Datre 021 – Individuals function without belief

Datre answers Kim.
JOHN: We have… I thought we had answered the questions from Kim but I missed a couple of questions she had at the bottom of the page. Her question is… “Could you also explain Datre being a universal spirit compared to people who are channeling from the ‘dead zone’ and other areas. “

DATRE: All right, we’ll take that one first. The difference is that the communication that you have, that is coming through the other channeling that you call, other than Universal, is that the other channeling is coming from basically two sources. Basically, I said. They are coming from an alternative reality of what I have termed, for easier understanding, a sub-reality. Or, it is being channeled from what you call your ‘dead zone’.

Your dead zone are those people that have had planetary ‘life’. They have lived their life. They have ended their life and are what you call dead. Now, the difference being, that when you are dead, you are so used to being in physicality that basically the first thing you want to do when you ‘die’ is you want to put a body around you immediately. In other words, you build yourself a pseudo body in the dead zone. And as we have stated before, that when you die, you are no ‘smarter’ then you were before the minute you died.

In other words, everybody thinks that you should be getting some grand and glorious things from the dead zone and in some cases you are and in some cases you aren’t. But because people are not familiar with the different types of channeling you will find that they will have to learn to be discerning on their own. Just like everything else, you discern for yourself what you think is appropriate material for you and which is not.

Now, from a Universal standpoint, we are more ‘alive’ than you are. Because we definitely know ‘who’ we are or we could not reside here at all. Just take a small example, if you were today, to go out into the Universe, the big Universe as I have termed it, and you are told everything you need is here, build a Universe, but you can use none of the principles, or any of the thought patterning that you used when you were on planet Earth.

Now begin! What would you do? Would you have enough within you that would have enough knowledge to know where to start? Now, that is why we have said, and we will say again, you need to ‘know’ your ‘self’. You need to know who you are, ‘what’ you are doing in physicality, what is your ‘purpose’ in physicality. Find out what functions what way, so that at least you have an idea of what your ‘planet’ functions like. When you find out what your planet functions like and what ‘you’ function like, then you will have the opportunity to make steps in other directions.

So, what I’m saying is from the… and it not a hierarchy, it isn’t that you have to… it is not a hierarchy thing in any way shape or form. The only thing that gets you from, what you like to refer to as point A, point B, the only thing that gets you there is ‘knowledge’. You can acquire knowledge in any way that you wish to acquire it. When you have acquired ‘knowledge’… you have turned it over, you have ‘looked’ at it, and you have discerned where it goes in your thought patterning, where it goes in placement of understanding ‘you’.

Now, you can all read books that have a tremendous amount of ‘knowledge’ in them, but that does not necessarily mean that in ‘reading’ the books that contain ‘knowledge’ you “comprehend ” what is in them. Because “comprehension ” comes when you make, what we would call, a ‘discovery’. A ‘discovery’ that says, “oh, that’s the way it works “. That, I understand. Then you comprehend. Then you have something that you can build upon.

But, from a Universal standpoint, as we have said before, we are giving you information to help you understand yourself, to help you understand the concept of your physicality upon a planet, and to help you understand that there is a great deal more in the construction of your reality, of your learning processes, in your, shall we say, evolution. Because the more you feel you have ‘knowledge’ of, the more you will find you know less and less. You’ll get to the point that you’ll say, “I don’t think I know anything “. Because you have come to the realization that even what you know at the present time is not that much. And when you come to the realization that it’s not that much, you are going to start ‘looking’ and ‘searching’ for information that will help you to know what it’s all about.

Now, as we have said before, the training of a channel for Universal energy is not an overnight process. Simply because it is contacting energy with which the physical structure is not familiar. In other words, if you contact someone within the ‘dead zone’ or someone within your sub-realities, the vibration from the ‘dead zone’ to your physical body is minuscule. They’re only a ‘step’ away from you.

So, your grandfather can come through you and give you information and you’re getting this information and say, “oh, I’m channeling ” and you begin to take the information that’s coming into your head and speaking it. Now, that is not that difficult, because there is very little vibrational change there at all. In fact, seeing them there in the ‘dead zone’ is seeing the vibration that you recognize and putting a picture on it, and that’s how you ‘see’ into that what you call your dead zone, because they’re only a ‘slight’ vibration from you. So that is not that difficult.

Then you go into another reality. There is a little difference in the vibration. Now, those that are connecting up with another reality that are bringing information thru, there are those that go into ‘trance’, shall we say, and the entities will come in and give information. But, there again, that is information that is not that ‘dis-similar’ from that which you get on your planet, or that which you get from the dead zone. Because, from those two vantage points, they do not see the picture from a Universal standpoint, which is entirely different.

