’s what evolution is all about. It is not ‘doing’ anything, but saying, ‘hey, you want to go? OK, here’s your freedom, go.’. OK! Are there more?

JOHN: I’d like to get back to this statement that Ed made that says… “It seems illogical to me that All-That-Is would construct a reality where no individual graduated and so forth to the next level until some very rare energy alignment showed up”. That reference to All-That-Is concerns me.

DATRE: Oh, we must have missed that. Well let’s do a little dissertation on that. Now, at one point in time, the only reference you had to ‘something’ greater than what ‘you’ were was the reference to God. Now, as the awareness grew the individuals that were seeking and searching for greater amounts of Universal ‘knowledge’, shall we say, began to think that the term ‘God’ was basically referred to as a ‘He’. Now, that put a strange connotation on it, because it was – from the standpoint of the seeker and searcher – ‘He’ was only a grander manifestation of ‘man’. Well that didn’t quite fit into thought patterning. So, becoming aware of the change in the thought patterning of individuals, something else had to be introduced so that you could use something that was ‘greater than’ the ‘God’ principle. So, in order to encompass something ‘greater’ the term ‘All-That-Is’ was used.

Now, that is a very good analogy, because in the Universe – be it the BIG Universe or your little ‘bubble’ universe – ‘All-That-Is’ is put into a Universe, shall we say, and ‘added to’ until you have enough for your ‘experiences’ in whichever direction you want to go. There is – within your little ‘bubble’ universe – ‘everything’ that you can possibly conceive of, to take you in any direction you wish to go, physically or mentally – because those are the only two capacities that you have. You have your ‘physical’ capacity and you have your ‘mental’ capacity’ and it comes in one package – which is called ‘physicality’.

Now, there is so much more in this little ‘bubble’ that has never been explored by anyone in physicality, that when you leave here these many areas will still never have been explored.

Now All-That-Is, is contained within this little ‘bubble’ universe of yours, for your planet, for your learning, for your exploration. But, All-That-Is is NOT an ‘individual’. In other words, if you’re going to have a ‘God’ that man was fashioned in the image of ‘God’, shall we say, in other words, ‘God’ is just a greater form of man that has more consciousness then ‘man’ does – OK, we get away from that and get into All-That-Is, but All-That-Is is ENERGY. ENERGY is NOT an individual. You have ‘consciousness’; you have all of these different things within a physical construct that you can ‘use’ for expression – from All-That-Is. But, from our standpoint, the easiest way to explain All-That-Is, is just say ENERGY. Because ENERGY, from ‘our’ standpoint, contains a great deal more than what you think of as ‘energy’. When you think of ‘energy’ you think of electricity, you think of gasoline, you think of explosions, you think of the ‘energy’ within the physical construct that runs and so forth. But, all of these things are only a ‘result’ of ENERGY usage. In other words, gasoline is gasoline, but you put it into an automobile or an airplane or a ship or any of those sort of things – I’m picking just big things – you put it in those and you can ‘propel’ things. When gasoline is ‘energized’ it becomes a ‘force’ that can move things. But it’s all done through physicality. In other words, if nothing happens to the gasoline, it just sits there.

OK, same thing with the ENERGY that you use to ‘propel’ the physical being. Its there, you can use it any way you want to. You can use it to climb mountains; you can use it with your physical body to be able to ‘propel’ a body to climb a mountain. You can use ENERGY when you get sick to make you well. You can do anything with ENERGY you want to do. It DOES many things if ‘activated’ in different ways and that’s the way ‘we’ look at All-That-Is. It’s a usable ENERGY for this planet.

As we’ve said before, the ‘love’ energy, its plain ENERGY until it goes into the physical construct and is ‘expressed’ as love. So, maybe this will help explain the All-That-Is. Because ENERGY, in your little ‘bubble’ is All-That-Is and what you do with it in a physical construct changes it into what ever you want it to be. Now, does that help explain All-That-Is?

JOHN: Yes, that puts it into an ‘impersonal’ framework which is where it belongs.

DATRE: Yes, All-That-Is is still NOT a ‘God’ concept at all. All-That-Is is ‘everything’ that is within your ‘bubble’ for your use in what ever way you want to use it. Now, you’ll say, well we have ENERGY strains coming into the planet that are different. But, remember, it is STILL energy.

Now, that is all we can use to describe it, because it’s the only word you have. You don’t realize what a scramble we have sometimes trying to explain things – that we ‘know’ – and you don’t have words for. But ENERGY is the best that we can think of because it is and it isn’t. Then with the ENERGIES coming into the planet that are NEW and different than anything that has been here before, it only ‘transforms’ the physical construct of the individual as they so desire to use it. Now, it is ‘your’ decision as to ‘how’ you want to use it. You can use this new ENERGY to help with your understanding of what the Universe is all about. Because the ENERGY that comes into the planet ‘interacts’ with the ‘mass consciousness’. And the thought patterns of the physical constructs on the planet, that pick up these new ENERGIES and use them in different ways than they have ever been used before, changes your ‘mass consciousness’.

