Astral Projection Basics – Things You Must Know Before You Project


Summary: Ever wondered about the purpose of astral projection? Why do so many people strive so hard to achieve a projection? Read this article to learn some basic facts you must know before you project.

In the process of astral projection, your consciousness or awareness leaves your body. In other words, your awareness shifts from your physical body to space. Since this awareness cannot be seen, it is also called the spirit form.

Why should you project?

You stand to gain a whole load of benefits if you achieve an astral projection.

First, you learn that you are not  just your physical body.

Out-of-the-body (OOBE) experiences teach you that there is something more to life than just the physical realm. It ascertains what you might just have believed in or wondered about all your life…that there is something more about which you know nothing. Learning to project not only fills you with peace and self-confidence, but also strengthens your belief in the after life.

Second, you can heal yourself.

Your mind can actually hinder the healing process. When you remove your consciousness from your physical body, it can easily heal itself without any interference from your mind.

Third, you can solve your problems.

In astral projection, you see things clearly and from a different perspective. Viewing things from a third-person perspective greatly assists you in solving serious life problems.

Alternatively, you can also enlist the aid of your spirit guides, guardian angels, or deceased loved ones. Their wise words will not only soothe you, but also help you live a better life.

Fourth, you can develop your self.

People who have learned to project have reported enhanced mental clarity, better perception and memory, and even better intelligence. Astral projection can actually help you grow at a spiritual level.

Does astral projection really work?

Yes, astral projection really works; moreover, it has been proven in controlled laboratory conditions, where natural projectors have been closely observed.

Projecting into the astral is something natural. We all project, but unconsciously in our sleep. So, why should you be afraid of learning to project consciously? After all, it is something you do every night in your sleep!

Learn astral projection, and an entire world of beauty and knowledge will be opened to you. You just need eagerness to begin at the earliest possible. You can easily learn irrespective of your nationality, culture, way of life, religious beliefs, and so on.

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3 thoughts on “Astral Projection Basics – Things You Must Know Before You Project

  1. one day in my my sleep i thought “i was just awaken and saw the time in clock it was 2:15 and i slept again” but i was sleeping .then an ant bitten me then i woke up and watched the time the was exactly 2:15.i was surprised.i dont know whether i have projected at that time or that was strange coincidence

  2. Astral projection is a truly amazing experience. It really helps one to rid themselves of limiting and fear based beliefs. I myself have astral projected countless times and have proven to myself the existence of astral projection and an afterlife.

    After projection for the first few times you completely dispel negative beliefs about death and the after life as you see that a truly amazing adventure awaits you after the transformation of death. I think every one should lean astral projection for this reason.

    Increased control over the experience comes with a great deal of effort but every last bit of effort put into learning this skill pays off with the benefits you gain from in your internal and external reality.

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