That is why some individuals have trouble with the Datre material, because we are looking at it in relationship, to not individuals, but in relationship to mass consciousness and gestalts and archetypes and that sort of thing, that you can relate to, but not individual peoples. We also can tell you about ‘energies’ and this sort of thing. Now, that does not mean that the dead zone can’t tell you about that. That does not mean that the other realities cannot tell you about that. The only thing is, they have picked up the vibration that we have brought onto the planet, and have picked that up and sometimes they don’t get it quite right. But that is for your discernment, that is for your decision to make. Those things are up to you to make your decisions.

What we’re trying to do, is trying to help you get in touch with yourself. You see, one thing that we notice in the mass consciousness, when they are given information from the dead zone and also from other realities and sub-realities to a certain extent, is that they’re working with your day to day problems. They are more ‘problem’ solvers. They will help you with your relationships. They will ‘predict’ what is ‘probably’ coming up in your future. You can take your, what they work with, the ‘stars’ and they make all kinds of things on ‘paper’ and they’ll tell you, “oh, this is coming up for you and you are going to have this kind of an experience and that kind of experience ” and you’ll say, “oh that sounds marvelous “.

Guess what you’ll do? You will try and take that information given to you and get your life to ‘follow’ what they have told you, because you feel that is coming from a ‘higher’ source. Anyway, that’s what it is. Now, we do not tell you what’s going to happen in your relationships, because we don’t care. That is not of ‘prime’ importance to us. Of ‘prime’ importance to us is turn yourself around, and look in, and then look out. You see everybody is a problem solver, everybody is a helper and that is not what we are trying to get you to do, is to go to people for ‘help’, or be a helper. We’re saying, ‘know’ you, because until you ‘know’ you, you can go no place else. You have to figure out ‘this’ reality before you can go into another reality for experience.

Now, there is going to be a ‘time’ in your “future “, where there is going to be a ‘dramatic’ change upon your planet and there will be separations of vibrations carried within certain individuals. There will be some that will be of a lesser vibration… in other words, they love the planet, they enjoy physicality, but they have never experienced, or even had the inkling of experiencing anything other than planetary existence.

They were ‘born’ on this planet.

There are others who are beginning to know themselves, and in order to avoid a great deal of confusion, there will be a ‘split’ and those will go to another reality. But, that does not mean that that is any ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ or anything else. It will be a ‘different’ experience to help you, shall we say, on the way to ‘knowing’ self. These things are coming up. We are not ever going to put any ‘time’ element on anything. That is one thing we will not do.

The Universe is orchestrated. There is a Universal ‘timing’ with everything and that Universal ‘timing’ depends on a great many things and not just your ‘little planet Earth’. There is a great deal more involved when there is ‘evolution’ of a species.

Now, you see, this is the information that we can bring to you. We can tell you about these ‘new energies’ coming in. If you ‘know’ there’s new energies coming in and they’re going to be energies that you have ‘never’ experienced before, it can help you in staying relaxed, allow the energies. If you get to ‘know’ yourself and ‘who’ you are these energies can be to your ‘advantage’ because they are going to be ‘different’. They have not been on the planet before. They will make a ‘difference’ in your existence in the physical being, guaranteed.

It is how you ‘handle’ these new energies. That is where the difference is going to come in, because there is going to be a great deal of ‘strength’ in these new energies. So the reason that we are telling you this is because we want you to start observing yourself. Observing your ‘world’ that you are living in. Observe, and the more you ‘observe’ the more you will get in touch with yourself, because you are putting the ‘picture’ in front of you. If you’re putting the picture in front of you, like you say, “you’re creating your own reality “. Then if you’re putting that picture of your reality in front of you, watch how you are reacting to what you are doing. That is the difference in our teachings and other teachings. Next question please.

JOHN: The last part of that question is… “Who, what, when, where, why and how is Datre? “

DATRE: Well, what was the first one? There were so many I lost the first one after I got to the last one.

JOHN: Who!

DATRE: Who! It took us a number of days to have Aona and John sit and we gave them the letters of your alphabet. They were to take the letters and change them in as many different directions as they could. Then we would say, “no, that does not fit “. So then we would take out a few letters and add a few more letters. They would make as many different words out of that as they could. This went on for a long time, because we were looking for something that would most closely match the vibration that we were projecting.

All right now, who? There are many. You see when you are in the big Universe you don’t have names like Mary, Joe, John, Jim, whatever. We don’t have names, because when you get to the point that you don’t need a name, and you don’t need a body and you are comfortable in knowing ‘who’ you are, and you have in your exploration of self, realized that you have… this is a very simplistic way of putting it, but, innate abilities. In other words, this is your expertise; this is what I do best?

