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Artificial reincarnation

Artificial reincarnation is a rather sophisticated accelerated learning method. A subject is put under deep state of hypnosis and receive suggestions  for example that s/he is a great painter, linguist or any other genius in a particular field of expertise. The subject under that state of hypnosis and with the help of the suggestions, will be able to build or borrow temporary the talent of a great painter or linguist. Usually the skill is developed because latent abilities are present in the subject. During such exercise there is an alteration in the belief systems that make things possible.

The method of Artificial reincarnation was developed by the Dr.Vladimir Raikov. He discovered that the method after a session left positive residual side effect. The subjects could keep part of the skill they borrowed under hypnosis even if after the session they don’t believe anymore to be a genius in a particular field.

Critics to the method say that it requires a level of hypnosis difficult to attain for many people. An easier method was developed by American trainer Win Wenger, Ph.D. He called the method Borrowed Genius, which is part of something he calls Model Thinking.
Borrowed Genius is something you can do without much risk, you relax enter into a trance state , imagine a beautiful scene. Visualize yourself in a beautiful scene with your chosen genius, then you step into the genius and from there you can explore characteristic of his or mindset mindset.

In the past, I have used this method to speed up my study for my driving  license exam. I stepped into an experienced driver , it was the instructor from the driving  course video I followed. I got a new perspective about driving, things that I would have consider minor become more important, as a non-driver I got the experienced driver mindset.



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