Attracting Your Ultimate Soul Mate

According to the Law of Attraction you attract to yourself people,

events and opportunities that are vibrating at or near the frequency

that you yourself vibrate at. Vibration is not an ethereal concept. One

can actually feel or recognize this vibrational experience by

reflecting on the emotional “weight ” of the internal attitudes one

carries about one’s self , others, the environment, and life itself.

For instance if one has a pessimistic attitude the corresponding

“emotional weight ” of this would feel heavy, pressing down,

overwhelmed, depleting, or dragged down. In other words it would be in

a “negative ” direction or one of a lower vibration as one feels one’s

self being slowed down by such heaviness. The opposite would be true

for a person who is optimistic. You will also notice that a person who

is pessimistic will often draw to themselves negative experiences that

reinforce their negative attitudes and vice versa. With regards to

drawing one’s soulmate

which should inherently be a positive, uplifting or high vibration

event one must first generate such a vibration within themselves. How

can this be achieved?

1. Firstly, if one is single and has the attitude that that in some way

reflects negatively on them then they will feel alone, unworthy,

unlovable, unattractive, depressed, unmotivated, pessimistic of ever

having a relationship and so on. This attitude is clearly a low

vibrational state which will attract more of itself i.e. more

loneliness etc. So the first thing to do is to stop and observe a) what

is one feeling in the single state i.e. positive uplifting or negative

weighty feelings, then b) attempt to work backwards to see what kinds

of attitudes you hold that might be generating such feelings. Make a

note of as many as you can.

2. Secondly such attitudes have been pre-programmed within you from

earlier negative experiences that are stored as memories which you

identify with as part of your life. For instance an earlier memory of

rejection generates the attitude and belief that one is unatrractve and

so on.As long as this identification is in place the memories will

continue to support, anchor and justify the negative attitudes they

generate within you. Using positive affirmations to remedy this is like

clipping the leaves off a weed only to have it return the following

week because the root was left in place. This is why affirmations are

only temporarily effective in changing one’s attitudes. So what’s being

said is that you must become aware of these earlier memories, distance

yourself from them, and feel their toxic effects on your mind set and

vibrational state.

3. Finally, it becomes imperative, once you have achieved #1 and #2

above, to then release these negative memories once and for all from

your vibrational pattern. When this is done your vibrational state will

rise spontaneously and you will feel uplifted, buoyant, happy, joyful,

content, optimistic, energized and most importantly your intentions

held as thoughts and images of you embracing your soul mate will become

magnetized. This is what I have called a state of Empowered Intention

which cannot be achieved simply through affirmations alone.

If it is your desire to connect with your soul mate yet you are

struggling with a vibrational state that is drawing to you nothing but

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