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Astral Projection

Astral projection or out of body experience is the art of projecting an important portion of your consciousness into other realities often called astral planes, mental plane. What it takes to do that not much in fact. The intention to achieve an astral projection is important . When you are determined to achieve it, then you are on the right track. Secondly, you must achieve deep physical relaxation, when it’s done a proper technique must be used to shift your consciousness into another reality. These techniques are usually referred as the exit methods.

The biggest obstacles in astral projection are the fear to not be able to comeback, fear that the body will be invaded by negative entities , etc… . Only fear is the biggest barrier.

Anyway, here is an astral projection technique.

Lie down on your bed close your eyes and picture in your mind eyes a field of white light all around you, 360 degree.

Massage your forehead during 30 second.

Stretch your cheeks , massage the back of your neck and around.

When you finish tense your toe , tense your legs one by one continue with your arms .

After this tense your buttock , lower back pressed against your bed. Take a moment to relax . Tense your rib cage follows by pushing your shoulders back. RELAX. Pull your shoulders forward.

Once your are relaxed imagine you have imaginary hands at the place of your real hands picture a rope above you and with your imaginary hands climb, as you do ,you feel sensation in your energy or etheric body this is a good sign. Continue climbing vary your speed have a sense of your etheric body leaving your physical body. If you sense resistance, it’s a good sign , slow down , and continue climbing until you are completely projected. Some authors claim a silver cord must be attached to your etheric body but a certain numbers of astral traveler don’t perceive the silver cord at all. So don’t panic , if you don’t perceive it. If you want to return in your body , just have the intention to do so.

How to get the vibration :

Entering a state of vibration is also important, there is no clear way to do it. So here some instruction, you can try:

Posted by ZenKen on the Grillflame forum

Lay down and relax. Pay attention to the inside of your hands. You are alive right? Imagine what that life feels like in your hands. Make sure you have no tension, your relaxed. Imagine what life feels like. If this is gets you nowhere, pay attention to your body temperature in your hands. How warm is the innermost core of your hands. Just breathe relax and play around with this. You may have better luck with your feet. What you want to eventually feel is a tingle in whatever body parts it is easiest to feel it in. Then you want to work it into the rest of your body. Then just make your awareness of it go deeper and deeper. Another idea is to do jumping up in the air and swing your arms all over the place. Like a crazy dance. Almost exhaust your self. Then lay down and try to feel the tingles. For me thinking of light never worked. I had to think of life energy, which feels like light. The mind is a tricky thing

Other technique by Robert Peterson:

Lay down, close your eyes, and relax completely. Imagine that you are
separate from the body, and laying inside the body-shell. Imagine that your physical body is vibrating slowly, and your astral body is vibrating at a faster rate. Pretend you can both hear and feel the vibrations throughout your astral body as if you were standing in front of nine-foot speakers. Next, imagine the vibration of the astral body increases in pitch gradually, getting higher and higher. As
the pitch gets higher, the two notes go out of sync and a certain resonance gets stronger and stronger.

Repeat this exercise several times. This simple exercise can actually produce the vibrations which can separate you from your body. It also might help to try to listen intently for any sounds "inside" your head at various points in the exercise.


Tips for successful astral projection:

  • There are 3 forms of projection in the first you can look back and see your body. In the second you will not see the body but be aware of it, and experience some duality. In the third form you will no longer be aware of the body. Your experience will be the most vivid only in this form you can project outside the solar system.
  • Most projections are in the first and second form
  • Attempt a projection when you feel slighty drowsy and examine your your own subjective feelings to get in touch with your astral body.
  • There is no danger of not returning to the body.
  • You can travel to the past, present, future including the problabe past, probable present and probable future.
  • Your dreams contain spontaneous projection.Examination of them is beneficial.
  • There is connection between the astral body and physical body:
  • Before a projection take a small amount of starchy or sugar food. A small snack before bed is good.
  • Alcohol in small quantity is of some benefit .
  • Remove all jewelry and metallic objects you may have on you.


Recommend reading:

Seth Dreams and Projections Of Consciousness

Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences (review)

Recommended Product :

How To Start Astral Projection ...In Less Than 30 Days

Astral Projection has never been easier to attain. Throw away those cumbersome books that will bore you silly before you finish the long courses.

Learn more about a step by step proven system .

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