Now, in your experiences in other realities, you have picked up many things. So, you’ll find that those that have different, shall we say, talent’s, have always gravitated in that direction, towards that one talent. When you get out into the big Universe, you still have maintained a certain talent. That’s very, very simplistic, but that is where I’m putting it.

All right, you are known by your vibration, that is your signature print. It is no different than it is for you on your planet, because you have within your physical body, what we would call a signature print. That is your construct of who you think you are at the present time, and the vibrational quality that is carried by that which you think you are in physicality. Your body also carries a vibrational signature print.

The vibrational signature print is what allows and dis-allows the movement from reality to reality, in a physical construct. If you leave the physical construct and do what you call, out of body, your signature print then becomes the you that you are at the present time. That also, is what determines where you can travel, because you cannot travel to a point that your signature ‘print’ does not match.

In other words, the vibration that separates your realities, if you have a signature print of you that you are, you leave the physical being behind, you can travel with the you that you are through the vibrational barriers of sub-realities only as far as your vibration will allow. In other words, if you get through the closest reality to you and you go through that one and you go through the next one, maybe by the time you get to the third or fourth one it is like you ‘hit a wall’.

Now, you ‘felt’ the vibrational changes when you went through the first two ‘vibrational walls’ that separate realities. You felt that, you felt that little bit of change, because you had to make that little bit of change yourself, in order to pass thru, shall we say. But you get down the line a bit and you can’t go through that, because you do not ‘match’ it.

All right, when you get to the point that you can ‘whisk’ through realities, then there is ‘nothing’ to stop you. That’s the point that we are in the big Universe. In other words, travel is. It doesn’t matter because we have ‘matched’ them. So once you’ve matched them, you’ve matched them, that’s the end of that. But, as to how many? Many, many, many. Next!

JOHN: What! When, where.

DATRE: What! Well I think I’ve explained that. We are a vibrational frequency that works together. We are closer to each other, shall we say, then you are to your body and yet we are all separate. Now, that’s as close as I can come, because it is a concept you don’t understand. But a vibration, in the
big Universe is shared. It’s all there and we are there and it is all interchangeable. But we still maintain a, what you term in your physical reality, as an identity. Which is, that which is ‘you’ is you, that’s it. You can change, in many different ways and we change constantly too. Because, in our changing, that allows us at some point in time, if that is so desired and it can be achieved, we go to other Universes, because we want the challenge as well as you do. We enjoy the challenge of discovery.

Now, you will find that there are many that do not have a discovery gene within them. In other words, they’re not interested in discovery. Discovery is something that does not matter to them one way or another. But there are others that are wanting to know. Their discovery gene is ‘blasting’ away in all different directions and they want to ‘know’, they want to know, they want to know. That is the difference in the individuals that are listening to Datre and the ones that are not interested in Datre, because our information is that different. It takes a little bit of adjusting and if you don’t… if your not into ‘discovery’ and you don’t ‘care’ about discovery, then this information is not of interest to you. It’s as simple as that. All right.
r/>JOHN: The last two terms are why and how is

y? To bring you information about that which is your physical ‘discovery’ upon this planet. In other words, trying to help you understand your psyche. Trying to help you understand your consciousness. Helping you understand the different realities that exist. It cannot be put… different realities cannot be put into words because everyone experiences differently. But, to explain to you in very minute details, to help you understand, “you create your own reality “, because that is your ‘big’ stumbling block. The other big stumbling block is your belief.

Now it has been stated, by individuals, “I certainly would like to see someone upon this planet that does not function from the standpoint of beliefs “. Well I can tell you there are two, three, ah, there’s quite a number that I can mention to you that are known to Aona and John, that they have met personally. And we can name others around your planet Earth, that we can identify, because their vibration is such, that they are identifiable.

These individuals function without belief. It is a very ‘simple’ process and when it is “REALIZED ” what a belief system is, then you don’t need it any more. But you have to first ‘realize’ what a belief system is in order to realize that you don’t need it. Now some things are in reverse order. There again it is the ‘discovery’, it is the ‘finding out’ what your ‘beliefs’ are all about and how they affect your everyday existence.

That becomes a study in itself, and when you finally come to the realization, regardless how long it takes you, if it takes what you call many years, the discovery and the realization of what a ‘belief’ system is, you’ll find a ‘shift’ that will take place within the physical being that you can actually feel. Because you will realize that you do not have to function with beliefs. It is like somebody took the ‘shackles’ off. You have a ‘freedom’ that you have never experienced before. So, that is one of the big ‘stumbling’ blocks. What was the… did I mention any others? Did I mention anything else that needed to be explained? You create your own reality, all right.

JOHN: That’s a big number.

DATRE: That is a big number and that is one that we are trying to explain to you. That, like with the Pleiadians, like with your everyday life, and like everything else. You are the one that is creating the pictures in front of you for your experience and ‘that’ realization is another ‘shift’, and that is a ‘big’ shift.

