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Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a channeling technique to let your higher self or another entity to use your hands to write message or information. The phenomena was investigated by psychologists during the 1800's and 1900's according to their theory automatic writing material has his source in the subconscious. This may explain that often the material contains misunderstanding and errors. Jung once said that the Tibetan an high entity channeled by Alice Bailey was Bailey higher self and her waking personality was the low self. While there is in most of the cases a connection between an entity and the channeler, they are often fragment of the same larger entity. This is not always the case especially in the high form of channeling but in the case of automatic writing, I will say that this is not an high form of channeling and you can except to gather information from different part of your personality , from your sub-personalities.

They are two forms of automatic writing, one of them is not really automatic, in the advanced form the recipient receives the information in his mind and immediately write it sometimes the recipient change words for better understanding. In that form, the recipient is in altered state of consciousness but has control over everything, there is basically no automatism, with this form people can channel all sort of being or entities and this is what Alice Bailey used to do. Now, the pure form of automatic writing demand to fully surrender.

How to try automatic writing:

Put a pen and pad before you.

Use your favorite method of relaxation, you need to be in a trance state to perform automatic writing .

Visualize your higher self coming through your arm and hand, sincerely ask for the highest and wisest guidance possible.

Pay attention to your feeling, If you feel uncomfortable, stop the operation.

In the beginning you can do some game, ask your guide or higher self to write answer to simple question, what will be the weather tomorrow, where is the last object you have lost, you get the point ?

Don't go asking for your guide name, the guide will introduce himself if this is really necessary for you.


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