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Advanced Chakras Charging

Supposing you want to get yourself virile and exuding sexuality, activate your sex chakra with iridiscent red light. Simply be aware of the chakra located about an inch above the groin. That's where it is. As you become aware of its presence, rub it a bit and feel the warmth. Close your eyes and imagine a whirling red ball there. You may begin to feel a presence of something there.

Now force it to whirl, faster and faster. Mentally RIP open the chakra. Feel a tearing sensation. That is the key to activating the chakra. You may feel tingles.

Now the quality of the energy that you bring in is important. If you
visualize murky and hazy energy, you will absorb murky energy... that isn't good. It has to be pure and glowing. I have come up with a great technique for absorbing only pure energy.

What I do is imagine angels all around me outstreching their hands and pouring out energy from their palms and into the target chakra. My mind somehow automatically connects angels with purity, so what I see is pure energy.

The more sources you visualize shooting the energy into you the faster. Once you feel repulsion, you are charged.

Hint: For boys, charging the sexual chakra leads to prolonged erections. If you intend to give a speech within 15 minutes before a crowd, don't attempt this. You'll look like a clown.

I have another secret to share with you guys
Clairvoyance Charging
Want clairvoyance? The ability to be aware of an event going on somewhere else? How about seeing spirits? This will give you clairvoyant powers within ten days. You may see things you don't want to see, so this is NOT for everyone. I once saw DEAD people in the cemetery when I used this before all souls day.


Sit down, the way yogis do.

Close your eyes, and press the spot between both eyes. This is your third eye chakra (and that which Knell uses to activate clitoral blood infusion)

Now rub the third eye a bit. If you want, put a cold wet coin on that spot to enhance the feeling.

Now feel the chakra, and activate it by whirling it. In five minutes,
mentally rip it open. As the third eye activates, both eyes will also throb.

Now conjure an awareness of a full moon in the darkness. See the *silver* moon. Once you have drunk in the splendor of the moon, notice how the moon is opening its surface to flood your third eye with silvery-blue light. This is the true color of the third eye. You are charging it with its native harmonics.

Allow the third eye to charge with THAT SPECIFIC COLOR for at least 10-20 minutes per day. Within a week, you will have acquired clairvoyance and the ability to see the hidden worlds around you.

I learned this technique from people who practice pranayama and kundalini yoga. It's powerful stuff!

What you can expect from this:
increased remote viewing powers
capacity to see sprits
increased intuition

Anyone interested in learning how to heal?


Joseph Rinoza Plazo author of Ph.D of Persuasion and Psychic Seduction V -- http://www.xtrememind.com

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