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Can Anyone Be Psychic? (Hint, You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Speak to a Spirit)

Q: Do you have to be born psychic to see the future? Do I need to be born with a gift to communicate with the other side? Can I learn to read, see or sense auras at ANY age… or is it something that you have to be born with as well? What about other extraordinary psychic experiences that only a fraction of the population will ever know? Can these be learned… and if SO, how so?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are the biggest myths about psychic ability, and quickly cover some of the BEST (and easiest) techniques to becoming psychic yourself… even if you are a total skeptic right now.

Do you have to be BORN psychic to have a real gift?

Absolutely not. And if you believe in psychic ability in the first place, you already understand this to be true. Many of the worlds BEST and most famous psychics and mediums have actually only become gifted later in life, and have NOT had any advantage or special skill that the rest of us don’t have access to, as well.

The MOST common 2 ways that people develop psychic intuition later in life?

Actually, I’ll give you the top 3.

1 – Mediation and Concentration Exercises. Whether you call it visualization, or deep mediation, there is a part of the brain that “lights up” when you shut everything out. As a matter of fact, MANY psychics, scientists and spiritual researchers now believe that the brain actually doesn’t create our thoughts… it FILTERS (or edits) them. The idea? That there is a spiritual reality out THERE, and that the more you quiet your brain in HERE, the more of that outside realm can be accessed, interpreted and understood. (and most psychics will tell you ALL information lives in that place, outside of space and time)

2 – PRACTICE and Participation: I saw John Edward once in a small group setting and he told us that he practices communicating with spirit all the time… on his own. (and actively seeks out other psychics and mediums as a customer as well, to hone, develop. refine and TEST his skills. Simply stated, if you want to develop a gift, you’ve got to surround yourself with others who are really good at what they do.

In my own life, my psychic skills have improved exponentially through attending local meet ups, spiritual community groups, mediation classes, and in general… simply opening up my mind and spirit to the idea that we are MUCH more than our bodies.

3 – The biology of belief! (very powerful and it really works!)

The more you believe… the more perspectives you can consider as possible or potentials, the more POWERFUL your sense of yourself will become, from a spiritual development standpoint. I can’t tell you how important this is to me. When I spent all my time with skeptics, and people who were oblivious to psychic abilities (or who simply didn’t care to know about them… which is fine) I stagnated, and could’t make any progress at all. Getting involved with others who shared my passion for the paranormal CHANGED my life forever, the very true will be true for you!

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