Datre 046 – Channeling is a very natural ability

Datre’s answer to those people who have voices’ or invisible (at least to others) guides.

DATRE: For those who have or had guides or whatever who talk to you in your head. What happens is, when you come in, you come in with that – that is a decision that you make. Now, you see, channeling as we refer to it, is just a broad scope word. It is like the child that is born seeing auras; they don’t know that everybody else doesn’t see them. So that’s just a natural thing for them. Until some day something happens and if the parents understand these different things, they’ll ask the child and find out what the child is seeing. But it’s very difficult for the child to learn to know that people aren’t all that way. That’s why we say that the individual works as an individual. In other words, your understanding of a sentence that I say is different than anybody else’s. And it doesn’t matter how many people read the sentence or hear the sentence. Everybody has their OWN interpretation.

Now, coming into this physical construct, you may have made the decision that you did not “want to waste this life time ” . To be insured’ that you’re not going to waste it, that you’re going to keep your focus, you said, “I want to be able to know you are always there keeping me where I want to go, so I don’t loose the focus “. It is very easy to come in here and go through the process of what you call growth – from baby to growing up. Its very simple, lots of individuals come in and say, “this is what I want to do next time ” and by the time they’re 8, 9, 10 years old, they have become so physically’ oriented, that they loose the train. By the time they’re 20 – unless they keep in contact in their dream state – they’re totally unaware of what their original’ intent was.

The YOU that you are keeps trying to push’ you into different areas to point things out to you, but it depends on when you’re in the physical construct, as to how easily you are diverted. So the contact, you said, “keep in contact with me, don’t let me get out of line “. Because this is the lifetime, shall I say, that you have set for yourself for very’ specific learning.

Now again, what happens is, you have heard of many children that have playmates’, invisible playmates. So the thing that happens is, with the invisible playmates – not invisible to the children, but invisible to others – as they grow up, if they talk about it to parents, parents try and talk them out of it – the majority of the time. If the parents are not of the… say that you want to be a concert pianist, that was your intent, to come into this through a particular lifetime expression. The parents are very aware that this is the direction that you’re going in and they help you in every way that they can. But when you talk about invisible’ help that you’re getting or whatever, as a child, they’ll say, “well quit that foolishness, now get back to what you’re supposed to be doing “.

Then eventually, in the physical form, you push it aside; because they divert your attention away and eventually you don’t remember those playmates. But, the one that is intent’ on keeping that – and there are many that do – go through their whole, what you call a life time expression in the physical being, and they maintain that contact. But they keep their mouths shut, because they know’ and they don’t care about what other’ people think. So they maintain that contact all the time. You will find that sometimes they will slyly say, “well, a little bird told me “. That is one way of getting around the fact that they are in communication.

As to whether any of these invisible’ friends are a part of where Datre comes from, that is NOT very likely… not unless the individual is instructed to do something concerning this planet and its evolution. At this particular time there is much to do and the information regarding the BIG Universe and the little universe of the Earth and the moon that you live in – and your solar system – and explaining some of that and getting people aware of their role in physicality at this time is the most important part of communication as far as we are concerned.

Now, you see, those that are working, like in the healing arts of different kinds, they have different things they work with as healers. All they are doing is working with people in the dead zone. I do not mean that the way it sounds. Don’t misunderstand when I say, that is all’ they’re doing, because there are healers that are teaching other people how to heal themselves. So they are doing a great service. But the service that we are involved in is helping you to get to know as much about yourself as you possibly can, so that that vibratory frequency and the information that you have gained in physical expressions are being all pulled together so that you UNDERSTAND what evolution in the physical being is all about. That’s the important thing… because in the evolution of the YOU that is in physical form right now, you’re setting up a great deal of your signature print and that which you will carry with you. So that’s why the important thing right now, is getting the knowledge’ to the people.

Now the fact that these people have these individuals that have been with them, that are a comfort to them, that are helping them and they will undoubtedly stay with those individuals – these are individuals from the dead zone. Now, just because they’re from the dead zone that does not mean that they are without knowledge and understanding. There are many that are in the dead zone that have pretty much secured their signature print where they want it. In other words, they’re familiar with physicality, they have learned through physicality and they are in the dead zone awaiting the BIRTH process. But, another portion’ of them is in physicality and they will join up with that physicality when the BIRTH takes place, because of their knowingness.

Now, the physical expression, at this time, is the one that is important and like the many on the planet who have their invisible’ guides – now, I’m not talking mass consciousness, but rather masses of people that have this guidance with them. Now, it does not matter at the time of the BIRTH, whether you join’ them or they join’ you – it does not matter, it works either way. You see you in the physical form right now are a COMPOSIT of many. In other words, you may have thousands and thousands and thousands of different expressions. So at the time of the BIRTH, as many as want to go through – what I call that BIRTH process – will join’ together. But it does not matter, to you, at the present time, because you are the one that is in the physical at this particular, shall we say, time.

