Beauty – The Physical and the Divine!

At every point in our lives here on Earth, on this part of our journey through the universe, we will be seeing and experiencing beauty through our eyes, and making so many decisions based on our interpretation of the word itself. We will associate with others, fall in love, make friends, and all our attraction to others will be based on this interpretation of beauty. We will live through some mini-lifetimes seeing beauty as rigidly unchanged and a few will do this until death.

However, for most, as our journey in this life continues, what we see as beauty will continue to evolve at every stage of our lives. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, we will begin to interpret beauty at a deeper, more spiritual level. This interpretation of beauty will expose us the true ‘divine’ beauty which is inherent within all of God’s creation and we will begin to see beauty in everything and in everyone. We will see perfection even in imperfection and we will begin to experience true Universal Love or Godly Love.

This is the spiritual awakening which is waiting to take place within each one of us, because we are all God’s children.

The poem ‘Beauty – The Physical and The Divine’ describes this journey of evolution of mind from the days of childhood, being married, becoming a parent, and the evolving perspective.

Beauty – The Physical and The Divine

Then I stared into the face of Physical Beauty
My pulse quickened and my heart raced
Playful thoughts became a muddled blur
And even time seemed to move fast-paced!

And as eyes caught and smiles were exchanged
Intense desires flowed and overcame me
Somehow, nothing else at that moment, mattered
Single point focus – only that One I could see!

Two then became one, and with a magical touch
Lives were intertwined and emotions flowed
Time and wealth shared and seeds sprouted
Mountains were climbed and rivers were rowed!

But the seeker within seeketh and did not stop
Longing for something deeper – a hidden jewel
Somehow I felt empty… Something was missing
Like a part of my very soul or my mind-fuel!

And now, I gaze into the face of Divine Beauty
But my breath calmed and my mind stilled
My thoughts separated and all became clear
As I controlled my prayers and thoughts – strong willed

The book of knowledge was eventually opened
And from it, lessons learned and answers read
And then my viewing glasses were mightily changed
As understanding and revelations happened in my head

The joy in my heart almost like music, now flowed
Tender thoughts of Universal Love, sweet and kind
Realization came as that oneness with a loving God
And with this all, came my own Peace of Mind.

Jag B Mahadeo

I endeavor to put my thoughts into words which, in some way will uplift, inspire and encourage the philosopher and the poet within each of us. In this journey of life, each of us experience our experiences in our own unique way and plays our thoughts to our own music. May we all listen to the whispering poet within ourselves and be motivated to find the time to set it free, and as we do, discover our own truths within.

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