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Chronokinesis : Controlling time , creating time distortion and the nature of time.

Time is a trick and chronokinesis gives the key to control this trick. Have you ever heard of Photoreading . It is a technique that allows a person to read 25,000 words per minute. How does it work ? The photoreader is supposed to enter in a state called 'photofocus' and from that state he will rapidly flip the pages of a book he wants to know the content at the speed of 2 seconds per page, without fixing his eyes on any words . In the Photofocus state the reader is relaxed and his brain function in such a way that he is in the equivalent of a no-personal-time zone.

Scientific expirement have shown that by reducing brainwaves pattern in brain animals, they were able to double their learning ratio.

The time looks real some people ask themselves does the time exist ? Well, we do build our time because, if we want to have time you need an action and no action/event = no time.

Can you imagine a world without the concept of time ?

According to Datre : your brain cannot handle 'now', it was not designed to handle 'now'. The only way that you can, at the present time - using the word 'time' again - is for you to be able to leave the physical construct and go into that which you call the 'void' where there is total nothingness. It is in all undifferentiated energy that you experience 'now'. Your time in the physical construct has movement. What causes the movement of 'time' are events. This is difficult to explain and I'm going to do the best I can. That space between events has no 'time' connection what-so-ever. In other words, in order for 'time' to exist, an 'event' must take place. There has to be 'action' from a physical construct otherwise you don't have time.

You should understand that if you need time, you can create all the time you need. According to physicist Bohm we live in a gigantic hologram in a hologram past, present and future all exist simultaneously, there is only NOW. The Karma concept as the occidental understand it cannot be correct, you don't pay for a past life in a current life, because all those lives occur in same time. The soul has the ability to do this. But it is not the discussion of this article if you want more details about this, read 'Seth Speaks' or the Datre Books.

Exercise : sit comfortably and think of your day, think of your day as a group of different events. If you are good at visualization use pictures. How do you feel after you have done that ? Is your concept of time a little bit changed ?

Datre said : 'Time is fluid. The only thing that makes 'time' is an event. Between an event, how much time exists? And what does it matter? The person that 'knows' that they are in control of that which you call 'time' is not concerned about it. They don't have the headaches and the stomach aches and the carpel tunnel syndrome that everybody has to have in order to be important and show that they are extremely stressed by their jobs that they are about to do. Or the women or the men that are hassled with the children or any of these other things are living in a world of tension that they can't handle, because they have no knowledge about the fact that time does not exist. It is your 'individual' creation.'

Exercise : (from Quantum Consciousness ) Since time is a concept, change the word 'time' to the word 'existence'.

Look at your concept of time, look at your beliefs about time. Now, if you want more time to do something it is just question to convincing you that you have the time required. Put the watch a way, relax and tell your self you have time .

Recommended Resources:

Music CDs to help you to slow down your brainwave pattern.

Inner Peace by Steve Halpern

Theta Meditation CD by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Highly recommend!)

Books to learn more about the nature of time, how to control it and understand it.

Quantum Consciousness by Stephen Wolinsky




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