Datre 037 – The evolution on Man and Animals

Datre Answers Wanda.
JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Wanda, she’s concerned about her pet situation and her first question is… “What are animals spiritually evolving toward? Is it toward a consciousness as I know it? Or is it something else?

DATRE: Now you must realize that your animals are in a ‘stage’ of evolution, but it is not an ‘evolution’ that you would understand from a physical stand point. The animals are ‘real-ized’. You in the physical ‘holograms’ are NOT ‘real-ized’. Now I know that is very difficult for you to understand. But, in ‘stages’ of evolution, evolution can be ‘different’ for different constructs. In other words, when I say that the animals are ‘real-ized’, they have reached a point in their particular evolution where they carry a ‘specific’ vibration.

That vibration is SET ‘within’ species. In other words, the ‘set’ vibration for cats, on ‘this’ planet, carries a certain vibration. Now, the set vibration of ‘dogs’ upon this planet is a set vibration. Each one of your animals, down to your fish, works upon a ‘set’ vibration.

Now, animals that are ‘real-ized’ do not have a hologram. The reason that ‘you’ have a hologram is because you are not ‘real-ized’. When you become ‘real-ized’ you will have no need for a hologram. Because in real-ization you become ‘both’ a ‘particle’ and a ‘waveform’ construct. So upon ‘your’ real-ization you can gather to your self ‘particles’ to make you ‘visible’, or you can function as a waveform. Now, because you are not what are called a ‘real-ized’ individual in physicality, you ‘only’ function from a ‘particle’ reality. In other words, you do not ‘have’ the understanding of being ‘both’ particle and wave.

This is what is ‘possible’ in the future for ‘physicality’, is that those that are beginning to work with the incoming energies, will at some point in time forward, before the birth, if they can handle ‘enough’ of the incoming energies, they will be able to, upon this planet, function from ‘both’ particle and wave; because they will have learned how to ‘manipulate both.

THAT is being real-ized. Now, the more you learn upon ‘this’ planet, the greater your knowledge scope becomes, when you become ‘real-ized’ – that is the ‘signature’ print that you will carry through out the Universe – the Big Universe and on into another Universe and on into another Universe. But this is your ‘basic’ – signature print that you will carry with you.

Now the animals that have reached their point of real-ization, they have a ‘constant’ signature print. In other words, their signature print upon this planet – we will use an example, a cat – all cats upon this planet will carry a ‘basic’ signature print that when they come to ‘this’ planet, they are a cat. Taking that signature print to another planet can make them into an entirely ‘different’ creature. But they will always maintain a ‘type’ of creature hood, that does not mean that they don’t experience, but they only experience to the ‘level’ of their vibratory construct.

So, as they go from planet to planet, they gain great amounts of experience. This planet probably being the greatest. That is why you are so ‘strongly’ attached to your animals and some of your fish and bird species upon this planet and have made pets out of them. Because of their experience upon the planet they have begun to ‘exhibit’ what you would call human expressions. In other words, they have ’emulated’ you. They are extremely intelligent in their own way. They have ‘picked up’ many of the human characteristics. In other words, they have become very close to you and yet they still maintain their own ‘signature’ print, which upon this planet maintains them in that particular order of their evolution. They evolve, but their ‘signature’ print does not. That may be a hard concept, but that is what happens. OK, continue let’s see if we can straighten this out a little bit.

JOHN: Her next question says… “How do humans fit into this evolution? ” – relative to the animals.

DATRE: Well that was what I was explaining. You see, by you making ‘pets’ of the creatures, be it a land creature, be it a water creature or be it an air creature. From a chipmunk to a mouse, a cat, a dog, an elephant, a giraffe, any land creature – you have ‘three’ types of ‘real-ized’ creatures upon your planet – you have land, you have sea, you have air. Those are all three separate groupings. Their vibratory ‘signature’ print is what sets them to be in those ‘three’ categories. That is why, even with the sea animals, there is with some of them, a great deal of affection and closeness with the humans. Because you are learning from them, but they are also learning from you, so it is an exchange. The same with a bird, when you teach it to talk. There is… how would the bird learn to talk, the bird does not know what the words mean, but they have an ‘idea’ of what it means. It is a ‘vibration’ that they relate to in regard to something else. So, with the cats and the dogs, the same thing. They are ‘evolving’ within their own ‘signature’ print. Did I answer that all right?

JOHN: Yes I think so.

