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Astral travel and projection tools

A selection of three products to develop your ability to astral projection.

Begin your astral Journey with Astral Projection.

Quickly learn the secrets to start or expand your astral travel techniques. You can be on your way to Astral Projection within 8 minutes of using our unique plug in and play product. Full instructions for use on the download page. You can learn and achieve.....

Price : $ 19.99 - direct download

90 days money back guarantee

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Gateway Experience CD Set - Wave I - Wave VI

Gateway Experience CD Set - Wave I - Wave VI
Our Price:$399.00

In-Home Training Series evolved directly from The Monroe Institute's world renowned Gateway Voyage, a six-day life enhancing program held at TMI. This series is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness. CDs include: Wave I - Discovery, Wave II - Threshold, Wave III - Freedom, Wave IV - Adventure, Wave V - Exploring Focus 15, Wave VI - Odyssey

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Hemi-SyncŪ Support for Jouneys Out of the Body

Hemi-SyncŪ Support for Jouneys Out of the Body
Our Price:$99.00

The out of body experience (OBE) is a state in which one's consciousness appears to depart the physical body by means other than those of the physical senses. Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body is an in-home training series designed to provide Hemi-Sync® audi-guidance to those who desire to achieve this state. With practice, one can be brought up to the borderland sleep state, and through it, to experience the out-of-body state with full conscious awareness.

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