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Crystal grids

A crystal grid is a number of crystals arranged into a particular geometric form creating a particular energy field.

The simplest crystal grid is a triangle formed of three crystals. When you form a crystal grid, the crystals must be of equal strength and similar size. You can use the triangle form to project emotions with your will , the crystal will amplify your thoughts.

Another popular crystal grid is the star of David. The star of David crystal grid uses six crystals in a pattern so that six of them are placed at the points of a hexagon with terminations points pointed inward. In this form, you have created a large etheric crystal. You can use the star of David crystal grid to move into higher state of consciousness, you can use it for enhancing deep state of meditation, visualization and inter-dimensional journeying (astral projecting, OOBE, remote viewing, consciousness projection), reiki healing.

You can also use this form to balance the male and female energies in the body and open the heart center to do so , assume in the lotus position , sit cross-legged in the star of David crystal grid, hold you hands with the palms and extended fingers flat against each other as if you were saying a prayer. Press firmly against your heart center as they retain the position. This hand position begins to balance the male and female energies. Close your heart and focus your heart center.

Breath in and out with long deep breaths, as do that try to relax and let your mind be all calm. Sing the mantra RA (pronounced RAH) for four seconds, then sing the mantra MA (pronounced as in mom) for four seconds. Creating sacred sound in such a crystal gridwork will enhance the energy of the grid, you will greatly benefit from doing that. When you proceed make sure you have a firm pressure with your hands.

Do this exercise for at least three minutes, when you are accustomed to three minutes, do it for seven minutes, then eleven minutes. You can go as far as half an hour or an hour. For better lasting result you should do this exercise for at least 30 days.

By aligning the crystal into a geometric form, the crystals will form in the center of the form a pillar of light, it is with this energy field that you will work. Beginners should not spend more than fifthteen minutes inside a crystal grid. Some advanced people have built crystal grids under their bed, but it is not recommend , if you are new to this, you may not support the energy generated by the pillar of light.

The other gridwork that you can form are Double Star of David with twelve crystals, the Pentagram gridwork with five crystals, the octagon gridwork with eight crystals, the decagon gridwork with teen crystals.

Crystal grids can absorb imbalanced energies and are excellent tool for healing but as always you should clear the crystals before you work with them. Have a good work with your crystals.

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