Datre 049 – Evolution of the YOU that you are is NOT instant gratification

Datre answers Dale.
JOHN: We have some questions from Dale. These all seem to be in the framework of comments. His first comment is in regard to some comments that I sent him concerning some question that he posed to me… “Your comments on creating your own kind of reality-world is missing a rather critical point – mass consciousness. In all realities of any kind the ‘allowable’ variances are determined by the ‘consensus’ of the mass consciousness. ” His reply to this is what I want to address… “I have never heard of anything like this before. You are the first I have ever seen to say anything like this. “

DATRE: Well you may have been the first to hear anything like this. But it has been stated consistently throughout, what you call, your periods of time. You see, what you have, is your ‘bubble’, which contains your Earth and your moon. When that was formed, everything that you could possibly think of to experience, to learn, to express, was put into that ‘bubble’.

Now, as we have said before, in that which you call sleep, you connect up with the YOU that you are. Now, at that point, you ‘draw’ from all of THAT. You ‘choose’ what you want to learn and HOW you want to learn it – your decision. Now, when you ‘wake-up’, you get back into what you call your physical construct and that is when it is lost – for a great many people, not all. It depends upon what your contact is and how much ATTENTION you pay to your everyday life existence. Now, we’ve said before, OBSERVE, because if you observe, you can learn without traumatic experiences. You do not have to have a lot of ‘traumatic’ experiences in order to learn. You can OBSERVE and learn through observing.

Now, your thought patterning’s in the daytime – wake time – in physical construct, your brain acts as a computer. There’s a picture, the brain interprets it, a picture, the brain interprets it, that’s your computer thing.

All right, now, take six persons in physicality and put them side by side and each one has a DIFFERENT picture. You may AGREE on the fact that this is a couch and that is a chair, but if you were to take one of those items – take a chair – and these six people begin to describe that chair, by the time they’re finished, they would each have a DIFFERENT chair. Because you create your own pictures. That is a VERY difficult concept to understand. It is NOT a NEW teaching by any stretch of the imagination. It is OLD, OLD, OLD. It has been, ever since your Earth – moon BUBBLE was formed. But, because it is coming now, it is a NEW experience for many. To others, it seems to be a ‘recognition’ of something that they have previously known.

But, the concept that you created, you create your own pictures and you do that for your own reasons. That is why some people can live, in what you would call, a very ramshackle run down place that you would say, “how in the world could they ever live there? “. Now, to them, it is just fine. Because their ‘picture’ is what they have made it. It is comfortable, it suits their needs, and they’re very content there. But because of ‘your’ standards, shall we say, the way YOU look at it, it looks terrible.

To them it is fine; it is their own picture. That is why we’ve said OBSERVE, do not judge. To them, what they desire and what you desire are two different things. It is no mystery. The mystery comes in DISCOVERING and working with your own pictures. That is where the MYSTERY is and that is where the MAGIC is. Because two people walk down the same street in a little town and one says, “Oh, this is the most ramshackle run down town I have ever seen, this is a mess, lets get back in the car and go someplace else. ” The other person looks at it and says, “Isn’t this marvelous, look what these people have done. ” You see it is all in the ‘eyes’ of the beholder – it is nothing new. Continue.

JOHN: His next comment as relating to a further comment of mine ( “You continue to describe illusionary activities and compare them to the REAL world of the Universe “) is “John, I try to be open-minded about all this stuff, but this is really starting to push the limit. You’re telling me to throw out all the ‘knowledge’ I’ve gained and accept something that I don’t recall EVER experiencing and know _nothing_ about. How can I possibly rationally agree to such a thing? “

DATRE: There is the problem; you are trying to do it rationally. Now, what we ‘see’ in the Universe is ‘real’ because these Universal Entities have been REALIZED. They have a ‘different’ concept than you do, because there are those upon this planet that are getting close to the ‘edge’ of their realization of what ‘this’ particular experiential patterning is all about – on your planet Earth. They are understanding this and reaching that point. There are those on the planet that are ready to go OUT into the ‘real’ Universe.

You see the majority of the individuals upon the planet earth are HOLOGRAMS. If you live in a HOLOGRAPHIC existence, you are NOT a ‘realized’ individual. A ‘realized’ individual does NOT have a HOLOGRAM. A realized individual does NOT have ‘particles’. A REALIZED individual IS. A REALIZED individual takes that which is ‘nothing’ and makes ‘something’. That’s the state of a REALIZED individual. Now, that is beyond your concepts, because you are still IN physicality. But it IS, what it IS. And the further you get out into the ‘realities’ of a ‘finer’ vibration, the more you will experience and the more you will experience the more you will bring ‘back’ into physicality. Then it is NOT the ‘other’ realities that are ‘strange’ to you, but it is THIS reality of the HOLOGRAM and PARTICLE reality that becomes ‘strange’.

