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What does “bilocation” mean in Remote Viewing?

Bilocation is a word that any avid remote viewing researcher will come across and it is also an experience that all remote viewers have had while implementing the correct Technical Remote Viewing® protocols.
Remote Viewing is still a fairly young technology, having only been introduced and put into use for twenty years, since 1983. We have had to develop new terms and definitions as this skill grows and becomes more popular to effectively explain how it works and why it works.
Bilocation is one of those words that have been given new meaning by the science of Technical Remote Viewing and therefore it is often misinterpreted. I am continuing our series of Public Education by explaining what bilocation means in Remote Viewing terms; what it does and how we deal with it. I am presenting this in a Q and A format using actual questions that I am asked the most frequently.

1) I have often seen the term “bilocation” used in descriptions of how remote viewing works. What exactly does it mean?

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is defined as:

Main Entry: bi·lo·ca·tion
Pronunciation: ‘bI-lO-“kA-sh&n
Function: noun
Date: 1858
: the state of being or ability to be in two places at the same time

In PSI TECH’s Generation II Remote Viewing training manual, the Dictionary defines Bilocation as follows:

Bilocation: The required mind state for accurate remote viewing to occur. The remote viewer’s attention span is split in half so that half of the viewers conscious and unconscious attention is at the target matrix site and the other half is with the viewer tending to remote viewing structure using pen and paper.

In remote viewing terminology bilocation is quite literally being in two places at once. After the remote viewing protocols are initiated, the viewer’s attention splits. One half of the viewer’s conscious and unconscious attention is at the target matrix site (or the target blueprint in the collective unconscious) and the other half is with the viewers conscious senses tending to remote viewing structure using pen and paper. Bilocation induces a heightened sense of awareness that remote viewers refer to as “a state of high attention.” This is the optimal mind state to effect the remote viewing process.

Some of the physical symptoms of bilocation are:

A) Pausing as if in a daze
B) Forgetting what to do next
C) Waving the pen in the air
D)Misspelling words
E) A disregard for the surrounding activities
F) Rhythmic rocking or tapping
G) Decreased eye movement and blinking
H) Forgetting common words and names
I) A Dazed look in the eyes
J) Decreased body movement.
K) A wavering walk

In the beginning of the remote viewing training, one should not try to operate a vehicle until at least 15-20 minutes after ending a remote viewing session.

2) When in a state of bilocation, should we lose all perceptual contact with our present environment (i.e. the room we are remote viewing in or even our bodies) and be completely absorbed in the target site?

Only half of your perceptual attention is in the room with you (in your body) tending to the remote viewing structure and the other half is (or should be) exploring the target matrix site. It feels similar to being engrossed in a very good movie. However, If one half lessens or goes over more than 50%, then the viewer will begin to feel like they are “off target” or like the target has become a “real” experience and then the remote viewer is prone to forget to collect the data. Remote Viewing is a data collection skill so it is essential to maintain a 50/50 balance while bilocating. That is why the speed (cadence and pace) of the remote viewing structure is so important.

3) Sometimes I find myself in a daze after performing a session. Is this related to bilocation?

Yes, the dazed feeling is the hang over effect of bilocation. This feeling is most pronounced during the first few months while the remote viewing training is first being installed and the remote viewer is learning the protocols. However, the dazed feeling does dissipate with time. The hang over effect never completely goes away according to our empirical research but it does begin to dissipate more quickly after one becomes accustom to the remote viewing structure and routine. Getting up, walking around, drinking water and writing your session summary helps to dissipate the bilocated state more quickly. I recommend not trying to analyze the remote viewing data until at least 20-30 minutes after ending a remote viewing session.

4) How do we effectively manage our attention to be focused at the target site, while another part of our attention remains attending to the remote viewing structure?

We have found that our Remote Viewing protocols induce the perfect state of bilocation. PSI TECH’s remote viewing protocols are a standardized system that the participant (or the viewer) must progress through in a rhythmic type of cadence and speed, going from decoding the ideogram in stage 1 to the stage 2 sensory data and then the kinesthetic contact of the Stage 3 sketch. Stage 4 is like our “tool box” where we collect and sort more abstract type data; all the while dealing with imagination and personal feelings according to the way our standardized remote viewing structure dictates. It’s a perfect system.


5) Is there any way to “force” bilocation to occur?

We can induce a forced state of a 50/50 bilocation by adhering strictly to the Remote Viewing protocols. There is also a more vague and less precise type of bilocation that is forced by using the Ultra Meditation and Brain Supercharger products (available at www.matrixaccess.com.) These other states of bilocation are induced for various reasons such as passive learning, stress reduction, and/or relaxation.

6) People who utilize altered states or out-of-body experiences (O.B.E) do not write down information while they are in their mind states. Isn’t that a more exciting and fulfilling experience?


