An Astrological Glimpse Of What Kind of President Hillary Clinton Might Be

I have a friend (actually, a cousin – but just as most of my friends aren’t also cousins, not all of my cousins are necessarily friends) who’s made it clear that, with regard to the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidential administration, he’s a sexist before he’s a Democrat or Republican. It did me no good trying to persuade him that a woman could be just as politically competent as any half-white foreigner born in America by pointing out that Vigd√≠s Finnbogad√≥ttir, a woman, was president of Iceland for 16 years, or that Mary McAleese presided over Ireland for 13 years, or that someone named Margaret Thatcher had Meryl_Streep play her in a film, as a woman supposedly running the U.K. during the years Ronald Reagan was busy over here making the Republican Party a place safe for those secretly nostalgic for the times before Women’s suffrage and the Emancipation Proclamation. And those were just the white women on the list I’d previously searched.

No, he was of the same mind as Dr? Julie Holland, who wrote an article for Time back in April stating something to the effect that menstruation makes human brains incapable of optimum leadership. (Hmmm. Dr? Julie Holland?.. As in one of those types of doctors who still say bread is good for you and bacon fat makes you fat?) Yes, he’s against Mrs. Clinton becoming president while Dr? Holland is for it, but they both share the same peculiarly American mindset that can focus on issues and the experience of a political candidate and bypass genital considerations, just so long as that candidate’s genital is a penis.

Me, I’d rather look at a candidate in a way that reveals his or her every potential. And Hillary Clinton’s natal chart reveals an individual of remarkable emotional depth and strength. And I’m pretty sure it was present even before she went through menopause, or had her first orgasm, or did anything else a normal human woman does while also somehow not having her character completely defined by it. Did FDR masturbate? I don’t know. Probably. Is the question in any way relevant to anything he did as President of the United States? Probably not.

Anyway, I was first struck by the sheer strength of the sign Scorpio (emotional depth and strength) in her chart. It’s not only the sign on the cusp of her Ascendant, which denotes the style with which we first encounter the world (the first “face” we show) it contains her all-important Sun(ego), Venus(values, love) and Mercury(intellect) as well. And as if that weren’t emphasis enough, her Moon’s South Node (indicative of past life tendencies brought into this life) conjuncts the Scorpio Ascendant and Mercury while modern Scorpio ruler Pluto – exactly conjunct ancient Scorpio ruler Mars and loosely conjunct her stern, serious Saturn – forms powerful squares to them all from proud, powerful Leo (Bill Clinton’s Sun sign).

One thing Hillary Clinton isn’t is weak. Assuming (even though some men and women are weaker or stronger than other men and women) that overall, men as a sex are emotionally stronger than women as a sex, one could be forgiven for concluding that Hillary Clinton is not a woman. Except that she is. And the assumption that men are emotionally stronger than women is a stupid assumption. See, emotions belong to the water domain/element in the zodiac, and our former Secretary of State has a chart saturated in it. Besides all the aforementioned Scorpio water energy in her horoscope, her Moon (the most prominent indicator of our moods and instinctive security needs)is placed in spiritual Pisces and forms a perfectly harmonious trine with her Mercury and Ascendant. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty ready to have a leader who really cares. Really cares in the sense that (as Bill Clinton was overly fond of saying) that leader can “feel your pain”. Feeling anyone else’s pain requires what’s known as empathy, and the less you have of it, the more you have in common with sociopaths and serial killers.

Water signs are generally not suited to leadership, and I say “generally” because Scorpio is the exception to that rule to an exponential degree. Scorpio cannot only feel your pain, it ruthlessly tracks down its source and surgically removes it. Scorpios are determined, passionate, dedicated, and possess penetrating insight into the workings of such notoriously tricky things as politics. Scorpios don’t always readily display their passion, but trust that it’s always there, driving them to fulfill their desires and their strong sense of life purpose. Sure, they can be ruthless, but Hillary’s Pisces Moon ensures that love and compassion will keep her Scorpio dynamism in check.

Yes, America, you’re behind on this one too. Maybe this first death you’re undergoing will result in acceptance of the fact that anything a man can improve or destroy, a woman can possibly improve or destroy better. Or just as well. Or not as well. Because they’re human. Like men. Wait, what were we talking about?

Wade C. Taylor,,


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