Now, unless you experience it yourself, there is no other way it can be explained. Now, those that do this on a constant basis… you see, the NEW ENERGIES are ‘allowing’ more and more of this to happen, because the energies ‘between’ the realities are ‘blending’. So it is far easier to get into the ‘other’ realities and experience them – and that is ALL you can do is experience them. If your vibration ‘matches’, then you experience it. If it doesn’t match, you don’t experience it, its very simple. But those that go out into the ‘other’ realities and experience, it is very familiar to them. Then they come back, shall we say, into the ‘physical construct’ and ‘this’ reality of physicality is the one that feels ‘strange’.

Now, I can only say that because, there are ‘many’ upon your planet that are ‘doing’ this, many on your planet that are doing this. They are beginning to experience ‘other’ realities. The fine vibration is what, shall we say, ‘inhibits’ you from going any ‘distance’ that you can’t get beyond. In other words – you’re always safe – when we take over the body of the channel that frees her. At that point, she can go and experience wherever she wants to go, as long as the ‘knowledge’ that she has ‘matches’ that of the ‘realities’ that she goes into.

The knowledge and the understanding that you have is what ‘allows’ you to move into the ‘finer’ vibrations. Now because of her working with us, she has a totally different ‘concept’ of what different realities are. She does not ‘fear’ leaving the body; it is no problem for her. She goes, but she doesn’t stay around the planet, there is nothing ‘here’ for her, as to what she wants to learn and what she wants to experience. So she will go out to the ‘furthest’ of the ‘realities’ that are contained within this ‘bubble’. She will go out as far as the ‘realities’ of this ‘containment’ will allow. So you see, that is one of the things that is necessary to be able to make the change from this planetary existence, ‘out’ into the Universe.

Because you need to ‘know’ THIS before you can go there. It would be a terrible disaster to take an individual that is upon this planet and put them out into the Universe, because they wouldn’t know ‘how’ to function. Its like everything else, a baby starts out lying on it’s back. Then as it grows in size, it does different things. It crawls, it walks, it runs, it does all these different things. That is showing you something. That is a ‘picture’ for you to observe.

The child in physicality, growing up and using and learning dexterity and all of these different things is a ‘good’ observation. Because THAT is what YOU are doing, but you are doing it to ‘understand’, that you need to take ‘steps’ to gain the experiences that you need to be able to go from ‘this’ planet to ‘another’ planet or into the BIG Universe. You see everything is a ‘picture’ for you to learn by. Continue.

JOHN: His next comment is… “Datre has said that you have been experiencing “traveling to other dimensions ” – I guess this is referring to me – or something like that. Well, to my knowledge I have never done that, so your experiences and understanding covers things I know nothing about. I want to know what you know! “

DATRE: Now, John has traveled. John has been a traveler, practically since childbirth. He has always traveled out into the different realities. That is nothing new for him, he came in doing that. Just like some people come into the planet and they are born seeing ‘auras’. It’s the same type of thing; you bring in what you want to bring in.

You say you have never experienced going out into different realities. What do you do when you sleep? Where are you when you are sleeping? Somebody will say, ‘well I’m dreaming this and I’m dreaming that and I’m dreaming something else’. But you do not dream consistently. Your dreams are ‘experiences’ that your brain ‘translates’ while you are awake. Remember, you don’t translate your dreams while you’re sleeping. Where are you while you are sleeping? The scientists will give you many, many, many different things. They think it’s this, they think it’s that, they think its something else. It is like they try and say that, ‘well an animal thinks this and an animal thinks that and an animal thinks something else’, because they are ‘observing’ the animal’s reaction – the animals do not ‘think’ like you do. They do not ‘see’ like you do. They think, well because the eyes are such and such a way, this is what the animal must see. The animal doesn’t see ‘color’, how do they know the animal doesn’t see color?

You know, these are all things that you have set in front of yourselves. They can be one of two things, they can be ‘stepping’ stones or they can be ‘stumbling’ blocks – it is what ever you want to do with them. But the thing is, you say you have never experienced it. There are people that say, ‘I have no remembrance of dreams, I can’t think back to the last time that I ever remembered a dream’. What do they do upon going to sleep, they release. They do not take the thought patterns of the day and take them into their nighttime. Upon closing their eyes, they ‘release’, totally and completely. Then they go out and experience in a totally ‘different’ manner. Because they connect up with the YOU that you are and have GRAND experiences. There are many people who do not ‘want’ to wake up in the morning.

Why don’t they want to wake up in the morning? Because, it puts them back to where they were “the day before “. In their sleep state, they are FREE. But if you were given THAT amount of FREEDOM in physicality, you wouldn’t KNOW what to do with it because you are so used to creating out of that which you call, your “mass consciousness ” thought patterning and following that then to create your OWN reality, totally and completely, is something that very few upon this planet are ABLE to do. Simply because the ‘mass consciousness’ is such a ‘tremendous’ layering over your planet, that it is the ‘closest’ to you, that it is very ‘difficult’ to get beyond that point.

You see, you can be trying to create something here, something new, something different, something interesting. You take the people that… those that are ‘inventors’, where does the ‘invention’, the thought pattern for the invention come from? It can be from something that they have seen and the brain is putting two things together to make a third thing that is entirely different or it can be picked up through ‘mass consciousness’, because there’s a ‘lot’ of stuff there. You see the ‘dead zone’ contributes to the ‘mass consciousness’ to a degree also. The information that WE give, contributes to the ‘mass consciousness’.

