Datre 052 – Is possible to restore a dead person to ones physical reality?

Datre answers Hoyt
JOHN: We have some questions from Hoyt and his first question is… “…I was asked if that meant that one could restore a dead person to ones physical reality “

DATRE: No, you cannot restore someone to ‘your’ physical reality. You see, that becomes very complicated when you get into that sort of thing, in that physicality is the… when you’re on planet Earth, you are experiencing in a physical construct then when you go into your ‘dead zone’ you ‘drop’, shall we say, the ‘stuff’, the ‘particles’, your physical existence. The ‘particles’ make you ‘visible’ and you need ‘particles’ in order to maintain that function of physicality. These are Earth ‘particles’, so when you “die ” the physical ‘particles’ are put back to the Earth again. Now, even if that HOLOGRAM were to come back, from the ‘dead zone’ into the physical plane – were that able to be done – come back in as a HOLOGRAM, they could not pick-up the ‘same particles’ again to be seen. See what I’m referring to, because you do not have the ‘understanding’ to be able to do that, you don’t know HOW that works.

In fact, you don’t even ‘know’ when you come from the ‘dead zone’ into physicality, many do not even ‘know’ how to pick-up ‘particles’ to assemble a baby – they need ‘help’ in that. So, there are those that ‘can’ do it, but you see it’s difficult enough from one area to another to be able to do one process, let alone do the ‘other’ process. So, I would say, NO, because there’s no way that you can come back and re-assemble a ‘dead’ person. Because the ‘dead’ person doesn’t even know… in fact I can even go further, you have heard many stories about people who leave their bodies, in a hospital, they’re under medication and they ‘slide’ out of their body. They go around looking for other people to tell them they’re in the hospital and that they’re all right and everything. Then they come back into the hospital and they can’t ‘find’ their own bodies, because they are ‘not’ familiar to them.

You don’t realize how unfamiliar you are to the body construct that you are residing within. Many people, even when you begin to get out of body and experience in a meditative state, many when they come back in don’t recognize their bodies. If you’re all alone in a room, there is only one body there, so you go into it, but you don’t ‘look’ at it that carefully. So, you see, the recognition of coming back to put a body together that has died, would be an ‘impossibility’. Maybe that will help a little bit in the understanding. Continue.

JOHN: His next and last question is… “Some of us Seth readers interpret “probable realities ” as another way of saying the “Everett Wheeler ” physics interpretation where all possibilities exist at once and we just choose the path…

DATRE: That is true. You have ‘possibilities’, but your possibilities and ‘probabilities’ are two things. All ‘possibilities’ of experience are there for you. But, the ‘probabilities’ are the ones you pick-up – the ones most ‘probable’ for you to work in ‘this’ physical reality – those are the ones you choose.

JOHN: … “In that case there are infinitely many lines where a person did not die, i.e. we hear stories of probabilities where Hitler did not come into power, and presumably many in those lines would be alive who are not in my current timeline. “

DATRE: That is ‘true’, that is very definitely true. But… and things DO exist, but there is a ‘linear’ time scale also that you use. The important part is the ‘linear’ timeframe that you are in at the present time.

Now, you’re talking about Hitler. You can even bring it closer than that, bring it right into you, don’t stick it out someplace where it becomes a fairy tale, bring it right down here to the ‘you’ that’s in physicality. I will take an example, that someone that you have not seen, say for ten of your years, and you meet that individual and you start talking. Then someone says, ‘do you remember when we were kids, such and such a thing happened and this is the way it happened and how funny that experience was?’ Then you look at that person and say, ‘I don’t remember that’. ‘Well, but you were there’. ‘But I don’t remember that’. Now, were you there or weren’t you there?

You click in an out of your bodies, constantly. When you ‘click’ in you’re here. Where are you when you click out? And how ‘long’ are you ‘out’ when you click out? You can be in a group of people and be an ‘observer’ and you’re watching what these other people are doing, but remember, you’re ‘painting’ your ‘own’ picture. They’re laughing and talking about someone making funny things and they’re looking at it as being funny and everyone is laughing. You are looking at it and saying, ‘what is he doing that for?’ You see, because your picture is different, you’re seeing that ‘other’ as being different than the ones that are making fun of him. So you see, its all ‘your’ interpretation of things.

Now, you also have that which is what they call the ‘faces’ of an individual that are experiencing ‘different’ things at different times. For those that have read Seth, we bring up the instance, when Jane and Rob were in a restaurant and they ‘met’ this ‘old’ couple that ‘could’ have been one of the paths that Jane and Rob choose. But they did not choose to take that path, so these ‘other’ people were living out that ‘other’ path, shall we say. But, there again, you see, they were putting a picture in front of themselves, so that they could ‘see’ an alternative.

Now, was that what you call a ‘reality’? Or, was it ‘presenting’ yourself with a ‘picture’ where you could see ‘another’ possibility? You see, when you get into what you are ‘seeing’ and what you are experiencing, its very different. There are individuals that will say, ‘Hitler didn’t do these things’. There are those individuals that said, ‘yes he did do those things’. What ‘picture’ are YOU painting? You see, ‘that’s’ where the confusion comes in and all we try to do is try and help ‘you’ to understand that ‘variables’ exist CONSTANTLY. So, it is ‘your’ interpretation, it is ‘your’ visualization. It is the picture that ‘you’ put in front of you and if you ‘agree’ on the picture, that’s fine. But, that does not necessarily have to be. Two people can ‘disagree’ on what they are “seeing “. Now, because of the pictures ‘you’ paint and the pictures ‘they’ paint you will have an entirely ‘different’ picture. There are multiple personalities, multiple events existing at all times.

That is why we say, you have ‘free will’ and you have ‘free’ choice. You can ‘see’ and interact in all manner and kinds of situations. But, it is your ‘choice’ as to what you choose. But there’s multiplicity, constantly, constantly. That is why this is… this is why this is so much to experience. It is ‘what’ do you ‘allow’ yourself to experience for ‘your’ understanding? So you see, its all right and it doesn’t matter. But the thing is, I guess what I’m trying to explain is, don’t get caught up in what you call… what is that word… semantics? All right, don’t get caught up in semantics. Allow it to move. Allow the ‘fluidity’.

You see, because you are in physicality you have ‘tightened’ yourself ‘into’ physicality. Now, ‘loose’ the bonds a little bit and let it ‘flow’. That is your ‘difficulty’, is allowing it to flow. Because once you start ‘allowing’ it to flow, you will see a ‘lot’ of things that other people do not see. But, for most people, allowing that fluidity is a feeling of being ‘unstable’ and it will be ‘unstable’ to a point and when that ‘stabilizes’ then ‘that’ becomes familiar. Then if you continue to allow the ‘fluidity’ then you will go into ‘another’ stage – then ‘that’ becomes what you call SOLID. But, allow yourself the fluidity, don’t get locked into events and so forth – allow it to FLOW. That’s what we say about being an ‘observer’. When you are a ‘total’ observer, you’re NOT locked in. You look, you observe, you interact, but that doesn’t mean you stop ‘living’ you LIVE more. All right, I hope we have helped in that, because all we do is ‘expand’ on the information given for your understanding. We will leave you now.

We are Datre. 

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