Avoid this common mistake about the law of attraction

A quiet walk in the park
I took this picture in Hyde Park(London) with the Canon 600D I manifested.

Imagine this case: Betty and Sally decide to move to central London. They look over the web for an apartment. What they quickly find out is that price for an apartment is out of range for their revenue.

Betty and Sally know about the law of attraction and they decide to manifest a place they afford maybe outside of central London. Fair enough ?

What does it mean. It means that they used yesterday to create tomorrow. It is a common mistake. If you didn’t afford it yesterday, why not create a future where you afford it? or where you receive it for free or for a lower price? why not create a future where you receive something even better?

What I often see with beginners in reality creation is that when they see an obstacle they either give up completely or they decide to create something less interesting that what they originally wanted.

Awhile ago, I decided that I need a new camera my older Lumix camera died. I checked the cheap models between 100 and 250 euro. I didn’t like any of them. At end, I fell in love with the semi-pro Dslr Canon EOS600D. It is sold for 750 euro or more in most stores or at 700 euro online.

When I showed up at the store and to my surprise they gave me 2 discounts one because I have the store membership card and another discount because it was the last days of the winter promotional sales.
So I got a brand new Canon EOS600D for 550 EURO with the accessories (UV filter, 8 GB memory card,….) Check out online or in your local stores you will not find a bargain like this.

That is the power of manifesting. You can get more for less. Do not settle for less. Go for more, it will allow you to go outside your comfort zone and expand your ability to manifest greater things.

Note: A company I work with to promote their products online told me at the time I bought the camera that they will mail me a $1000 check (€700) . So here the money I spent is coming back to me and I got a little more. I didn’t except this company to send me anything at this time of the year. It comes up as another surprise to me.

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