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Creating Thought Forms of Peace

When we look at the state of the world, it’#8217;s easy to become despondent
and feel helpless. So many wars, so much crime, such lack of respect.
We wonder what we can do as an individual, to avoid the frenetic velocity to disaster.
Don’#8217;t we all desire a peaceful world for ourselves and our children?

But what can we do if we have no political clout, or no position in
society to create change?
Would it surprise you if I were to say that
we can wield incredible power on the Invisible plane?

Doesn’#8217;t all
creation take place on the invisible before it becomes visible.

Just take baking a cake. It starts with an idea.
You think you might
like to eat one. Perhaps your salivary glands start to water. Your
desire for cake grows. But it is only when you start to take action,
getting the ingredients together and ‘#8217;working’#8217; with your hands, that
you create the cake
Similarly, it doesn’#8217;t take a whole lot of people to change the world.
It just takes a few, a tiny percentage of the world population to work
intensely and seriously, to change things.

Yes of course, ‘#8217;many hands’#8217; are needed on the practical side, to build
roads and bridges and buildings. But as creation takes place in the
invisible before manifesting on the physical,
a small percentage of the world population can create the invisible
archetypes for humanity as a whole, to start ‘#8217;picking’#8217; up these
specific thought energies and changing the course of history.

Real work is on the thought level. Thoughts have form, colour, perfume
and mobility. When we think a thought we create a living entity that
travels in space and through the law of affinity or the law of
attraction, resonates with similar thoughts and then comes back to its

Clairvoyants see these thoughts. We all have sensed going to certain
places that make us feel elated or depressed depending on the state of
the people who inhabited the area and on the experiences generated

So, our thoughts are highly potent.

When our thoughts are worldly or
based on personality desires, we contribute to the illusionary,
unrealistic thought forms in the universe. Whenever we think from the
viewpoint of our body, forgetting that we are spirits INHABITING a
body, we are contributing to the murky, dreary thoughtforms on the

Nature tries to clear thoughforms for us. Mother nature tries to
maintain balance on the planet. When the heavy thoughforms reach a
certain level, Nature will destroy as much as she can through ferocious
winds, rain, earthquakes, tornadoes.

As we are all connected with each other and Nature, our conduct has an impact on her too.

So even if a small percentage of the world population decide to work on
destroying these heavy thoughforms,they can do some good work, because
they are not alone.

They can draw on the help of a whole band of
enlightened beings, working for the salvation of the world on the

These great beings have finished their evolution
on earth and work in secluded parts, to create thoughtforms of love and
wisdom. These thoughtforms are saturated with information. Information
that contains innovations in the realm of science, education, economy and the arts.

Gifted people on earth, pick up on these thoughts and get inspired with
new trends and developments.

And that’#8217;s how society gradually changes.
It’#8217;s always the few innovators who lead the way. Guide and direct
people, challenge them with new thoughts and ideas.

There are many exercises that can be done with thought… one of the
best is to sit quietly in a place where you are not going to be
disturbed for about 10 minutes, then think about the world, humanity,
and feel and see all of humanity living as one family.Living in
harmony, living in peace. Just a few people thinking strongly in this
way can change history.

Will you be one of them?

There is no exercise that can surpass this one. Try it and see. You
will feel so joyful to be doing something useful. All kinds of
incredible things will begin to happen. I won’#8217;t go into them here and
now. For each person it will be slightly different.

It is better for each one of us to discover for ourselves. All I can
say is that it nourishes and sustains you. And by creating such potent
thought forms, we obliterate many of the negative forms around. And
most important of all, we contribute to the good of the world.

Duncan Sequeira lives in London. He is passionate about health and
wellbeing. He practices and teaches Chi Gung and he helps people build
a global health business from home.Find out more by going to

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