Attractor Field

Attractor field are made of the thought-forms installed in your aura or energy field. They essentially determine what you are going to attract in your life. Your aura surround your physical body and if you have a large auric field that extend many feet away, it will be easy for you to connect with people. If on the other hand your aura is very tight, it will be difficult to connect with strangers. Also people with tensions and anxiety usually do not have a big aura and don’t connect well. A life of stress also makes the aura smaller.

Your habits and your beliefs are attractor fields, the thoughts that made them to quote Seth (pg 66 – Seth Speaks) : mental images , accompanied by strong emotions, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event will appear. The intensity is the core about which the electromagnetic energy unit form. The more intense the core, the sooner the materialization.

If you have strong and intense distorted beliefs about the opposite sex for example, it will affect your relation with it, the stronger the belief the worse the reaction. Beliefs like “Women are conniving witches” or “men are idiots” or “I can’t trust men/women” do not help.

A couple of years ago, I was single and I wanted to be in a happy relationship, so I did change my attractor field , it took only 30 days, each morning I wrote affirmations. Most of the affirmations were related to self-esteem, worthiness. They put positive vibes in my aura and after 30 days some nice girl picked up the vibe and I had a nice relationship with her.

Klaus Joehle author of “Money is Love: Something worth believe in” wrote extensively about attractor field in his book, his experiment to manifest 3,6 million dollars is really an attempt to change his attractor field toward money. He took the emotion of having 3,6 million dollars and worked to amplify this emotion everyday until the point it becomes a reality for him. Klaus never published the conclusion of his experiment but he changed his attractor field enough to manifest a successful business of marbles and ceramics.

You are what is happening to you and if you do not like it, you could start by examining your own beliefs and change them for the better, many tools are available (NLP, hypnosis, EFT , Sedona)

If you happen to say “I can’t do that” Ask yourself “If I could do it, how I would it ?”
Then see what come up into your mind then use the healing tools aforementioned to get rid of limiting beliefs and mental roadblock to get there. Go for what you want !

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