Are You Living in the 5th Dimension Now?

The 5th Dimension is here right now.

How can you tell if

you’re already living in it?

The 5th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension are currently co-existing, overlapping, and yet separate.

You and I and everyone else are moving up and back between these two planes of reality.

Have you noticed?

Can you tell when you are in the 5th dimension and when you’re in 3-D?

A Matter of Consciousness.


Where you focus your attention is what you experience and what you energize.

As part of the humanity’s group consciousness, you may not feel that you have much control over your experiences, but you definitely get to experience whatever you focus on.

So… take a moment and consider.

What have you been focusing on in this now moment?

  • the negative –OR– the positive?
  • how stressed out you feel –OR– how to create inner peace?
  • paying attention to things that the media is thrusting into your mind –OR– things you want to energize?
  • where you’ve been –OR– where you are in this NOW moment?
  • how far you still need to go –OR– where you are right NOW?
  • winning an argument –OR– creating a win/win solution?
  • struggling to solve problems by yourself –OR– asking for guidance and support from your Divine Self to resolve problems?
  • noticing how messed up things appear to be –OR– seeing Divine Perfection in everything just as it is right now?

These are a few differences between 3-D living and 5-D living.

This is by no means a complete list.

These are all differences in CONSCIOUSNESS.

Since the dimension you’re living in is controlled by your Consciousness, it’s important to support your Consciousness to be in 5-D more and more all the time.

Doing some kind of spiritual practice helps. That doesn’t have to be meditation, but it does have to be something that recognizes that you are SPIRIT FIRST and physicality second.

Our Ego selves need to be re-educated to living 5th dimensionally, too.

You’ve probably come across the idea before that you have to LOVE YOURSELF WITHOUT RESERVATION to restore yourself to living as your I AM Presence.

What do you do each day to


A big step out of 3-D into 5-D is to STEP OUT OF JUDGMENT.

As long as you are judging yourself and others, blaming yourself and others, and pointing fingers, you are stuck in 3-D in those relationships.

The relationship can be with yourself, family members, friends, business associates, the political arena, and lots of other relationships, too.

Most of us were taught to believe we are small, relatively insignificant, and that life is about struggle and hard work.

The opposite it true. We — our Soul and Higher Self and I AM Presence — are actually huge – nearly infinite – actually infinite!

Everything we do — without exception — influences others and contributes to our overall state of CONSCIOUSNESS.

The words you say to yourself and others directly affect the water in your body, and your body is 70-90% water.

The words you say to yourself and others also directly affects the state of your DNA. You can damage your own DNA by saying hateful things to yourself. You can heal your DNA by saying loving things to yourself.

Living in 5-D is Living Abundantly.

Most of us believe in scarcity instead of abundance, and our beliefs limit our experiences.

You can change this. You can choose to believe in Abundance as a way of life. You can envision Abundance flowing from all directions.

Imagine yourself standing in a flow of abundance.Envision the flow as the rushing waters of a river or as an energetic flow of Divine Love streaming around you from Mother/Father Source.

You are standing in this flow.

Everything you could ever need or want or choose to experience is coming towards you and will arrive at the perfect time.

All that’s required is that you remember this Truth and hold the vision for yourself daily.

Is taking a time each day to remember your True State of Consciousness on your “to do” list?

If you make it a priority to be connected each day, this is another way you’re living in the 5th Dimension.

  • It’s about expanding your awareness to include your True Self.

  • It’s about CHOOSING TO FEEL CONNECTED to your Soul and Higher Self (your God Self or I Am Presence).

  • It’s about valuing this connection more than any other connection.

So… are you living in the 5th Dimension now even part of the time?

No matter your answer, you can expand your experience of 5-D living by expanding your CONSCIOUS FOCUS on some of the ways I’ve described.

See you in the Fifth Dimension!

Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., is a world renowned telepathic Animal Communicator, Light Worker, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Master of Multidimensional Healing, and Teacher. She is available for private sessions in Animal Communication and healing for animals, Her services for humans include Source Resonance Healing, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching, Akashic Record Consultations, and Preparation for Surgery sessions. Nedda also teaches a variety of teleseries. Contact Nedda at 860-651-5771 or at Visit her websites: and


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