Now your linear’ time is going to be running out. You’re going to be functioning without linear time and the further we get into a no time’ situation, the more confused individuals are going to become. Just because there are things that you’re used to hanging on to – like you call your clocks. They’re going to say something, but it doesn’t mean’ anything. The only thing it means is that is the “time ” that you need to met with another person in whatever way, shape or form. What you call an hour’ and what another person would call an hour’ are NOT going to be the same. Because you’re going to begin to make your own time.

Now, the fact that these people have someone that is in contact with them in a guidance’ situation – that they have desired – that will help them maintain their balance. Because the more you get out of linear’ time the more confusing it is going to become and if they’re aware of the fact that they don’t have to hang-on to anything and they can stand on their own two feet and they’re confident in who and what they are and they know’ who and what they are – that instrument called the clock – is not going to bother them one way or the other. Because, that time’, linear time, held them in, shall we say, a straight line. You didn’t slip into other’ realities, as easily.

You are going to, when that element called time’ is no longer. You’re going to find that you’re going to be doing something and then you’ll stand there and you don’t know where you are and you don’t know’ what you’ve been doing. You stand there and look at the kitchen sink and wonder what you were doing. Well what you were doing, was probably – slipped out into another reality for another experience then came back into this one, but there’s no remembrance of it, except that when you’re coming back in, you’re standing at the kitchen sink and wondering, “I wonder what I’m here for? “. Then you’ll look and see water and say, “oh I was washing dishes, I wonder what happened? “. You see, someone that is familiar with the elimination of linear’ time and knowing’ that those things are going to be occurring – that is safety for them. Because they’ll say, “oh, well I must have been someplace else, but I don’t know where I was “. Now, to those that have no desire to know’ who and what they are, they’re just playing around in a physical body, you see, when those things happen and continue to happen, its going to be very upsetting to them.

But those that have kept those guides’ with them will stay together’, shall we say and that is why many upon the planet have done this arranging of guides in this particular lifetime.

You see, we don’t sit in a position to help’ individuals. Because we are unable to contact’ individuals. We can speak through an individual, but the information that we give is broad scoped. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether your name is Mary or Joe or Anna or whatever it is, it does not matter. The material is there for everybody to interpret in their own way. But to give individual guidance, no, we can’t do that because we’re not in contact with individuals.

So perhaps that will be a little help to those of you who have they’re voices’ or guides to relax into the situation and be aware of what is happening and this is going to keep you in whatever way you want to be.

Now we often have comments about people being on their path’ and wondering if they’re on their path. That is a word we hear used a great deal – being on my path. Your path’ is whatever you decide you want. It can go in any direction’ that you want. You never have to worry or be concerned about NOT being on your path. Because when you come into physicality from when you’re in the dead zone, you’re still basically expressing ONE expression and that expression that you’re expressing is YOU. And although people don’t seem to want to realize it, life, death, life, death is continuous. In other words, when you picked up your SPARK, wherever you picked it up, however long ago, on whatever planet, it does not matter.

The minute that SPARK is expressed, as you, that is a continuous thing. See, the path’, whatever YOU decide, that’s the direction you’re going in. So if you had something that you specifically’ wanted to do or specifically wanted to learn, you will learn it because you have help to get you to where you want to go. In other words, there was a little bit of that which you call fear’ – “That I may not do what I wanted to do this time, I have become aware that I have not always followed where I wanted to go, so this time I want to be assured that I do what I set out to do – so stay with me and keep me in line “. That’s what those voices or guides are doing.

I hope this has been of help to those who wonder about these things. As you can see, this applies to many, many upon the planet Earth. You see, the one thing that you’re basically born’ with, is fear. There is that constant fear that rides within the physical construct. Let me assure you that it is not necessarily YOUR fear. It is the genetic’ physical fear – the body fear. The body has… genetics have come down through what you call your centuries and have had many, many experiences. But that is in your whole expression’ and your physical construct – your DNA, RNA and all that kind of stuff – that you get and carry into physicality – your genealogy. That could be from something that happened many, many generations ago. But it has been imprinted.

What is happening now is that much of the genealogy is being uncovered. In other words, you’re going down through layering and uncovering many things and this is why we say, that is your belief system’. It is not the belief’ system of the YOU that you are, it’s the belief’ system of the body. In the recognition of the belief’ system of the body it is entirely different. In other words, when you have a belief’ system and you analyze it, it may not be YOURS in any way, shape or form – you have just accepted it within the physical construct.

So, I don’t know if there would be any more questions. We hope this will be of help to those with these questions. We will leave you now.

We are Datre. 

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