Akashic Record Reading Is the Basis of All Divination Techniques

The term Akashic Records may seem confusing due to the word’s origin in Sanscrit but the concept really is quite easy to understand. Moreover, you really should get some knowledge of what they are because Akashic Record reading is the true heart and root of ALL the other divination techniques.

The Akashic Records are simply the sum total of all knowledge and history. When a person dies, they can immediately look into these records and that Akashic vision is the ‘life passing before the eyes’ that survivors of death experiences have reported. These afterlife files contain detailed and accurate information from the past, the present and the future. They are also dynamic to accommodate the many choices we make in the course of our lives.

Now the title of this article suggests that Akashic Record reading is the heart and root of all divination techniques and I assure you that is absolutely true. All of the various methods of seeing the future are each simply ways of accessing the data in the eternal book of all knowledge.

Tarot Cards – You should understand that the future is always fixed yet flexible. The Tarot reader shuffles and places the cards but the deck has already arrived at that seemingly random but rather predestined order because of what is in the Akashic records about the current future. The Tarot reader then interprets and this is where the Tarot reading can often fail to be accurate. My point here is that the Tarot cards were laid out exactly the way the Akashic Records predicted they would be and in fact, how they made them come out.

Spirit Guides – I suppose the best way to describe this is to compare using a spirit guide to phoning a friend and asking them to read a newspaper for you. That is really what is happening with this divination technique. The medium asks the spirit guide to read the Akashic Records. The psychic might not even realize that the spirit guide is reading from there but that is certainly what the guide is doing. The problem with using a spirit guide for divination is that the psychic is only gets second-hand information. Any misunderstanding between the spirit guide and the psychic equates to errors in the reading.

Crystal Balls – This divination technique is not as popular as it once was and it has been the butt of many jokes. But really, a crystal ball is one of the better divination methods because the ball allows the psychic to focus their non-physical eyes onto the contents of the Akashic records. And with a crystal ball reading, there isn’t a go-between like a spirit guide or a set of complicated props like Tarot cards.

Tea Leaves and all other divination methods are the same. They all seek to gain information from the astral realm from a more or less direct technique. So how does one get the very best and most accurate psychic reading possible? The answer to that is easy. One simply needs look for a divination that comes from eternity’s filing system in the most direct route possible. Find someone who can look directly into the Akashic Records for your true answers.

I’ve been able to access the Akashic Records since I drowned in a SCUBA accident. I want to help you gain the personal advantage and fulfillment that divination into the Akashic Records brings.

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