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Crystal Ball Reading: Ask a question to the crystal ball

In order to be effective in crystal ball reading, you need to be able to hold a state of concentration during a prolonged period of time and you need to be able to relax deeply to enter into a state of trance. This is in the trance state (theta) that you will be able to work properly with the crystal ball to access hidden information from your normal waking state (beta).

There are many ways to perceive the information, in some case you see something in your mind's eye rather than in the ball, in some other case you see a vision from the ball, in this case the ball will slightly change color. Choose a ball that you are attracted to ( clear crystal ball, green crystal ball, etc.) Alternatively, you can work with mirrors, water or glass ball.

The technique:


  1. In a dark room, place the crystal on a dark surface that will not reflect any light. Have a candle or some light to illuminate the ball.
  2. Sit comfortably or in lotus position if you can assume it, call back to you all of your energy from the Universe, calm your mind and relax. Take some deep breaths in and out if necessary.
  3. Put your concentration on the crystal ball , breath in the ball, when you are inhaling feel as the vitality of the crystal ball mixing with your energy your aura. Do it until you feel in harmony with the energy from the crystal ball.
  4. Find a spot that you find interesting in the ball, focus on it, let go of your thoughts , fix the spot until you have the impression that the ball is getting larger. Just be aware of the crystal ball and nothing else.
  5. At some point, you may feel the need to close your eyes do so, if you wan to , but it is not necessary. If you will the need to do some mantra or chant do it. It is fine if feel no need to do something. When you are ready.
  6. Ask a the crystal ball a question and let the impressions flow into your mind. Proceeding until you will feel the need to end the process.
  7. When finish, release any tension you may have left , slowly go back your normal state of mind , clear the crystal ball, clear yourself.

Don't be afraid if you find yourself describing outloud what you are seeing this is perfectly normal, stay calm and relax, as you take the risk to go back in waking state (beta).The better you are able to concentrate the higher the quality of your session will be.

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