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The brain

Our whole understanding comes from pictures we make with the brain and such symbology. Unless we are born blind. We use pictures and sounds that we make from energy pattern. This is what the brain do, one of the brain product is the thinking. During a lifetime the brain will record everything , there is no removal. You may have been involved in a painful experience in the past, you may have suppressed the experience of your awareness. But the painful experience is still and always there and will find a way to express itself, this is what compulsive behaviors are about. The brain never sleep, the brain only shut down at the time of the physical death. The brain is not limited by time, past, present , future the brain doesn't matter about that. Your re-action to an event will depend of your belief and the way you have learned to handle such experience.

We can learn more about the lessons of this lifetime by observing our reaction to events. We choose a reality from the vast bank of probabilities and the brain project it at front of us. This is what we see , what we hear, what we feel. This is the reason no two persons will interpret a similar event the same way. The more you attach emotions to an event, the more vividly you will be able to recall it. Each part of the body has it own brain, that control local functions. The kidney , the heart all have their kind of brains. The very best thing that we can do, is to use our brain that stores everything at our advantage. Nowadays, there are a ton of books about the topic of brain power but reading about them is not enough, you must apply the new information. Like Nikola Tesla who was able to connect with the future and brings new ideas and concepts to his science.

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