Are You Psychic or Intuitive?

A common question I typically hear from my clients and beginning students is “Am I psychic?” The answer has and will always be the same.

Of course you are!

I firmly believe that EVERY person who is born into this physical world has strong intuitive and psychic abilities which are woven and genetically implemented right into their DNA structures.

Who out there has not had a psychic experience? Let’s look at some common and not so common psychic experiences that people tend to have and discuss what psychic ability is being used.


· Has the phone ever rung and you knew who it was before you looked at the caller ID or answered it?

· Have you ever worn the same color shirt as a friend that you were meeting later in the evening?

· Have you ever said the same thing at the same time as another person?

· Do you just know what your baby or pet needs, despite the fact they can’t talk?

· Have you ever thought of a friend and they called you while or shortly after you were thinking of them? Likewise, have you ever called a friend only to hear “I was just thinking about you!”

· Have you ever wanted something to drink and were thinking about it and shortly after a spouse or friend brought you something to quench your thirst or asked if they could get you anything to drink?

You are acting as either a generative or receptive telepath in these situations. A generative telepath can send ideas and thoughts to another person. A receptive telepath can pick up on the ideas and thoughts of other people. Two very skilled telepaths can hold entire conversations with just their thoughts while never speaking to each other. Many women find themselves doing this when with their best friend, but both men and women are capable of using this ability.


· Do you know what mood a person is going to be in before you encounter them?

· Do you get sad when you are around another person that is sad? Do you get really happy or excited when around another person that is having the same emotion?

· Has anyone ever told you that they just feel instantly calm, at ease, or even safe when around you?

· Do you hate crowds, graveyards, or hospitals because of the feeling or feelings you get when around them?

Your empathic ability is at work in these cases either in a generative or receptive way. When you are a receptive empath you tend to pick up the feelings and emotions of others. These are the people who many times have trouble being in large crowds because they end up being bombarded by the emotional energy of so many people at one time. These people make phenomenal counselors as they usually tune right into what another is feeling and are capable of truly understanding them.

A generative empath is able to take a mood they are having and make others feel it. Very useful when a person is going through a crisis situation or is very angry. Someone who is a generative empath, if capable of remaining calm themselves, is able to generate that calm feeling outward and have others feel it.


· Have you ever had a dream that came true?

· Have you ever seen a vision that turned out to be real?

· Do you see dead people?

· Do you see auras?

· Can you think of a location and then picture what is actually happening or going on there, or what has happened there?

These are mostly all forms of clairvoyance at work either in a precognitive or a remote viewing fashion.

Precognition means before the fact. It’s the idea of seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing something before it happens. If you’ve ever been with a person watching a movie and a few minutes into the movie they outlined the whole plot for you, despite the fact they had never seen it, you are sitting with a person that is having a precognitive experience. While frustrating at the time, just think of their “psychic” potential!

Remote Viewing, sometimes called long distant viewing, is the ability to see another location and watch what is happening or going on there.

When I was first working to refine my psychic abilities I use to sit with women I was dating and play a game with them. The object of the game was for me to describe their bedroom to them. When you start getting really good at this, you tend to get an “Ok, you’re freaking me out now!” response.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It’s the psychic ability that deals with sight. Anything which involves you seeing real or mental images can be called clairvoyance.


· Have you ever touched an object or entered a room only to get flashes or images that somehow seemed associated with it in the past, but there was nothing happening in that present moment?

· Have you ever picked up a DVD or book and your mood changed to match the mood of what that DVD or book was about?

· Have you ever shook the hand of another individual and got a strange feeling about them or had a thought which didn’t make sense to you at the time, but found out later was connected to that individual?

These are all forms of psychometry which also usually makes use of empathy and clairvoyance. Psychometry is “psychic touch.” It happens when we feel a vibration that is different from our own, especially as related to physical objects. Because it deals so much with other vibrations it is sometimes called vibaturgy.

Many police or forensic psychics work with psychometry. But anytime a psychic must hold your hand or an object that belongs to you or another person you are inquiring about, they are doing a form of psychometry.


· Have you ever heard someone call your name, physically heard it, but when you turned around or answered nobody was around?

