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Granite might of stone - Info and Facts

Granite - Might of Stone

Granite is generally produced by magma solidifying under extreme pressure. When magma rises, due to being lighter then surrounding rocks, it begins to cool. This cooling happens slowly, and crystals are formed beneath the surface of the earth. This produces a tightly interlocked structure, which is why granite is such a strong stone. It is comprised mostly of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar. Granite makes up a lot of the earths crust, and is generally revealed to the surface when continental shifts cause breaks in the landscape that allow it to be seen.

Some evidence supports the theory that there is a second way to produce Granite. Lack of evidence for contact between the granite and surrounding stone, as well as evidence of sediments may demonstrate that granite can also form through metamorphic processes, by combining several minerals under pressure.

Granite is generally soft in color, although feldspar can cause it to take on darker grey or pink hues. It is a relatively light stone that has a high durability and strength.

Granite is widely used in flooring and counter tops. It has a very "rustic" feel and can add to a room's décor in an understated way. Granite can also be crafted into house wares, or used as sidings. It has been a popular material in the formation of homes and buildings since ancient times, and its strength made it useful in defensive building settings.

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