Everybody says, “you create your own reality “, OOOhhh really? You don’t understand what you are doing. We will come at this question; we will come at this answer, over periods of time in many ‘different’ ways. There are many, many ways of explaining in greater detail, continuously, on any subject. It has all been brought forth, many, many times upon your planet, in different ways, in different forms, in different words, but it is basically the same thing. You are on a path, or what ever you want to call it, a journey what ever.

It is a journey of ‘discovery’. It is the discovery of wanting to ‘know’ and when you ‘know’, that is ‘your’ knowing. It is not your neighbor, it is not your husband or wife, it is not your children, your mother, or father, or anybody else. It is YOUR KNOWING! Your ‘knowing’ is not the same as anyone else’s ‘knowing’, because before you came on this physical planet ‘you’ were ‘you’, and when you leave this physical planet, you will still be ‘you’. But, your path, road, journey, whatever, has been ‘discovery’. Wanting to ‘know’, wanting to discover. That is what brings a LIFE SPARK into your physical being. That is what makes it work.

That is why you are able to bring this information in and work with it and do your ‘own evolution’. It is nobody else’s. Nobody can tell you how to do it, I can not tell you ‘how’ to do it, none of us can tell you how to do it, because those that have had ‘types’ of physicality, not only on this planet, but on others that have been ‘types’ of physicality, have all had to do it their own way. There are no two alike. Because that in itself… this Universe is a Universe of continual CREATION and if there were two alike, creation would cease, and the Universe would vanish. It is as simple as that. Now, the next question.

JOHN: The ‘how’ part, how is Datre? Oh I’m fine thank you, how
are you?

DATRE: (Much laughter) Well, OK! If your that fine, I must be finer. Because you’re still ‘stuck’ in a body and I’m not.

JOHN: Yes, but I’m experiencing things your not.

DATRE: True, but I get quite a bit of experience when I come through this body, beellieevvee me. It is a ‘grand’ experience and I enjoy every single minute of it. It gives me a chance to view things from an entirely different perspective, because I view it from an entirely different perspective. Then the WHOLE Universe is benefiting from my experience. You see, that is one of the things, you think you are so minuscule, you are so ‘important’. Do you know that every one of you, regardless of who you are and what you are doing, you are experiencing, whether you want to or not. That is the part of existence that changes everything, continuously. That is why the comment is made, “All that is, is continually discovering, All that It is “.

Simply by having somebody sitting in a jail watching television, they say, “Well what is that individual adding? ” Well, he’s sitting watching the T.V. He’s doing something, so, that is an experience and expression of that one. You see everything cannot be mamby – pamby. It isn’t setup that way. You are in a competitive reality and to the point that you have a great split. And you have day, you have night, you have yes, you have no, you have black, you have white. But you don’t really realize what is going on.

Everything that happens to every individual upon this planet, just this one planet, affects the whole Universe. Every other planet that has existence upon it, affects the whole big Universe. So it a constant ‘discovery’, it is a constant absorption of energies, it is a constant working throughout. There is constant motion in everything, everything, and just because we’re here and you are there, makes us no more grand than you here. There’s one difference, through ‘discovery’ we ‘know’.

Do the same thing. Through discovery you can ‘know’ and you can sit up here with us, with our feet on the desk!!! That is the difference. You have within you, everything to be where we are. The only thing is, ‘you do not know it’ and we have said this again and again and we’ve said it for eons. That’s the difference, that’s the only difference. But you ‘need’ to ‘know’. Discover, turn over a rock and have the rock talk to you. If that’s what you can get information out of fine.

Einstein did it. He talked to a flower and then he couldn’t explain the ‘theory of relativity’, because he had gained that by looking at a flower and he discovered everything was ‘relative’. Now, how are you going to put that in the ‘nuts and bolts’ language? That’s where his difficulty came in. But you see, that is a ‘knowing’. That is a ‘discovery’. Now, everybody is not going to be an Einstein, I will guarantee you that. But, the discovery is the important part. So, have we covered that question?

JOHN: We have!

DATRE: All right, so, is there anything else to add?

JOHN: I don’t think so. Unless you want, anything you want to add.

DATRE: I don’t think I have a great deal more to add. If everyone could look out these windows, like I am looking out these windows through a physical being and seeing the beauty that exists. This is one of the reasons I enjoy coming into a physical body, again, shall we say.

JOHN: Hey, if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.

DATRE: I enjoy it. I’ve always enjoyed it. I enjoy looking through the channels eyes, because I can view with such intensity and such joy, that it cannot be described. But there again it raises the vibration within the individual, so I have been careful not to get too excited! We have enjoyed being with you, we will see you again.

We are Datre. 

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