· Have you ever had a discussion with a person that has crossed over and either heard their voice or the answers in your own head? Have you ever heard their voice with your physical ear?

· Have you ever started to do something but were scolded or told to stop by another voice other than your own when nobody else was around?

· Have you ever laid in bed at night or been in a very quiet location and it sounded like many people were chattering or talking?

These are all clairaudient experiences. True clairaudience is when you hear these things with your physical ear as though they are an outside voice actually talking to you. Telepathic clairaudience is when you hear the voices inside your own head.

I am a primary clairaudient psychic. Besides channeling, it is the psychic sense I make the most use of. This is how I get the vast majority of my information both during and outside of a session. Because of this, most of my students eventually develop this ability and most, unfortunately, think they are going crazy the first time they are laying in bed and realize that “the voices” are chattering with them. Eventually you learn to tell those voices “one at a time!” or “Tune it up or tune it out!


· Have you ever gotten a headache and discovered that someone else in the room had one prior to you getting it? Did the headache go away after you found out?

Anytime you feel pains in your own physical body that actually belong to someone else, living or crossed over, this is termed clairsentience and works off of the empathic ability. The word means clear feeling. Many psychometry and empathic experiences are often grouped under the clairsentience category as opposed to separate categories.


· Ever smelt a particular odor (like perfume, cigars, etc) while at a friends house, but discovered that you were the only person smelling it? Did you ever ask if anyone in their family use to wear that perfume or smoke that cigar?

You might be picking up on a spiritual energy or guide through your psychic smelling ability. Clairalience means clear scent and is the psychic ability that correspondence to our sense of smell.


· Did you ever get a gut level feeling that you should take a different path home or avoid a certain location only to find out later that an accident or something negative took place there?

· Have you ever pulled into a store parking lot and just somehow knew where to find that parking spot right in front?

· Have you ever been surprised to discover that you know how to write, paint, speak, or perform any number of different things right when you needed to be able to do it, but when asked to do it again later you discovered you weren’t capable of reproducing those efforts?

Clairognizance means clear knowing. It’s a psychic ability that has to do with just getting sudden insights and understandings into things. It can also allow some very gifted people with this ability to actually be able to perform actions or tasks which they really have no knowledge of. A great example is a friend of mine. She’s phenomenal with computers and can get them to do almost anything she wants or needs them to do. When you ask her how she did it though, her response is always “I don’t know!”

All of these are psychic abilities and chances are, if you’re the average human being, there is at least one or two in the above that you’ve found yourself doing. These are just a small number of them too! There are many other examples that one could use besides these that could also fall under psychic classification.

Some people would laugh and say, “That’s merely coincidence!” What is coincidence though? According to Wikipedia, a coincidence is the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. In other words, it is merely a term that a human being thought up in order to be able to explain that which nothing else is capable of explaining.

My psychic development students are not allowed to say or use the word coincidence. I make them strike it from their vocabulary. There is no such thing as coincidences. Everything has an energetical reason in some form or another for happening. For any coincidence that has occurred, an energy somewhere had to be at work helping to draw those experiences together.


Children are among the most psychic individuals you will ever come across. When we are born into this world we are many times fully open and our only way to interact with the new world we have come into is through the psychic senses. Even young children are no strangers to the psychic energies that are active within the world.

· A child who has an imaginary friend, might just really be communicating with a spirit guide.

· A kid that begs you not to go somewhere may be feeling or knowing something which you aren’t aware of in that moment.

· That child that says grandma visited them may actually be telling the truth.

There are countless other examples, but these are the main ones that kids get in trouble for. Parents and society has a way of shutting these abilities off. Many times a child must learn to shut down in order to avoid punishment and harsh words and criticism. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either as it allows the child to learn to live in and function in the physical world.

It takes a special parent or caretaker to guide children, helping them to stay open while at the same time teaching them how to live in our physical world. Most of the time, believe it or not, it’s better to teach children to shut down and then, later in life, help them to relearn that which they had known all along.

That’s what psychic development classes are mostly about. Relearning that which has always been there, but which was shut down for one reason or another. The difference is we learn to selectively use our abilities and then turn them off when we are finished.

So are you psychic?

Everyone is. You just have to take the time to investigate it and relearn that which has always been.




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