Be A Master !

From the entity called Datre channeled by Aona:

A MASTER is not helpless. A MASTER stands on his own two feet, regardless of what anyone else in this world does, thinks or say’s. A MASTER “knows” him or her self. A MASTER accepts the challenges that he puts in front of him or her self. It not a willy nilly, sit by the side of the road and watch everybody else type of thing. It is getting into that which you call “living” and living it.

That is one of the things that people keep saying, “well, I want to do this and I want to do that and I want to do something else”. Have you ever thought, a MASTER does not say, “I want to”, a MASTER say’s, “I will”. “I will do that, I’m not going to sit and think about it, I’ll do it”. “I will accept the consequences of whatever I do, because I am doing it”.

We have said many, many times, “you are alone”. You are “singular” your experience is “your” experience – period. You drag everyone else into your experience, because you are “helpless”. But, if you’re “not” helpless, if you “know” who you are, you don’t need to drag everyone else in to “support” you in your “helplessness”. That’s what groups, organizations, whatever you want to call it, is all about. You don’t “need” anyone else’s support when you “know” who you are, because “you” can handle the situation that “you” put in front of you – nobody else puts them there.

There’s no such thing as an “accident”, we have said that many, many times. “Well, I had an accident, somebody bumped into my car”. But you don’t realize, “you” have set that up in front of yourself. Why did you do it? What did you learn from that experience? How did you handle that experience? What was your “action” and what was your “reaction” to that experience? What was the other persons “action” and “reaction” to that experience?

This is what “observation” is all about. And in “observation” you will begin to stand on your own two feet. Because, if you “watch” what is happening, it will make all the difference. Then someone will come back and say, “well, I haven’t got time”. Well, you’ve got time for other things. When you’re in situations, like a auto accident, where else should you be?

Except, at that “time” you should be right there. Instead of, “what about work?”, “What about my kids?”, “What about this what about that?” “What about something else?”. You’re “scattered” and that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is. It is scattered, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is UN-focused.

This is what we’re trying to tell you – be “focused”. Be where you are, at the time you’re there. Enjoy what is happening. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t enjoy it. But “don’t enjoy it” to the fullest. Then if you “enjoy it”, enjoy it to the fullest.

JOHN: In other words, be the “actor”. Revel in what you’re playing. If you’re going to be miserable, be as miserable as you can possibly be.

DATRE: That’s what an actor does. You watch these people on stage, they’re screaming, they’re hollering, they’re crying, they’re doing all of these things. They’re trying to get you involved in what they’re trying to portray to you. They’re trying to convey to you – tragedy. And they’re doing it to the hilt, so that you’ll get involved in what they’re doing. Can you see the correlation? Its there, you’re the actor, you’re the one, nobody else is telling you how to act your part.

If you “allow” others to tell you “how” to act a part, you’re right smack dab back in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And you’re “not” the MASTER you want to be. A MASTER of his or her life, is a MASTER of his or her life. And when you become the MASTER of your life, you’re not caring where you are. You’re not caring if you’re in physicality, you’re not caring if you’re some place else. What do you think some place else is? Some place else is supposed to be something which you have “projected” in that which you call your brain, which is a fantastic never-never land of bliss. Now, isn’t that rather boring? Heaven, as it is referred to, is being in light and love, but what are you doing? You’re doing “nothing”. Well, if everyone sat around and did “nothing” there would be no “evolution”.

You are “not” a BLOB. You are in physicality to be an “active”, “interactive” individual. And a MASTER is not one who sits home on his thumbs. A MASTER is out in the work place. A MASTER is working. A MASTER is experiencing. A MASTER is doing his or her thing the way he or she wants to do it – regardless what anyone else tells them to do. And these people will all tell them how to do this, do that, do it this way, do it that way and he listens to all of them and does not reject them – but does his or her own thing. And in doing your own thing – that is freedom.

So, I hope we have given you the answer you’re looking for. But remember, its “here” and its “now” and you have a “grand” experience – enjoy it.

We are Datre.

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