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Programming your quartz crystals

You can use crystals to encode and amplify your intention for example some people use crystals to promote peaceful atmosphere in a room, grow plants faster, charisma and seduction , balancing chakras, healing or any other specific purpose…. The number of application is limitless. Encoding your intention in the crystal is relatively easy assuming you are in the right state.

1. Firstly, clear the crystal of previous program or unwanted vibrations.

2. Hold in the crystal in your hand and gaze in it. Center yourself and clear your mind , be relaxed.

3. On all walls of the crystal, create images of your wish. See the facets like movie screens with what you want happening. It is important that your pictures be very alive, very fluid.

4. Continue the process until you are satisfied that you have filled the crystal with your intention and wish.

5. The new vibrations are now stored in the crystal, the program will stay until you clear the crystal again, some people think that it is best to seal the crystal . You can imagine a blue light around the crystal to seals it.

6. When you have finished with the process clear yourself and the environment. The crystal will modify your aura and make your wish come true.

The better your concentration is the better you can use this technique to transmit your wish into the crystal. It is recommend that you develop good concentration skill.

How to discover what is stored in a quartz crystal

1. Hold the crystal with both hands.
2. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye. This point is located between the eyebrows roughly in the center of your forehead.
3. Begin to breath with long deep breaths, in and out. On each exhale relax more deeply. Let go of all thoughts.
4. Focus on the crystal and follow the rhythm of the crystal, feel as your are in harmony with it.
5. Maintain a clear intention that you learn what is stored inside the crystal.
6. At some point, you may receive flash of information in your third eye or mental screen. Don’t be judgmental and accept the information as it come to you naturally. Some the information are strong, some are faint don’t worry. It is all good.
7. When you finish the process, clear the stone and yourself (see the smudging method or the LBRP)

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