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Gemstones, Color and Mystical Symbolism

The universe of colored gemstones is endlessly fascinating, for centuries, nearly every culture has held the belief that colored stones possess magical powers or the ability to endow the wearer with certain attributes. Due to the magical powers associated with colored gems, they were used extensively as amulets and talismans, portals to the future; and as important components to many spiritual practices.

Yellow stones when worn by a woman were a sign of generosity. Worn by a man, a yellow stone signaled secrecy (as with a secret lover).

A violet stone worn by a woman indicated lofty thoughts and love of a spiritual nature. For a man, sober judgment, steadfastness, and ambition.

Black stones revealed foolishness and capriciousness in young women, while in married women it showed fidelity, constant love and perseverance. A man wearing a black stone exhibited gravity, common sense, constancy, and inner strength.

Red stones when worn by a women indicated pride, haughtiness, and obstinacy. On a man nobility, command, leadership and vengeance.

Blue stones on a woman exposed jealousy in love, vigilance and social correctness. A man wearing blue stones meant wisdom, lofty thoughts and generosity.

Green stones for a woman meant unfounded ambition, childish delight, and change. Green stones for a man meant joy, lost friendship, and transitory hope.

In our modern world, gemstones are worn primarily for their inherent beauty. An almost endless choice of colors are available.

Red- rubies, garnets, red tourmalines, red diamonds and spinels.
Blue- topaz, blue tourmaline, blue spinel, tanzanite, iolite and even blue diamonds.
Green- emeralds, green garnet (tsauorite) green tourmalines, peridots, green zirconia and diamonds
.and so on.

Today the possibilities for self-expression with colored stones are seemingly endless with choices in every price range and every taste. Whether for fashion, fun or to express your inner feelings, everyone should enjoy the bounty of colorful stones that nature has provided.

About the Author

The Authors of the above Article, Sam and Tami Serio have been passionately involved with Jewelry and Gemstones for over fifteen-years. You are cordially invited to visit http://www.morninglightjewelry.com for a wealth of information about the fascinating world of Jewelry and Gemstones. Together they also shelter 20 abandoned and abused dogs & cats. A portion of their profits goes to the care and feeding of the animals.


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