Datre 062A – If every human on Earth at the same time was thinking the same thought, would this thought manifest immediately ?

JOHN: We have some questions from Gunilla. Her first question is… “Are you channeling other persons on Earth?”.

DATRE: What does she mean? Are we…

JOHN: Is Datre channeling through anybody else on Earth?

DATRE: Probably! You see, because we change all the time. We don’t keep track of who’s talking to who. But, it NOT too likely. The reason for that being is that the majority of the peoples that are channeling are NOT channeling the ‘energy’ that we channel through. In other words, in order to have an individual body that we can communicate with and come into and take over the body… this body had to be changed, in order to bring the energy of the physical construct up to the point that we could ‘step down’ enough to be able to make the contact. That was not an easy situation, because when you start ‘pumping’ that kind of energy into a physical construct, that becomes very uncomfortable to the individual. So there is a great deal of, shall we say… your body has an ‘electrical’ content within your ‘atomic’ structure and there’s… different peoples have different contents within their structure.

Then in order for us to make contact, ‘this’ physical structure had to be ‘changed’ in order to make the contact. There are not too many that… they’ll start out with it, but they’ll quit when it starts being uncomfortable and they won’t go any further. This is a ‘continuing’ process, because the more we work with the physical construct, the more… every time we come in through this physical construct, when we leave she is NOT the same person. Because the energy that she has ‘allowed’ to flow through her body, changes her. So, every time, she is different and that does nothing but accelerate. So it is NOT an easy process. But that does not mean there are not others that are ‘trying’ it. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “We learn a lot from you – what do you learn from us?”.

DATRE: It is a very interesting show to watch. It is even more interesting when we are able to come down and look through physical eyes and move a physical construct. You have no idea how exciting that is.

You see, in the Universe there’s no color. I know people are going to get all upset by that, but that is the truth. So to be able to come down into a physical construct and be able to get to the point to focus the eyes to ‘see’ the ‘light’ and the ‘color’ that exists on your planet is something that I could not explain to you. That is why we change as much as we do, because everyone wants to have this experience. So you see, everyone that comes down and comes into this physical construct is a different vibratory patterning, so there’s constant adjusting to this physical construct all the time. But it is exciting.

JOHN: Her next question is… “You experience physical reality through Aona… what does Earth look like from your point of view, chaos?”

DATRE: No, and I will tell you why, because Aona does not live in chaos and does not ‘see’ chaos, that is not her existence. What she creates and what other people create are different things. Each one of you on the planet, create something entirely different. That is up to you as an individual. From our standpoint, when we come in and we observe through Aona, we see nothing but beauty. Regardless of what it is, books, the back of books, are beautiful. We don’t read all the lettering, but the colors, you get the black, you get the red, you get the yellow. You look out doors you’ve got green grass, you’ve got trees, you’ve got houses of different colors, the sky is different, some… when I started, when I first came in the sky was bright blue, now the sky is like its blue, but its got clouds in it.

Everything changes, but from our stand point, if Aona lived in a mud hut and we came and looked through her eyes it would still be beautiful, because that’s what she sees. That is what her eyes are ‘tuned’ to see. That makes the difference. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “This question is a tricky one – do you know how ‘it all’ started (I mean all that exists) – and why? If you know, can you TRY to explain – or is it quite impossible for us to grasp?”

DATRE: It is impossible for you to grasp because, when I became, IT already was. Now, the number of eons that I have been around are un-numbered and there is as much on the other side. There is no way to start a beginning.

Now, that is Universally speaking, because this is only one Universe and the ‘bubble’ that you reside in, is only a very minuscule portion of any portion of that which you can see of the Universe that you exist in.

Now, the planetary ‘bubbles’ have a ‘time’ construct, but that continually changes also. Now your ‘time’ has run out. Now they have, what they call the ‘shift’ in what is going to take place and then you will have another different experience for another “period of time”. It is constantly changing, but as I have said before, I cannot tell you, when I became, IT was. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Are there many realities that are “consciously” created by thought?”

DATRE: Now I don’t know what she’s talking about as realities. If she’s talking about physical planetary existences, that is creation of a different kind, of which you have no idea. You see, things don’t just ‘happen’. There’s a plan for everything. There’s different ‘portions’ of substances that can contain existences, like the Earth, which has people, animals and fish and birds on it. But it is a certain ‘construct’ of a ‘glob’, shall we say, that is able to contain an existence. There is other ‘globs’ that do not contain an existence or could not contain existence. But in order to have anything, it has to be ‘thought’ first. It can’t exist without it.