DATRE: OK, let us continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “If I end the life of my pet, does that affect their spiritual evolution? If yes, how? If no, how? “

DATRE: Their spiritual evolution is entirely different than yours. Now what happens, a pet has a different thought patterning than a human. You see, because you think of them as being ‘human’ – you’re thinking from ‘your’ brain patterning and not from theirs. You see if a pet or just an animal decides to end a ‘particular’ experiential patterning, they will find some way of ‘eliminating’ the body so they don’t have to stay in it. They will go out onto a road and be ‘killed’ by a car, shall we say. Or they will be ‘attacked’ by a bigger dog or a bigger cat or whatever.

They work thru a different process of elimination of the physical being than you do. Because they are ‘real-ized’, they do not stay in the body and watch the body die, that is of no interest to them whatsoever. They will take the body out onto the road and leave it. The body is what gets killed. It’s the emotion that you hear from the physical ‘construct’, the screaming and so forth, that comes from the physical construct. The indwelling being has all ready gone.

You see you don’t understand the thought patterns of an animal, are not the thought patterns of a human or visa versa. Their body is something they experience thru, so it’s no big deal. You know, they don’t have good, bad and all these other things that you have. And why do some animals sleep more than others? Because they want to go someplace else. You see, their body is ‘restricting’ them when you’re playing with them. They have to stay in the body until you get tired of playing with them. Then they lie down and go to sleep, and then they can go someplace else.

You know, they are very happy to see you come in the door, but they’re very happy to see you leave also. Because that allows them the ‘freedom’ that they want to roam around and do what ever they want to do. Because an animal, due to their ‘real-ization’ point, they realize what the body is to them, where you don’t, to the extent that you don’t. The body to them is something that’s fun to be in, something to play in, something to experience in. But how many times can you do something, so they just ‘pop’ off and do something else. So you have your animals here that have an entirely ‘different’ evolution than you have, no comparison. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Does the pet make any decision as to where it wants to progress to? If not, who/what makes the decision on its behalf? “

DATRE: The animals make their decision all the time. There is no one else that makes the decision process for them. The same thing with humans, you don’t realize that that’s what you do. The ‘decision’ process is ‘always’ yours, it is nobody else’s, it’s no different. An animal that is sick will stay with it’s owner simply because the owner is grieving. The pet’s not grieving. The pet doesn’t feel good and it says, ‘I wish they’d let me go’. That is the same thing with the humans. ‘Oh, don’t leave us, don’t leave us, I know your sick but we want to have another day with you’. Give the individual the opportunity of leaving a physical body without taking a ‘guilt’ trip with them.

JOHN: Don’t take their dignity away.

DATRE: No, you take their dignity away when you keep begging them to stay in a body that is no longer functioning the way they wish it to function, be it an animal body or be it a human body. Simply because you’re made out of the same stuff. When the body doesn’t work and the person is lying in the hospital and says, ‘I want to get out of this’. Then don’t beg them to stay and put a ‘guilt’ trip on them. ‘Oh you’re leaving us’. Everybody leaves; everybody comes back, new experience.

Now, how would you like it, if right now we said, ‘OK you don’t want to leave, stay, for the next thousand years you will live in the body you are in right now, you’ll never get any older, you’ll never get any younger, your body will stay exactly like it is today, for the next thousand years’. How would you like that? You’re laughing. You see that is the thing, you don’t realize, you’re the one that sets the parameters. You set your ‘birth’, you set who you’re going to be ‘born’ to, you pick your parents, you pick your siblings, you do the whole thing and you pick your death. Animals do the same thing that is the same. But their evolution, their signature print is set. Your signature print is ‘open’, because you are not yet ‘real-ized’, that is why we say, continue to experience. Continue.

JOHN: I’d like to make a comment. Real-ized, I want to expand on that just a little bit to help broaden that. Real-ized also means that the ‘Universe’ recognizes ‘you’ by that ‘signature’, humans are not at that point yet.

DATRE: That is correct. Once you have a ‘signature print’ that is your recognition throughout the Big Universe. Regardless of where you go or what you do. That is ‘our’ recognition. We don’t have ‘names’ up here, I mean that is something that you’ve got, and we don’t. But we are recognizable by our signature print. Our signature print is also… one of the things that is carried within a signature print is our… what shall we say, this is what defines what we do and what we are. In other words, your ‘signature print’ defines YOU, without names and labels like you do.

In other words, you put a label on like a doctor, that is a doctor, OK. Now in the Universe, your signature print defines ‘who’ and ‘what’ you are, that is a vibration. That is why we are saying with these new energies that are coming in, it is raising you ‘physical’ vibration and that needs to be, because you can not get to the point that you want to get to, in this particular evolutionary process, on this experiential patterning of what you call ‘time’ from beginning to end. You want as much as you can, before you become real-ized.

