Activating Etheric Manifestation


The Etheric is where manifestation first takes place, it begins with
vibration and become denser until reaching critical mass in the
physical. Setting up trends or self-sustaining currents of intention
and energy within the Etheric is the most direct method of bringing
solid manifestation into physical reality.

The best method for this is to project directly into
the emotional plane and then exit this plane by continuing through to
the subtler Etheric. Using this method will ensure that emotional
limitations have been transcended for the purposes of this excursion.

will notice that in this plane your consciousness is devoid of the
usual mix of emotions. This is because of the lighter density of this
plane. Learning to set up trends or a current of self-sustaining
manifestation is relatively easy because most limiting beliefs simply
cannot exist here. The main issue will simply be learning to charge and
build the structure or trend this is something that will be
rapidly learned through practice.

Enlist the aid of devas,
elementals and other beings of this plane you should not have any
issues with lower plane entities because once again their density is
too thick to enter. Elementals are often chaotic but observing and
learning to communicate with them will increase your understanding of
how this plane works. You will notice that they, devas and other beings
manifest easily here and with a joyous, reckless abandon. Their reasons
and intentions may not match your own, but what is important is to
understand and observe the methods and principles that they implement
and to learn from this.

Returning to the physical you should have
a strong, tangible impression or feeling of these connections in the
Etheric linking through to your own being. If you have clairvoyance you
will see the energies from these structures working with your own
energies and if you have clairaudience you will hear them communicating
with your own being. These structures and devices will sustain and
create your manifestations pretty much 24/7 so ensure to reprogram or
transform them when you have achieved your goals.

Hieu Doan

Doan is a Metaphysical Healer, Senior Guild Leader of Life Mastery
Guilds and creator of ‘#8217;Meditation Mastery Activations’#8217; and the ‘#8217;9 Laws
of Empowerment.’#8217;

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