Creating Abundance Through Joy – Finding Your Passion

To discover your life’s vocation is to observe what you most love to do, what you seem to want to do naturally and what skills you’ve learned along the way.  When you love what you do and you’re doing what you love time goes by unnoticed; you feel fulfilled.  When you are fulfilled, nothing else matters; making money doing it is immaterial to you because the driving force is joy, not money.  In this state of being, you radiate joy and therefore, by the Law of Attraction, only more joy can come to you.  So the question becomes, when you let go of your (and everyone else’s) preconceived notions about who and what you should be, what are you automatically drawn to?  What skills do you enjoy using?  When you release what feels like effort and choose to focus only on what brings true joy to your heart, your life’s work will evolve from that joy coupled with the use of your natural and learned skills.

Sometimes we have a limited perspective of what one could consider a “skill” and that can interfere with our ability to see our own gifts.  Skills are not necessarily visually obvious…such as being a great artist or designing magnificent buildings.  Skills are not necessarily audible such as being a musician or a great orator.  Your skill and joy can come from something as simple as being an uplifter to those with whom you come in contact. Perhaps you enjoy creating beautiful environments or working with plants.  Perhaps you like sewing or making little ornaments out of unusual pieces of wood. It doesn’t matter if the world would define your skill as grand.  It’s how it makes you feel inside that is important. I know of a man named Colonel Sanders whose skill was hidden in a chicken recipe he had.  He totally believed in the magnificence of his recipe.  One day it occurred to him that others might like it as well, that perhaps he could sell it and make money.  Thus Kentucky Fried Chicken was born.

Initially I had trouble identifying my passion because, “I didn’t have a passion.  All I wanted to do was study the higher mind teachings and figure out how to apply those to daily living.”  I didn’t realize that this was my passion…that my niche was in my inherent ability to see the latent potential in those who aspired to know their authentic selves and to help them manifest this potential on earth.  The passion was so close to my heart that I was blind to it, thinking I had to take up music or art of some sort when all I really wanted to do was find the God-Self within.

So where is your passion hiding?  Start by identifying that which brings you joy. What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money or other restrictions or obligations?  Here we find the direction of your soul’s work.  You don’t have to have a business proforma ready to produce to the world just yet. Just enjoy being in your joy!  Then concentrate on using the special skills you have acquired along the way and appreciate that you have them.  Attend to them. Make them bigger.  Make the joy bigger.  See how you can use those skills in other areas of your life so that you are turning all your activities into expressions of your life’s work.  This will begin the process of drawing opportunities to you for making money and supporting yourself.

As always, whenever you’re feeling great about what you are doing, make the “greatness” bigger.  Visualize yourself becoming aware of ideas as they come to you.  See yourself ready to take action when opportunity presents itself.  See yourself being supported by the universe for your endeavors; making money easily and effortlessly as ideas begin to take shape. Create these pictures first; building an etheric prototype of your ideal and allowing it to morph into “the perfect idea”.  This will also take some of the angst out of trying too hard to hear a nebulous voice inside of you; making you more and more receptive to the plan that your soul is emitting to you.

Allow your inner creativity to expand your concepts about what is possible and worry not about whether you have all the required skills to create it. Opportunities for further development will flow to you naturally as “next steps” as you live into your dream. Stretch your imagination, and your ability to manifest will develop as well. By milking the joy of your personal expression, by making it grand and seeing it as the seed for bringing value into the world; by appreciating the skills and talents that you already possess; by going beyond what you think is possible, you will find the key that opens the doorway to your unlimited potential.

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