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Chaos Magick : Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

Chaos Magick started in the late 70’s as an underground movement , the idea was that symbolisms, costumes, rituals in traditional magic systems such as Qaballa were used to an end , but aren’t the end itself.

"Chaos Magick is an extraordinary deconstruction of magick, semantics, and psychology designed to eradicate consensual belief structures and, using the energy freed by this act, glimpse the fractal contours of reality." Marik

The magician must choose what please him best to cause the change that he wants to achieve , therefore Chaos Magick is much more a Do it Yourself idea than anything else. Nevertheless , there is a few core principles , no dogma , because most dogma act like block to many possibilities . Second principle , experiment , experiment, experiment, try and do what's work for you. Seriousness and being rigourous is important , neglecting is not allowed this is another principle. Deconditioning for flexibility is also a key principle and at last but not least , the magician must achieve gnosis the magical trance state .(altered state of consciousness)

Over the time , Chaotes have adopted a set of techniques that they often use because they have proven to be effective.



Originally developed by the English magician and author Austin Osman Spare . A sigil is a symbolized form of a desire or will. Once the magician has created its sigil, it send it to it subsconsious directly without the conscious being aware (this phase is called charging) , in order to not interfere with the subconscious the sigil has to be forgotten , the magician attempt to do that during the banishing phase . After this , the subconscious can convert the sigil into action and reality .


When a magician use a part of his energy to create a semi-independent entity with a specific purpose , it is called a servitor.


An Egregore is a larger more powerful entity , usually created by several magicians.


This is a technique to be centered before a ritual and enter the magical atmosphere, banishing is also used to clear the area from unwanted influences. Among chaotes , a popular ritual is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)


“In Chaos Magick, gnosis is a lapse in conscious/rational/discursive/ discriminatory mind that allows the subconscious "magickal mind" to fully function. The easiest example of this state that comes to mind is the exact moment of orgasm. The term "gnosis" is used (I think) because the state allows for the instantaneous, intuitive (as opposed to consciously deduced) grasping of a much larger set of the variables .

involved in causing an outcome to manifest from any given state of events. This is done because the time it takes to reason out such a large set prohibits effect; by the time the relationships are consciously worked out, the variables have changed. It must be done instantaneously in order to be effective. Were there to be a qabalistic tree containing correspondences for Chaos Magick, gnosis would likely be placed at Kether, and the psychic censor (the most basic, binary discriminatory function) at Chokmah " from http://www.chaosmatrix.org .

Gnosis is subject to many experimentation from the chaotes , it is necessary to try several approach before choosing the one best for the magician.

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