Are you too young to be a psychic ?

Sometimes there is nothing finer than breaking all the rules and reaching for the sky Especially if those rules were meant to confine you, us instead of uplifting us Then it becomes almost a heavenly actAs with everything, there is an art to breaking all the rulesIt needs to be done in such a manner that it harms no oneBut instead it lifts us and gives us a new horizon to reach for.

Klaus J Joehle

We have all
sort of rules in our society, it seems that as soon as more than one person is
involved there is a rule. However most of the rules are limiting in fact a rule
is a limitation.

According to the rules the older people are mature
and wise then the young immature and arrogant. The young should listen to the
old for wisdom. Such rule or whatever you want to call it is limiting because
it deny the young its wisdom. I have observed younger people wiser than older
people. I have seen old arrogant and immature jerk as well.

Most rules
are fear-based, Medicine is ruled by the fear of disease, Military the fear of
invasion or aggression, Christian religion the fear of sin and evil.

Who make the rules ? The rules are the beliefs of
our society at least the majority. The majority fear car accident so we have
car insurance and driving code. Rules are supposed to give us safety. [endif]–>

They will
tell you that a rule is based on something true, we have car accident so the
rule is to use a seat bell.

Well, I
know people who never ever wear a seat bell and they never ever got involved in
car accident. A true ? you make your own true, of course most people will buy
what they consider true from their parents, the education system, the
television and so on.

The world
is an illusion here for your enjoyment; so making rules for something that
doesn’t exist is ridiculous, soul incarnate in the Earth System sometime for
learning but most of the time for experiencing, some souls want to experience
being in a war, other soul want to experience with the energy of abuse. The
soul will choose all sort of experiences it is all right , it is pointless to
make a judgement.

[if !supportEmptyParas]–> [endif]–>The only
rule you should follow is the rule of your heart, if this ring true in your
heart then do it. If you ask yourself the question, am I too young to be
psychic or to use extra-sensory perception, maybe it is because you want to
comply to a belief system that is not your. Maybe, you want please society ,
but why you want please it ? Have a fear to be rejected or appear humiliated ,
those are real issues. If you have them go in your heart by putting your awareness
on your heart chakra, close your eyes and imagine the light of soul joining in
you, melting with your heart chakra , tell yourself that you are your soul and ask the question you want it
is best done in a relaxed manner. You will see that in your heart things feel
fine, your soul is not necessarily interested to please others, this is
something we do at the personality level to seek approval, gain attention or
out of fear. The soul doesn’t need that.

Be as your soul.

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