It is much like your WEB that you talk about all the time. That is a very good analogy because what do you do with a web – you link. Where the little threads come together – they link. That is what it is all about with your planet. It is based… the idea is based on your planetary ‘grid’. Because your planetary grid is what holds you ‘on’ the planet. The grid intersections are where the energy is held together and actually it’s like a ‘web’. You call them ‘lay lines’; you call them all different sorts of things. But what it is, it’s an ENERGY web that is used by the physical construct. So whoever thought up the word ‘web’ was using the energy to connect individuals, all over your planet, through a different medium. But it is still the use of ENERGY that makes the ‘web’ work. Energy is what makes your computers work. Energy is what makes ‘you’ work. Energy is what it is all about. That is why we don’t use the word All-That-Is because from our standpoint All-That-Is is ENERGY – because that’s all there is – in your ‘bubble’ to use. OK?

JOHN: OK with me. And yes there is more and Ed’s final question is… “What’s the difference between “normal” personality growth and expansion… the recognition of ego’s participation in a larger gestalt of the “whole Self”… versus this predicted ‘Birth’ event? Will this be some sort of Christmas-like thing, where we get unexpected ‘goodies’ as presents, or something?”

DATRE: Well I guess we pretty much covered that. For those that are looking for more understanding it will be like a Christmas present. Because you will be – like you would say – with ‘like’ minds. Minds that want to discover, minds that want to explore. So, the BIRTH will be – for those that are looking for that type of awareness – it will be like a Christmas present. Because the ‘mass consciousness’ will NOT be holding you back, shall we say.

Do you realize how ‘little’ information is coming through onto this planet that is NOT coming from the ‘dead zone’? And just because you ‘die’ does not make you any smarter. So you really don’t ‘know’ what is coming from the ‘dead zone’. You have to become discriminating in order to sort it out and there are those that can do that. They will start reading books or hear information and they’ll say, ‘that is not for me, I need more’. Then there are those that’ll say, ‘oh, for me this is fine, this is the greatest thing there is’. But, there are those that say, ‘this is the greatest thing there is’ and stop – they don’t go any further.

You see these individuals that are involved in – and I’m not saying this to be derogatory in any way, shape or form, I want that understood – but there are those that put up a sign that says ‘Psychic Readings’ and they will give ‘psychic readings’ until they go into the ‘dead zone’. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with it at all, but you’ll find that with those individuals they will give ‘psychic readings’, but what they usually don’t do is open ‘themselves’ up for additional information regarding planetary existence, Universal existence. They work on the plane of the ‘human’, either living or what you call dead. Those that work with the ‘taro’ cards, same thing.

Now, those individuals are perfectly content with what they are doing. That is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. But there are those that are NOT satisfied to stay at that level of understanding – they want more. The BIRTH is going to allow them to HAVE more. Because they will construct a planetary existence that will not have the ‘restriction’ of that particular type of ‘mass consciousness’. You see it is like people that sing in choirs in big organizations. Your choir is only as good as your poorest singer. You see what I’m getting at? I’m being a little sneaky, but it is true.

Your lowest denominator is set on a new planetary existence and your lowest common denominator on your new planetary existence – for those that want to increase their awareness and understanding – your lowest common denominator will be ‘higher’ than the ‘mass consciousness’ upon ‘this’ planet – that’s a given. Because you, that are searching and seeking, are NOT at a ‘mass consciousness’ level and you ‘know’ it. You’re NOT thinking ‘mass consciously’. Yes, you have to function in it, I’m aware of that. But your awareness of what is going on and what is happening and your relationship to it, is entirely different then those that are functioning through ‘mass consciousness’.

You can look at that which you call your news on your television and you can ‘observe’ what is happening to people. This one has gotten murdered and this one has gotten killed in a fire and this one is all these other things and you ‘look’ at that and you ‘observe’ it. But you’re NOT pulled into it and ‘oh, what’s happening to those people, I feel so sorry for them’. There are NO victims – there are NO VICTIMS. They did what they did, because that is what was set before them.

Now, as we’ve said before, if you follow, you can ‘see’ what your pictures are and you can ‘change’ your pictures. There are those – that Aona knows – this lady and her friends – doom and gloom, doom and gloom. This women’s son is on drugs, this one has AIDS, this one’s in jail, this one is dying of cancer, this one has got something else, and that’s all her friends. This one’s in the hospital, having a serious operation, this one’s having heart bypass surgery, then she feel so sorry for all of them. She’s running from one to another to another and then she’s sick and then her husband is sick. Why? Because that is what she keeps putting in front of her all of the time. All she has to do is ‘change’ her pictures. You can change your pictures. Then observe what your pictures are telling you. It is a grand ‘game’ the day you learn it’s a game. All right, is there more?

JOHN: That’s it.

DATRE: Well, let me say that it is a pleasure to be back with you again. We are very happy. Aona and John are extremely happy in their ‘new’ location. They are out in the country and yet they are very close to that which you call town. They have a great big lot… how big John?

JOHN: Almost an acre.

DATRE: Almost… it looks awfully big to me; I can’t walk all of it. Lots of trees and a small house that is just right for them, with tremendous possibilities that they can take hammer and nails and paint and fix and do all kinds of things that… as Aona says, she has a seven year project in front of her. But, they have a place, that the beauty that they bring with them can be expressed in their surroundings. We are very happy for them and they are very happy in their new settings and we are extremely happy to be back and being able to speak with you and try and help you to understand what is going on. It is our pleasure and delight to be once again working with you and we will see you again soon.

We are Datre.

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