That’s what we’re telling you about those that are going to leave ‘this’ planetary existence and they’re going out into that which you would call ‘nothing’. Then they will ‘begin’ to work from that concept. But ‘nothing’ of your planetary existence ‘works’ in the Universe. If you don’t have ‘some’ idea of how it works in the Universe, then your ‘brain’ that you use on Earth is not going to do you any good, because you can’t take it with you. This is a concept you cannot understand. But those that are going to take that shift and go there, have some idea of what its all about. But there again, it cannot be explained; because you don’t have… you have only a ‘physical brain’ to work with and your ‘physical brain’ works on ‘this’ planet – period. It can work in other planetary existences, with alterations. But it cannot work in the BIG Universe.

So that is where it is interesting for us to come down and explain things to you as to what ‘you’ are doing on your planet. Because it is ‘not’ an existence that we know. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “If every human on Earth at the same (time) was thinking the same thought, would this thought manifest immediately – or what would happen?”

DATRE: Well, it could not be. The reason it could NOT be is because the planetary existences are setup in two ways, ‘cloned’ and ‘individuation’. You began ‘cloned’; you went to ‘individuation’. In individuation, in order to ‘propel’ you through your experiences, you have to have ‘opposites’. That’s the way ‘this’ existence is set up. So even in a ‘cloned’ situation, there is ‘variance’, but there is NOT ‘individuation’. But in ‘individuation’, there is ‘no way’ to think the same thought, because in order to ‘propel’ you into your experiences, you have to have the ‘opposites’ in all directions. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “We are multi-dimensional beings – only a small portion of us exists in physical reality – and time only exists here on Earth. Does it mean that we, from a Universal point of view, live all our physical lives simultaneously? And in “which” other realities do we also exist?”

DATRE: Well, that becomes very complicated, because how am I going to explain a ‘reality’ to you? There is no way to explain a reality to you. Because in talking to you, you’re still working through a physical brain. And a ‘reality’ that cannot be explained to a physical brain, cannot be explained. It can be ‘experienced’, but it cannot be explained. That is why, in your different ‘dream scapes’, where you go into different realities in the ‘dream time’, it is all worked with ‘symbols’. The ‘translation’ of the symbols upon awakening is what forms your pictures in the ‘day time’ and is also what you try and figure out as your dreams. And you’re working from a physical construct and you’re trying to take ‘dream’ zymology and so you’re working with two ‘different’ constructs entirely.

Now, there are ‘symbols’ in your dreams that you need to figure out and then, there are others that say, ‘it’s of no interest to me, I will go with the flow’. So it depends on how you are working, but I can’t explain a reality to you, when a reality is NOT explainable.

JOHN: OK, her next question is… “You are talking about 12 sub-realities – what exists there – are they specially connected to our Earth? Is a portion of Earth humans existing in every (one) of these sub-realities? I suppose the ‘dead zone’ is one of them… but the others?”

DATRE: No, the ‘dead zone’ is NOT a reality. A dead zone is an entirely ‘different’ construct. The ‘realities’, as said before, they can be experienced, but we cannot explain them because there are not ‘words’ that you could comprehend. You, every one of you, in your ‘dream time’, go into multiple realities, multiple realities. Every time you go to sleep you go into different realities, why should you stay here? In your experiencing of different realities, that depends what ‘you’ in the physical, are able to coincide with the YOU that you are. You see, what you think in the daytime, with your brain, is very, very strong. You have ‘locked’ yourself into ‘brain’ thinking and experiencing. So, hanging on to this ‘brain’ thinking, you go into your ‘sleep time’ and you ‘block’ yourself by the ‘vibration’ that you carry into your ‘dream time’ of going into a ‘lot’ of realities. Because, you have a ‘fear’ construct, that you will take into your ‘dream time’, or you will take a certain thought patterning into your ‘dream time’.

As we have said before, if you will just ‘clear’ that and ‘allow’ the experiences to take place. It is like with Aona, when we take the body, she comes back in many times, in fact the majority of the time, very disorientated. It takes her many ‘hours’ sometimes to be able to ‘navigate’. Everything is ‘strange’; everything in the house is ‘strange’. And it takes her a long time to be able to get back into the working ‘brain’ where everything becomes solid and what you call in physicality, ‘real’. She has been asked many times, ‘what do you experience?’, ‘fantastic, but I can’t tell you what it was’. She comes back and she’s exhilarated, she’s been someplace that has no explanation. That’s what you do at night, if you have the ‘allowance’. So, there’s no way to explain that, because that is where ever ‘you’ go, into whatever realities ‘you’ go into in your ‘dream scapes’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is it possible to have several physical lives on Earth in different bodies without knowing it?”

