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 Clearing Quartz Crystals vibrational energy

Quartz crystals store vibrational energy from varied source, when you buy them and when you are bout to work with them, it always best to cleanse your crystals to remove the unwanted or unnecessary vibrations. They are several methods to achieve this.

Smudging Method

The smudging method was developed by Native American to clear yourself, clear others, clear the rooms, crystals and stones. You can use cedar, sage, sweetgrass, or tobacco, choose of those element and put some of it in a bowl or or abalone sea shell.

Light your herbs until you create fire and lots of smoke. Hold your stone in the smoke of the herb with the intention to clear the crystals of any energy and residue they may be still holding.

Breath Method

This method is recommend when you have just one crystal to clear, hold the crystal in one hand with the tip pointing up. Hold the crystal with the thumb on the bottom and your first finger on the tip. Hold it about six inches outward from the center of your chest. Next, place your right thumb on any face of the crystal. Focus your intention to have the crystals cleared of all negative energy.

Visualization Method

Hold the crystals in your palms and imagine a golden light chasing all the unwanted vibrations.

Salt Method

Put your crystals in sea salt (without water) during a period of one to seven days. Take them out of the water when they look more clear. salt itself is a crystal and has the ability to draw out that which stored in the large crystal.

Sun and moon Method

Place your crystals outside and let the sun rays clear your crystals at the night let the moon rays clear the crystals. This process should take 24 hours.

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