Now, that does not mean that everyone that goes thru the BIRTH is ‘real-ized’. Now let’s make that plain too. Because there are many that are beginning in their evolutionary process, but the ‘time line’ of this is ‘finishing’. But you go to another planet and you have another ‘time line’. But the ultimate goal in this Universe is to become ‘real-ized’ and be out in the Big Universe. That is the ‘basic’ goal here. OK.

JOHN: OK, her next question is… “How can the essence of the relationship between pet and human be maintained spiritually forever? “

DATRE: It cannot, it cannot and that is what we have said before, allow, allow, allow. You can hold in memory, if you wish, but don’t tie yourself, because that animal is not tying itself to you, you are tying yourself to it. The animal goes it was a grand experience. You see, that is one of the difficulties, if individuals upon the planet would realize, that the end they look at it and say it was a grand experience, but this one is finished, let’s start another one.

How can they start over again, because you have set your limitations on how long your physical body is going to stay – YOUR limitations. But you see you have set that, when you set ‘time’. But you see, that is why some individuals, instead of having anything traumatic happen to them, at the point of what you call death, will either lie down in the bed and go to sleep which is the easiest way to do it, because the body relaxes and you can leave the body very simply.

You’ve heard of those that go down… they’ve had a great big birthday party; they’ve celebrated their 80th. birthday or whatever it happens to be, had a grand time, everybody leaves, everybody goes upstairs and goes to bed or where ever they go to bed, they go to bed. The next morning, ‘where is grandma or grandpa’, its finished. They said well that’s it; I don’t care to go on any longer, so they go. That’s why they say, ‘well how come some people can leave so easily?’

Because they set everything in order, including their minds and say, ‘OK, I had enough, I don’t want any more’. ‘Now, as soon as there is an ‘opening’ so that I can leave to go into the dead zone then I go’. So that is as simple as it is. The people that have that ‘understanding’ don’t struggle with death nor do a lot of the individuals that ‘watch’ them do that. Because they say, ‘they never suffered a day in their lives’, so why should I greave? They’re gone, but they left happy. OK, next.

JOHN: Her final question is… “How can I make the pet’s death meaningful for it? How can I help in the transition? “

DATRE: You do not need to, you don’t need to. You see the animals don’t have a ‘dead zone’. They don’t exist in a dead zone situation. And perhaps, you’ve had enough of this dead zone situation that the next existence that you will decide to experience, won’t have it. Maybe after the birth, you’ll say, ‘I’ve had enough of that death stuff, let’s learn to work it another way’. Have the body exist as long as you want to exist, lay it down, step out of it, step into something else. Now that sounds scary to some people. But there have been those on this planet that have done it.

It is not an easy transition; it needs to be watched, because you’re going out of one physica
construct into another physical construct. I am sure that if you have done any of the reading, which I know you have John, you know the one that wrote the books, that stepped out of one body and went into another. And how ‘different’ the books were, after the change of the physical body, because it was a whole ‘new’ experience. That individual did it. But that individual, by stepping into another physical construct, was changed in many ways, because of that. That is why the books up to one point were one way, the books after that were another way. The physical construct makes a great deal of difference in the way that the experiential patterning takes place.

JOHN: That’s because each physical construct responds ‘differently’ to the ‘same’ energy.

DATRE: Absolutely! Absolutely and because you are not to the point of being ‘real-ized’ you have to take a construct that is already there, if your going to, in adulthood, switch from body to body. And when you switch from body to body, adjustments have to be made. Because you are not ‘real-ized’ you cannot… you are… well anyway it gets too involved. But what we are saying is, the animal has no problem, the animal is ‘real-ized’.

The animal doesn’t care if it’s in the body or not, they don’t care. In fact, of all the animals, the ‘cat’ is in the body the least of any animal I can think of at the present time. A cat you will say is very independent. Yes, they are probably more ‘noticeably’ independent than other land creatures because they come and go as they want to. If a cat decides it’s had enough, they pick-up and go someplace else where they’re not going to be disturbed and get out of their body. So, when they get
eady to they’ll come
ack in aga
n and not two minutes before. They don’t have to; they ‘know’ what they are doing.

JOHN: Can I make a comment on this; she has used the term ‘spirituality’ consistently throughout this questioning cycle, implying that both ‘humans’ and ‘animals’ make those KINDS of references. Spirituality is a human ‘stick’, it has nothing to do whatsoever with animals, they don’t know what you’re talking about, animals have no ‘concept’ of what that might be.