DATRE: I don’t know why not. But you don’t do it. You will do it in different ‘time’ spans, those are your ‘faces’, those are your ‘aspect’ selves. And some of you have them in ‘this’ time span. But, that depends upon ‘who’ you are as to how much you can handle. In other words, can you handle ‘popping’ back and forth? Because, if you’re in two physical constructs, the YOU that you are is in two physical constructs, are you able to switch back and forth and NOT get confused? Because as I’ve said before, the physical brain is very strong.

There are also those that will get together and, shall we say, inhabit ONE body and ‘skip’ in and out of that one body at different times. There are those that have had a physical existence that you have called by one name, but that one name has had ‘different’ inhabitants, shall we say, and it has been a ‘multiple’. Then you will get into that which you call, the people that have all these people that enter their body and talk differently and do different things, entirely ‘different’ personalities. But, there again, it is the strength of ‘who’ you are in the physical that will change that. You’ll find that they have… I think you’ve had movies where they’ve shown that there are two different people. One person acts one way and one person acts the other way and its all within one physical body – they split them like that or probably two or three. But you see, that is just using a body, but there’s no one in control. The majority on the planet is staying in one body and ‘not’ allowing others to pop in and out of it all the time. So, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “How do you define a Universe? Does every Universe contain ‘the same package of ingredients’ (sorry I don’t like the expression, but its hard to find fitting words)? If yes, what are the ingredients?”

DATRE: You do not even know the ‘ingredients’ of THIS Universe. You see, things do not just happen, it takes many to contain and keep shall we say, a Universe running – working. It is like; you have an office that has several different peoples working in it to make that office work. You’ve got someone that answers telephones, you’ve got someone that types, you’ve got somebody that is the manager, you’ve got different peoples in an office to make everything work that is within that office. You can change the people, but you have to have this many things going in order to make the office work. So, even if the receptionist is sick or as they call it, doesn’t show up for work, somebody does double duty, but that still has to be maintained as a working situation.

All right, the Universe with us, works the same way – except that we always show up for work, because there’s no place else to go – ha ha ha ha. So, we’re always there. But, it has to be maintained. And you can call all of those that are Datre part of the maintenance crew of the Universe. We observe, but we have our own jobs, so you can call us the office workers, whatever you want to call us.

Now, as we’ve said before, there are more Universes. We know they’re there because we communicate with them. But we don’t know what they’re like until we get there. We can’t explain the Universe to you, because you’re in a physical body, any more than they can explain their Universe to us. But, they’re there and we’re here and your ‘bodies’ are here.

But, the reason you’re in physicality in the first place, is to gain experience enough to get ‘out here’ where we are – and play. Because, our jobs are play – we’re doing what we want to do. We don’t want the ‘restrictions’ of the physical body; we want to do other things. We want to take ‘nothing’ and make ‘something’ and I really mean NOTHING. You see you wouldn’t be able to do that in physicality. You have to take ‘something’ in order to make ‘something’ else. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What separates one Universe from another? Are there certain spans of frequencies in every Universe?”

DATRE: I have no idea, I haven’t been there yet and the last Universe that I was in I don’t remember. We don’t have memory; you’re the only thing that remembers. The physical body remembers, we don’t have that. That is what we call TOTAL freedom, because you don’t have to remember anything. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is the Prime Source in all Universes the same or do every Universe have their own Prime Source?”

DATRE: Everything is different. Why repeat anything? The only thing that gets repeated is your physical existences. And unfortunately, many of you don’t even change shall we say, from one lifetime to another. You still maintain the same patterning – my goodness how boring. You continue, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, doing the same thing. Like I told you about the poor dirt farmer. Never made any changes, every lifetime, same thing – poor dirt farmer.

So, that is why your ‘time’ is running out, because you don’t have enough ambition or whatever you want to call it to get yourself ‘out’ of FEAR. A ‘time’ was put on. We expected this to be over, we expected you to be at least going out someplace else. But you’re still sitting here, so the time is over and when the ‘time’ is over you’re not going to have anything to work with. You’re going to have to get something else, a new experience, maybe that will jar you out of your lethargy – that’s what we’re trying to do. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Datre, what is your task in Universe – do you exist only in our Universe – and who/what is ‘above’ you? (I know there is no hierarchy – but you probably understand how I mean)”

DATRE: Well there again, like I say, you see, you’re relating everything to physicality. We DO, we don’t explain what we do, if we could explain what we did it wouldn’t make any sense anyway. So, as far as explaining any of that, it is very difficult to do that.

