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“You are the boss of your own reality.” Those are the words in a handwritten letter sent to me years ago by Jane Roberts, who channeled the Seth books. I treasure that letter, but even more, I treasure that message: I am the boss of my own reality. I am creating and shaping the colorful play doh of my life with my feelings, beliefs, desires, expectations and actions. This is the life-changing paradigm shift from feeling like a hapless victim of circumstances to being an empowered creator your my life.

This paradigm shift was ignited early in my life when I read the book, Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life by Donald Curtis. At that time I was a depressed teen who felt unlovable and feared I’d always be alone. But that book set off fireworks in me! I was thrilled to know that if I changed my beliefs, I could change my reality. That began a long journey, which over the years took me 3,000 miles across the country where I eventually married the man of my dreams, as fate would have it, in the very church where Donald Curtis had been the minister!

The power of belief is not a new concept – Jesus talked about it more than 2000 years ago, saying: “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” And, “I say to you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

When I first met my husband-to-be, he lived in Minnesota and I lived in California. If the power of belief could move a mountain from here to there, surely it could move him from there to here! I got out my well-worn favorite Seth book, The Nature of Personal Reality, to help refresh and prime my manifesting skills…and, through passionate and dedicated application, I managed to MANifest this amazing man into my life!

Here is Seth’s magic formula that I faithfully followed: “For five minutes only, direct all of your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought — whatever comes most naturally to you; but for that period do not concentrate upon any lacks, just upon your desire. Make one physical gesture or act that is in line with your desire, and then forget about it.” Doing this every day builds the vibrational energy of what you’re wanting and magnetizes it to you.

Through the power of belief, imagination and strong desire, anything is possible, anything can be changed and healed…even cancer. There are many stories of people who have used the power of visualization to heal themselves of cancer. My friend, nutritionist Dale Figtree, inspired me with a compelling account of how she healed a tumor overnight using visualization!

Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I am once again reading my Seth book to remind me that through the power of belief anything is possible. Every day for five minutes I visualize and feel my body filled with shimmering, healing light. I imagine myself full of vitality and energy. I picture myself healthy and vibrantly alive. Then I take action steps toward that end, which includes eating healthy foods, taking herbs and supplements, exercising, and listening to meditation tapes that raise my vibration. This is the reality I’m choosing to focus on and manifest.

I can’t help but wonder sometimes if my fear of cancer was a focus that created it in me. That’s what the law of attraction might say. But if so, I reassure myself that I’m in good company. Many people on a spiritual path like I am, people who were living a health and spirit-oriented life, nonetheless got cancer; including Wayne Dyer, who once wrote, “What you really, really want, you’ll get. And what you really, really don’t want, you’ll also get. What you are focused on in your mind is what you attract.”

On the ego level, having cancer could seem like a failure. Yet, who knows what our souls are up to. I’m deeply aware of my souls passionate agenda to learn and grow and evolve my consciousness. My ego’s agenda is to have fun and avoid suffering. I believe that ultimately soul’s agenda trumps ego’s agenda. In my case, that’s the result anyway; and in accordance with the law of attraction, the result will ALWAYS show you your strongest intention. My soul wants to wake up as much as possible in this lifetime, and I am now vividly awake much of the time. Therefore, cancer has been a means to that end (instead of a mean end).

Jane Roberts also wrote in her letter to me, “Love the dusk and the dawn. Be thankful for this life.” I am thankful for this life, and thankful for this wake-up call that has made my life richer. I like the reality that I’ve created.

How about you? Do you like the reality you’ve created? If not, you can change it; you are the boss of your own reality!

Janet Jacobsen
Author of the book Oh No, Not Another ‘Growth’ Opportunity! An Inspirational Cancer Journey With Humor, Heart, and Healing

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