Ascension and the Shift Into Higher Consciousness

The expansion and acceleration of Earth’s vibration has been occurring over many centuries but the shift became very noticeable in early 2011. By late autumn of that year, many people reported feeling more calm. This is most likely due to all the spiritual efforts people were making toward cleansing their own karma and bringing in and anchoring the accelerated frequencies of 11-11-11. What is this accelerated energy that we are supposed to be integrating? What does ascension mean? How will the Earth and humanity look once the shift into purer consciousness is complete?

First, let me remind you that there are no “good” or “bad” frequencies; everything is energy. There are waves and particles, light and sound, fast and slow vibrations, dense and expanded states. Accelerated energy is a faster vibrating and very intense cosmic energy coming from the central sun. It is having a tremendous effect upon the earth, humans, and animals.

The purpose for the ascension is to raise our soul’s vibration in order to ascend into higher realms of consciousness and master our thoughts, feelings, and body. Doing this frees us of anything unlike love that has accumulated during our lifetimes. Like a bride preparing for her marriage ceremony, we are here on Earth to develop our soul so that we can contain exalted vibrations, allowing us to enjoy union with our beloved in sweet oneness. We don’t have to wait to have this experience-it is available within our own heart space now. The time spent in preparation will automatically generate a light body that can consciously and physically travel into other realms and dimensions.

Ascension is the ability to consciously live forever in a body of light. An ascended one, who has mastered the body, mind, and emotions, does not need to die or be reborn. He or she can take on the appearance of a human (or any other form) at will. The ascension is a process of increasing the soul’s vibration. Spiritual purification practices can be tremendously helpful in speeding things along. Ascension is a personal choice we make and our free will is honored regarding this process.

To define ascension, I need to first share some thoughts about the ego because this “fallen” part of us is what we are leaving behind and ascending from. I define the ego as the part of us that believes it is separate from Source (God-Goddess). The ego (our limited self) says it wants to protect us from what it perceives as harm, but in reality it prevents us from expanding our mind and growing spiritually. It keeps us stuck in destructive patterns that secure only one thing-the continuing of a separatist mindset. The ego believes that you are separate from me and vice versa. It believes that we are separate and inferior to God rather than part of Him/Her. It believes that humans are superior to other forms of life. There is really no way that anyone or anything can be separate from God-the Life force, the Divine Matrix-from which all substances (souls, humans, animals, plants, stars, etc.) are created. Recognizing our oneness with everything is a vital part of the integration process.

Fearful and judgmental thoughts are part of the programming that must be undone. This programming may have resulted from a traumatic experience in which some part of the psyche hid or broke away because it either felt unsafe or bravely stepped into a protector role. These disenfranchised soul particles may have been brought in from a previous lifetime. Or, they may have appeared when we bought into the fear-based thinking that was handed down to us from our parents, church, or society. Regardless of when or how they occurred, these fragmented aspects of our soul are simply performing the role we assigned to them.

Many people encounter opportunities for great spiritual growth during the dark night of the soul and other heartbreaking events. The reason why the purification path to ascension has been so difficult is because we have resisted the process that brings an end to suffering and dethrones the ego. It is very important for us to recognize the cleansing that is occurring so we can consciously participate in this purification process.

Whenever we are moving to the next stage of spiritual evolution, we may reach a “ceiling” or resistance. The dismantling of this energetic barrier is a very deceptive process because the more we resist it, the more it tries to distract us and pull our attention away from our goal of oneness. The temptation to fight the ego is strong, and ironically it is in this “struggle” that we gain the strength to push through the elusive ceiling of separatism. Because whatever we place emphasis on will increase, the victory over the ego is more quickly accomplished by refusing to engage in the battle it offers. The answer then is to focus on the Divine essence (God/higher self), which raises your vibration. Enjoy your spiritual practice, and maintain your own energy rather than setting up fortresses to protect against external forces.

Yvonne Perry is the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience ( ). She holds a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and provides personal coaching for spiritual seekers. The host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast, she enjoys speaking about a wide variety of topics to help people realize their own creative power

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