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The Chakra System

Chakras are spiraling energy centers. They are seven major chakras some authors talk about ten major chakras. We will talk about the seven major system. This system also recognize many mini or minor chakras such as the palms of hands, cross section of finger joints and the eyes . Chakras are known to have seven layers that spirals down into the body.

Minor and mini-chakras

The seven major center are supported by several mini-chakras also called Nadis. In order to work in harmony the body must have these mini-chakras perfectly working. Most of the mini-chakras are in joint areas (finger, foot, .) . One of them is the palms of hands and can be used for drawing cosmic energy. Yoga, tai-chi are good techniques to ensure proper functioning of the mini-chakras. If you want to develop your chakras for more psychic power you need to work the mini-chakras first, because they support the majors one.

The Root chakra (Muldhara)

Mula means root and adhara means support.

The root chakra is located between anus and genitals (perineum) symbolized by 4 petals .For some reason the color red is associated with this chakra, the color association with chakras is something recent in the man history. Energy clairvoyant may not see this chakra as having or being red. The root chakra forms the foundation for the raising of Kundalini energy . The root chakra is known to govern the process of elimination , it is also the man connection to earth . You can balance this chakra with the sacred vowel UH (as in cup) and focus your attention on the chakra at the same time.

The second chakra (Svadhisthana)

Svad means to sweeten what belongs to itself and dhisthana implies its actual place.

Symbolised by 6 petals . The Bija Mantra (sacred vowel) for this chakra is YAM. For the Hindu six represent the union of Yoni (female) and Linga (male) sexual organs. The second chakra is associated with sexual energy . This chakra is located in the lower abdomen, centered between the navel and the genitals.

The third or solar plexus chakra (Manipura)

Manipura meaning city of jewels

This chakra is symbolized by 10 petals arranged from right to left and is sometime referred as the chakra of attainment. Associated with power, the third chakra located at the solar plexus level is used productively when someone use personal power to empower others because the solar plexus is also an important telepathic center to transmit emotions and feelings. The bija mantra to resonate with this chakra is RAM.

The hearth chakra (Anahata)

Anahata meaning unstuck note

Represented by 12 petals, the hearth chakra is the chalice of both joy and sorrow, when the energy in this chakra is balanced we have a sense of connectedness. You can also use this chakra to connect with others at a higher level than with the solar plexus. This chakra has the potential of unconditional love and can help you to make stronger connection with your soul. You can do that by calling your soul into your heart center and then chanting an OM.

The throat chakra (Vissudha)

Vissudha meaning purification

Represented by a lotus of 16 petals, the throat chakra is know to be the chakra of expression. If you have this chakra blocked you may experience the problem of not being able to speak up or shut up. Some illness associated with this chakra are laryngitis and tonsillitis. If you think you are suffering from a problem associated with the throat chakra ask a reiki healer for help. Professional public speakers and singers have a well developed throat chakra because, they have polished it by their practice. The bija mantra of this chakra is HAM.

The brow chakra "third eye" (Ajna)

Ajna meaning to perceive or to command

This chakra is known to happen intuition and mental perception. Psychic students often work to develop this chakra, but it always better to develop all the chakra in same time to avoid unbalance. The brow chakra is located very close to the center of the brain, the eyes , ears , pituitary gland, hypothalamus are in the area of this chakra. It is good to use this chakra to explore line of probabilities, we already use this chakra to explore the past, present and future but many of us do it in a counter-productive way. Remote viewing for your best probable future is a wise use of this chakra. The bija mantra for this chakra is SHAM.

The crown chakra (Sahasara)

Sahasara meaning thousandfold

Located at the top of the head this chakra is represented by thousand of petals and is associated with fulfillment and spiritual energy. The constant awareness of the creative force in the Universe is the reward for the one who open this chakra. This constant awareness is something called the Christ consciousness or Cosmic consciousness. If you want to be in touch with the energy of this chakra meditate on your oneness with the humanity and everything in the Creation. The bija mantra for this chakra is OM.

Bija Mantra :

Bija or seed are associated with the petal of each chakra. A bija mantra is a sacred syllabe that make you vibrate at the chakra frequency, if you use the corresponding mantra.

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