DATRE: No, no in fact spirituality is something that ‘you’ have put upon… there again you have… lets get into this a little bit now. Because of ‘your’ good and bad concepts, that is where it all starts, you have good and bad. Now those that are ‘spiritually’ aware they shun that ‘bad’ portion of their physicality. In other words, ‘this is bad’, so the ‘spiritually evolving’ individual does not have anything to do with that which is BAD.

JOHN: (laughter)

DATRE: I’m serious John.

JOHN: I know, I know, it’s just to me it’s hilarious.

DATRE: But the thing is, that the wise man or wise woman ‘experiences’ what is set before them in physicality. Because the YOU that you are, sets it in front of you and you can do whatever you want to in the physical, with that ‘experience’ that the YOU that you are puts in front of you. But its how you handle it, how you ‘look’ at it. It is very ‘difficult’ to get to the point of getting to the point of working with ‘particle’ energies, ‘wave’ energies and all of these other energies if you do not ‘allow’ your self ‘experiences’.

Now that does not mean that in order to have an ‘experience’ you have to go out and ‘murder’ somebody in order to have an experience. That wasn’t set in front of you. You do and work with what is set in ‘front’ of you.

But, it was not too long ago, in what you call your ‘Victorian’ eras and some of those eras, that any woman that had a child and there was not a father, as far as she was concerned, she was dammed because she did something that was ‘bad’. All right you go to other countries, right within your planet. You take your Arabs, you take your Oriental’s, you take even to your basic Norwegians, Swedes, Scots, Irish and all of those, they all have ‘different’ constructs that they work in and through. Now, it as difficult for them to understand you, as it is for you to understand them. The basic thing is, don’t ‘try’ and understand them from your ‘brain’ patterning. Observe them and ‘respect’ them. But they are brought up entirely ‘different’.

Now that your planet is becoming so integrated with all the different ones upon your planet, when they speak to you, their intention and their ‘inclination’ may be entirely ‘different’ than what you ‘think’ they are expressing. Because you don’t understand them and that is something that is… that’s where the ‘respect’ comes in, you respect the individual. But you don’t have to understand them.

The same thing if you want to get it even narrower than that. There are two things that you cannot understand, even more ‘basic’ than that, is ‘politics’ and ‘religion’. You are ‘born’ into both of them. If you were to ask many people, ‘why are you the religion that you are, why aren’t you something else?’ ‘Why are you a Christian instead of a Buddhist?’ ‘Well, I wouldn’t want to be in that religion’. Why, there’s more Buddhist than there are Christians. Why wouldn’t you want to be a Buddhist? You know what it comes down to, number one you are ‘born’ into a religion and you can’t understand it. There is no way you can understand it, even if you begin to study it. Because in everything that you go into there are nuances. The same thing with your politics. Why are you the… I don’t know the two tell me…

JOHN: Democrat and republican.

DATRE: Why are you one and not the other? If you went right down to it, that’s what your parents were, until you made a change. But you see, then you have to make a change and that gives… that means you have to think. That’s what you were given the brain for, is to be able to take ‘thought’ and work with it.

But you see the construct of a human is so ‘different’ than the construct of an animal. An animal ‘learns’ constantly. But because its signature print is ‘set’ they have an entirely different… you can’t expect an animal to ‘think’ like you, because they don’t have that. They haven’t evolved to where ‘your’ evolution is. Their evolution is entirely different.

Even if you were to get down on the ground and go around on your hands and knees for the rest of your life, you still can’t understand an animal. You have ‘passions’ and ’emotions’ within the physical construct that an animal doesn’t understand at all. When an animal has sex, there’s no passion. That’s just a cyclic thing, that’s what they do, no big deal about it. Now, it’s ‘different’ with humans, that’s an entirely different ball game. But you can’t expect an animal that has already ‘set’ it’s signature print, to have any thought patterns like a human being, because they do not, it does not exist.

They don’t have a ‘dead zone’, they just go and find some kittens that are being born or some dogs that are being born or some elephants that are being born, what ever, ‘ah that matches me, I’m jumping into that body, because that’s physical’. So they wait until there’s a body born someplace and the jump into it. It’s a little ‘different’ with the humans. So I hope we have covered that, the… as far as a pet that is dying, let it go. Let it go, the animal has enjoyed you, you have enjoyed the animal and that’s that. It is an ‘experience’ and that is where the difference comes in your lives. If you experience it, observe it, respect it, learn from it, it is a grand experience all the way thru. But, you’re working thru an ’emotional’ body and that’s the one that you have to teach. It teaches you and you teach it. I think we will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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