Accept Your Supernatural Abilities and Become Naturally Extraordinary

In the pre-modern eras, the people who embraced their spiritual sides were respected and even revered. Their insights into the realms beyond were much sought after and highly valued. Despite how much we seem to have gained with all our technology advances, I am saddened by just how much true wisdom has been misplaced. Strive to accept your innate supernatural talents and you will become naturally extraordinary.

I will tell you know that gifts including astral projection, remote viewing and other psychic awareness might easily yours to enjoy. They are abilities that are as intrinsically true today as they were before the emerging field of the sciences sought to invalidate anything they could not yet quantify.

I like to ask skeptics this about supernatural abilities – Why you wrongly suppose you are so much smarter than the vast numbers of people in history who devoutly believed? There is no bigger fool than a man who has convinced himself that he is superior to everyone else. Certain extraordinary abilities have transcended cultures and the acceptance of higher beings that reside in a spiritual realm is a constant in just about every faith. Were all these people stupid for ignoring the narrow view of science and physicality?

I will tell you this. Dare to dream and aspire to hope that you can learn a talent that unenlightened people may scoff at. Their mocking will gain them nothing but your achieving a supernatural talent will make you extraordinary. Accomplishing a goal of something like god consciousness is not only for a highly trained spiritual guru. Anyone has the innate ability – it is a natural human ability. In fact, just the word supernatural is compounded from ‘super’ and ‘natural’.

Consider that in the far distant past, every small village had a shaman or priest who was fully able to communicate with a deity. Compare this tiny population with your own neighborhood today. Do you know even one person in your immediate vicinity that has the ability to see into a sacred realm? The simple and sad fact is that we haven’t lost the human potential for supernatural talent: we have only misplaced the trust in our natural exceptional abilities.

Compare this thought to mankind’s use of animals in history. Your ancestors had a mastery of animal husbandry that is unmatched today. Veterinary medicine may have advanced but the basic understanding of animals has dwindled drastically. The horse breeders from centuries past were able to completely remodel riding beasts into draft animals and vice-versa. This exceptional and natural skill would be impossible today – yet science claims it knows all.

Some day science might find a way to measure supernatural abilities. Perhaps modern medicine may stumble onto a drug that induces extraordinary talents. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that because maybe they would find a reason to discount the proven find. You will be much better off taking the initiative to find what has been lost for yourself. Look into your rich past to better see your golden future.

Learn to do what generations of exceptional people have done before you. Accept your supernatural abilities and become extraordinary. I’m Ernest Z Anton. I’ll help you to find your natural capabilities at remote viewing, lucid dreaming, astral projecting, aspiring to higher awareness and other exceptional talents.

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