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They are ton and ton of channeled material available however only a few of them are in my opinion worth studying and reading.

Ultimately , you will be drawn to a particular channel and repelled by others. You may have heard of the Pleiadan , I feel zero attraction for this material. I'm not interesting in beings from other planet giving us lessons. Nonetheless, they are a few channel that I'm quite fond with.

The Jane Roberts - Seth material

Jane Roberts was humble artist , writer and poet. She channeled the entity called Seth with the help of his husband Robert F. Butts. The Seth material is very elaborate Seth teach about consciousness, the psyche, probable selves, probable events and realities, reincarnation. Books by Seth are Seth Speaks , The Unknown Reality , The nature of personal reality among many others. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the aforementioned themes.

The Aona - Datre material

The Datre material is available for free at http://www.datrenet.datrebooks.com/ . Datre is an universal being composed of many. Datre is channeled by Aona with the help of John S. The Datre material cover a large range of topic such as the human being (mind, dna, brain, consciousness, etc..), the planet earth and its energy structure, holographic patterns, the creation of universe, the creation of Man, the evolution of our race, the mass consciousness and many other topics. Aona/John .S wrote 3 books and 4 th is coming just have an eye on their website .

The JZ Knight - RAMTHA material

Datre seems to know about Ramtha, this pretty funny, I learned about Ramtha by reading the Datre material. Ramtha is a 35 000 year old being originally from a place he calls Lemuria , he is channeled by an humble woman called JZ Knight, the Ramtha teaching is highly practical, themes are : the Nature of Consciousness and Energy, the soul , the after life, reality creation and manifesting, psychic abilities development among many others. You can learn more about Ramtha at http://www.ramtha.com

The Sanaya Roman - Orin material - Duane Packer - Daben material , commonly called Orin and Daben

The Orin and Daben teaching seems to be help us in our evolution and to prepare to what is coming next at the end of this cycle. From my point of view, this is the most important material, Orin and Daben channeled respectively by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer have developed a series of course to help to achieve our light body and take an evolutionary step. You can learn more about them at http://www.orindaben.com

Other entities of interested are the ascended masters, The Michael Teaching , Master D.K and Elias.

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