Once it has been spoken, through a mouth, through a physical vehicle, it becomes a ‘part’ of ‘mass consciousness’. That is a ‘vibration’ and that vibration goes out into what you call, your atmosphere. So there are many ‘different’ ways that information can be picked up. But it is more ‘difficult’ to pick up things that are not in your ‘local’ mass consciousness. That’s why you have those that go out where there are not a lot of people. Because, then they don’t have the heaviness of the ‘mass consciousness’ surrounding them in their physical construct. You say, ‘well they like the freedom’. It’s not only the freedom of the physical body; it is the ‘freedom’ of that which you call, the you that is in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: His final comment is… “If you can suggest to me a method to “break down the perceptual barriers ” that will allow me to understand within a day or two what you’re talking about, please do so! I am tired of being “lost in the mist ” on this stuff and sincerely want to understand and experience it. Heck, I give permission to Datre or one of his pals to help me do this! “

DATRE: We cannot ‘help’ you do that. We can give you ‘information’ so that you can understand, so that you can do it yourself. But, we cannot ‘tell’ you ‘how’ you can do it.

Evolution is ‘not’ a process of ‘short’ duration. Evolution is a long ‘time’, shall we say, understanding. Now, you’ll say, ‘well you’re talking from the BIG Universe’. Yes, that is true. We are speaking through a physical being, but we are, shall we say, ‘living’ in the BIG Universe, that is our abode. But, there is ‘beyond’ that. This is only ‘one’ Universe; there are ‘other’ Universes. Then you’ll say, ‘how do you know there are other Universes?’, because we have contacted, we have made contact. We ‘know’ that there are ‘other’ Universes and when we ‘know’ THIS Universe, in It’s totality, then we are ready to move into another Universe OR create another Universe ourselves. You see the process of EVOLUTION is ‘entir
ly’ up to that which you call, the YOU that you are.

You can GO as far as you want to go, but you have to ‘understand’ WHERE you’re going. So it is a ‘process’ of elimination of that which is no longer of ‘use’ to you and putting it aside and continuing to gain ‘new’ material, so that you can ‘think’ of something ‘different’ than what you have thought of. Now that does not mean, throw out ‘everything’ that you have ever learned, ever studied, any experiences that you’ve ever had – take it ALL with you. But set it aside for the time being and try and ‘stretch’ yourself in a ‘different’ area.

Granted, the information that we give is very different. The reason being is that most ‘books’ that are printed, that’s information coming from the dead zone. Not that there is anything ‘wrong’ with that, we’re not saying that, but we’re saying it is ‘different’ because it is coming from a ‘different’ perspective, we are coming from a different perspective. The information that ‘we’ are giving, is very ‘difficult’ for many people to handle simply because, it is ‘not’ familiar to them, they’re uncomfortable with it and if that is the case, then you can do one of two things.

You can continue to see if you can find information that substantiates some of this, watch your experiences, watch your thought patterning’s, watch your personalities, watch what you’re thinking about, watch what you’re seeing. But, you see, that is too long a process, for most everyone upon the planet at this particular time. The reason being, you are all caught up in this “race against time “. You’re all wanting to get INSTANT gratification. You don’t even
ave time to sit down and write a letter to a friend. It is
asier for you to go to a comp
ter, type it out, send it, the sender types back; you get it – instant gratification.

Evolution of the YOU that you are is NOT instant gratification. It is a SLOW learning process of COMPREHENSION. Comprehension does not come with the snap of a finger, it is a SLOW process. You will reach a ‘learning’, shall we say, plateau, where it just seems like all of a sudden – you’ve been learning and been exhilarated by all of this information. Its like a WOW and everything is happening and you’re getting all kinds of things – and then you hit this space and you say, ‘what happened? “. ‘I can’t seem to get anything, I’m not learning anything’ – Yes you are.

You are learning the process of COMPREHENSION; you are learning the process of ASSIMILATION. Because until you have assimilated and comprehended all of this that you have been experiencing – it can’t be taken in that quickly, it needs to be absorbed – and then you hit another one of these Wow’s again. And everyone that has ever gone into any of this, from the time you ‘first’ came on this planet in physical existence, it has been ALWAYS the same way because we ‘observe’ from a different standpoint than you do. But it is NOT an instant thing, it takes patience. That is why many throw this out the window. But that is entirely up to you, as to what ‘you’ want to do. We cannot tell you HOW to do it – NO ONE can. You can go to different people and listen to different people.

Everyone has a ‘different’ way of presenting this material. Then when you get to the point that the different ones that have given out this material at different times, you are looking for something, then you look for something else. But you need to be ‘diligent’ in your wanting to KNOW. If it is a ‘superficial’ thing, it will soon dissipate, it will soon disappear and you won’t be interested any more. But if you’re interested, you will ‘seek’ and if you ‘seek’ you will find. You have a saying upon this planet, that is very good, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ and that is very good. Next.

JOHN: That’s his last comment.

DATRE: All right, we hope we have been of service in some way, shape or form, we will leave you now.

We are Datre. 

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