Are We Blamed For Death? More on Contacting the Afterlife from Phil G

Question to Phil G, this one from England: “My Mum died when I was young. I was living with my Nanna at the time. I can smell her in my house. Is she is ok? Does she blame me? Is she at peace, and watching over us.”

Another [USA] writes: “My husband passed away unexpectedly. Weeks beforehand, I had a premonition that he would die of a massive heart attack. Not long after, he did. Was this a warning? And if so, should I have acted upon it? Am I to blame? I know visits are possible, I would like him to visit me. I need to know he forgives me.”

From Phil: “Often when I do ‘readings’ and there is guilt, I strongly have the feeling that “it’s okay” and that has come through in a variety of circumstances, even in cases where there is a solid reason to feel blame should be laid. When someone passes away, they do not judge us or think bad of us. So you need to stop thinking those things, and let that go. They accept us as we are, and accept what happened. They move to a ‘higher’ level of thinking, and can see beyond our narrow view of things. A bit like, you may be looking after a child, and teaching them to ride a bike, and they fall off, and they think you’re horrible for letting them get hurt, but from our perspective, we know we’re trying to help them learn to do this by themselves, and as much as it seems wrong at the time,¬†they know in the long run it’s okay.

Don’t take my word for it. I share much information on my site about contacting the afterlife, and verifying messages and contact with loved ones in the Afterlife. My simple technique is perfect for ordinary, non-psychic people to recognize contact from family in the Afterlife, and I love helping people to go to the next step and ASK or share their concerns of blame or guilt with the person they miss in the Afterlife. To ask for verification to confirm the connection is real.

It’s easy to say someone else could make up anything, but you can’t say that about yourself. You don’t have to see a psychic medium or get a ‘reading’ to confirm what I share. Follow my advice on the web ( Once you’ve started understanding you are already being contacted by family and friends in the afterlife, then you can move onto asking them about your concerns.

For the lady who lost her husband, talk to him about your warning of a heart attack. For the lady who lost her mother when she was a child, talk to her about your feelings. You were just a child, so I am sure there will be a flood of emotions and thoughts. Tell them what’s on your mind, either in your head, or talk out loud, it doesn’t matter. My video ‘CoffeeTime‘ (see ‘Afterlife Phil G’ on YouTube) provides a great tool to do this, or when you’re relaxed and lulling off to sleep, talk to them about what’s on your mind. Share your feelings.

You will get caught up in the emotion, but that’s fine. Let it happen, flow. Stay in the moment, and forget about the world for a few minutes. That’s the reason we don’t hear from loved ones in the Afterlife – we’re too busy and rushed and concerned about things. Now you’re in that moment, let it flow and shut everything else out. Don’t worry about if it’s real, or imagined. Use the advice on my site to confirm all this later.

You will discover, if not immediately, certainly gradually as you stay ‘connected’, that random images, words, feelings, or thoughts pop into your mind in between your own thoughts. Unexpectedly, from no-where. Don’t stop them or analyse them. Don’t think about what they mean. Just let those thoughts in. If it makes sense, just go with the flow. Once you start doing this, it becomes easy. Like having a conversation with a friend that starts talking about music and ends up talking about boats, and you don’t really know how you changed the subject.

Thoughts, images, words, or feelings that randomly enter your head are from the person in the afterlife you want to connect with and you can prove it yourself (much information on my web site on life after death [] to help you). Just accept things as they come through for now, even if you’re not sure or it doesn’t make sense. In your cases, I am sure you will feel an enormous weight off your shoulders. You will feel forgiveness and calming, and you can feel it. Now follow my advice to confirm that feeling is real.

Demi Moore in the major 1980’s film “Ghost” agonizes over the loss of her friend, played by Patrick Swayze. Patrick still wants to be part of her life, to help her, comfort her, protect her, but he struggles because she expects too much in the way of proof. In the end, it’s a silly random remark that makes her believe.

And as shown in the film, certainly not all psychics are the real deal, but there are some who just want to help you, and help you understand that loved ones who have passed away are with you. Now. Beside you. Anytime you want them or they need to be. And whatever issues, concerns, or words you want to share, they can hear, and you can verify they hear it, yourself.

You can learn Phil’s simple techinique to contact family and friends in the Afterlife, or you can ask Phil to help you





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