My intent, the one that’s in the body right now, my intent is to get you to the point that you stretch the physical brain enough so that you can comprehend a little bit of what this is all about. Now, in three minutes I could vacate this body and there would be another Datre in here who would have an entirely different agenda. They may have a ‘specific’ agenda, something that they have observed that they want to bring in – each one of us when we use the body we all have different intents and purposes, even in contacting through this body. Because you are only seeing words, not hearing voices, you don’t know there is a difference taking place all the time. Then you see, because of that, Aona has gotten to the point that she ‘likes’ that feeling because when she comes back into the body, it is extremely stimulated. Maybe a little off kilter as far as finding things is concerned, but she thinks its fun. We enjoy it, so each one has something different to offer. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Are there any ‘Source/s’ ‘above’ the Prime Source/s?”

DATRE: I don’t know what you mean by sources, you see, there again, you’re thinking of a god principle. If you look at those questions very carefully, and I have been avoiding this because its a sore point for many people, but you’re looking at everything as if there has to be A SINGLE DEITY or whatever you want to call it, that created this whole thing. That’s the way I see the questions being asked. It doesn’t work that way. It takes a combination of US’s to put a Universe into motion – to keep it going, to maintain it. So there is no ONE. I see those questions going for… there’s no SOURCE. All of your religions and all of that is they all seem to be based on a single SOURCE. In other words, you have the BIG BANG theory and all of that. Then there is ONE that takes care of the whole thing. That is only in Earth context – it’s NOT a Universal Principle. Even here, in your ‘bubble’, it is NOT a one Principle type situation. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Are there physical worlds that are quite similar to ours or is every physical world unique in itself?”

DATRE: Every one is unique within itself – definitely unique within itself. As to bodies, you’ve got them this way, but you’re not going to go to another planet and find bodies like yours. OK!

JOHN: Her next question is… “Pick a physical reality that is totally different from ours and describe what it’s like… do the same with a non-physical reality.”

DATRE: No can do. You don’t have the brains to comprehend it so it isn’t going to do any good.

JOHN: In other words you just… again it’s the same thing we’ve been saying for quite a long while, ‘the brain can only comprehend what its exposure has been’.

DATRE: That’s right. That is why you see ‘ships’ up in the sky. You see… your eyes pick up a vibration and because it’s something that you can’t comprehend, it’s got to be a ‘space ship’. Then everybody in mass consciousness agrees it’s a ‘space ship’, so therefore it is. Someone says, ‘I see Jesus hanging up there’ and everybody agreed that was Jesus hanging up there, that’s who it would be.

See its all… you don’t realize that when you went into ‘individuation’ how individual you truly, truly are. You might be in a very close relationship with another individual, but you don’t have ANY idea what goes on in the other persons ‘brain’ or ‘dream time’, either one. So, the sooner you all begin to realize, this is a SINGULAR JOURNEY, from beginning to end of the whole thing – SINGULAR.

Now, its comforting to cry on somebody’s shoulder or whatever, but you make the trip ALONE. Then the ones that ENJOY knowing that they make the trip ALONE – even if you’re surrounded by a whole family in one house – the JOURNEY is ‘yours’. Then if you enjoy that JOURNEY, that is all that’s important. You’ll say, ‘well I need to make money and I need to take care of my family and all this and that’. Sure, but that has nothing to do with the DISCOVERY that goes on within that brain that you’re using to translate your pictures with.

Now, this is something that Aona and John have done many times. When you do it, it’s a play thing, you can play with it and have fun with it. Take a teacup, not a mug, mugs don’t work unless you’ve got patterns on them, if you’ve got a coffee mug with a pattern that’s fine too. Put everybody, line them up or put them in a circle or whatever, then hand the first person that cup and tell them to explain what that cup looks like. Then pass it on to the next person and have them explain what that cup looks like. Then by the time that cup has gone around the second time – each time everybody’s got to find something different with that cup – then by the time you start going around the second time people will start arguing with you as to what you see on that cup because they don’t see it. ‘But there’s a flower right there’, ‘no there isn’t a flower right there’. Now, who’s right and who’s wrong? One individual sees a flower, how many see a flower and how many don’t see a flower? Keep on going that cup becomes absolutely unrecognizable. Play with it, and then you will begin to see how you create what you’re looking at. It is a fun thing. You’ll have great fun, you’ll laugh… ha ha. Continue.

To be continued on Datre62b

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