Yes, there are people who practice OBE’s (“out-of-body” experiences) who recount having thrilling and profound experiences. The OBE’s were experimented with for Intel collection purposes in the department of defense before remote viewing protocols were discovered. The results were minimally successful because the person who had the OBE could not effectively recall the details and information that they were meant to gather on their data collection mission. They tried having a monitor sit next to the person while he or she was in the OBE state to document the data but the experience itself still often overwhelmed the OBE participant. The part of consciousness that sorts out information and places it into categories does not engage properly in an uneven state of bilocation; thus the OBE participant had no tool box to work with for data collection purposes.

7) After about 12 level 1 practice targets, during a S3 sketch, I began seeing an image to the left of my vision, which later turned out to be a darkened piece of an arch way. I’m not sure if this was the beginning of bilocation or something else? After doing a few movements, does bilocation slowly creep in and does it stay there until you consciously make it go away?


The process of the remote viewing protocols naturally induce the mental state of bilocation. This structured system is the mandate to collect information using all of our senses. That includes, visual, smells, sounds, tastes and kinesthetic contact. However, we are also dealing with managing the other 50% of our conscious attention that is suppose to be tending to the remote viewing protocols using a pen & paper. When we slip out of remote viewing structure, (this usually occurs by going too slow) imagination and judgment begin to infiltrate the data collection process.

Signs of infiltration are:

A) Slowing down
B) Trying to discern if you are “on target” or “off target”
C) Worrying about being wrong or right
D) Questioning the outcome of the TRV session
E) Trying to guess what the target is
F) Becoming creative with the data
G) Persistent distraction of external stimuli
H) Continuous engagement of personal feelings
I) A feeling of knowing what the target is

(All of the above stated symptoms of infiltration occur while the remote viewer is in the process of remote viewing)

8) When bilocating, are we actually “going” anywhere?

This question is often asked by RV researchers and RV novices. When we are exploring a target site, we are directing our attention to a specific blueprint (or topic) in the collective mind (or The Matrix.) As we initiate the remote viewing protocol and become bilocated, we begin to sense the target, smell the target, hear the target and see fleeting images of the target, as well as kinesthetically feel the target. We can actively experience the target while we passively document the related target data. We do not actually “go” anywhere even though at first it may feel that way. As we learn how to manage our attention, we become accustom to the feeling of bilocating only the required 50%. It may be difficult for a non-remote viewer to understand this process because it is very much like trying to explain and describe what it feels like to swim or ride a bike. One does not really know about swimming or riding a bike until one has had the experience. It is difficult to explain remote viewing also because there was not another method like it beforehand, so there is no comparison or template to fall back on. This is why there is the continuous necessity to separate remote viewing away from the rest of the parapsychological and psychic processes. The ideas of remote viewing were scattered throughout the fields of psychology, philosophy and parapsychology but it wasn’t until 1983 that these idea were formulated into a breakthrough method that created a teachable system that any person could learn Technical Remote Viewing.

For more information about Technical Remote Viewing please visit:

About the Author

A professional remote viewer, Jonina (Joni) Dourif was one of the first civilians trained in this formerly Top Secret technology. PSI TECH ushered remote viewing out of the U.S. Military in 1989 & shortly thereafter, Joni was asked to commercialize Technical Remote Viewing® for the public domain. She continues to lead PSI TECH into the future on the cutting edge of PSI and mind technology.

The Hidden Meaning of Reoccurring Numbers

Reoccurring numbers are numbers that keep on repeating themselves to people and are believed to portray a hidden meaning. This is one of those mysterious ways that try to tell you that there is something you are missing in your life and this will automatically push your mind in that direction. If you are one of those people who experience these numbers, do not be scared because one will have to see these numbers at least ones in their life time. Through self examination, honestly and courage are the only ways you can unlock the answers to this mystery, that is if you are experiencing the numbers.

There are a number of things that may trigger this, but the major ones are;

  • When you are stressed most of the time or you are having anxiety.
  • Experiencing complex sub consciousness which means that there is something that is happening outside an individual’s awareness.
  • When a person is in the state of experiencing super conscious impulse.

If you are mostly experiencing this numbers then you should put more effort in reviewing your natal charts and comprehensive timing. You are supposed to see if there are links to these levels in order to get a slight connection to these numbers patterns which will be of great assistance in unlocking your answers. It is confusing and incoherent as to why a person may still have the same sequence of numbers over and over again, but it could be because of the other 4 factors listed below.

1. In my view, I disagree with the fact that people make this assumption that you tend to see this numbers over and over if you are ascending to a different level in life. This is because I have seen many people ascend to different levels of life and have not yet experienced the reoccurring numbers.

2. It may be a sign of contact from the other dimension of life in that that person is trying to tell you something.

3. Seeing the numbers frequently may also mean that your mind has undergone a subconscious fixation that makes the numbers to be stuck in your mind. An example is when you listen to a particular music; it eventually gets stuck in your mind for a period of time even days.

4. It may be acting as warning sign that would want you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Be careful not to make a self-fulfilling prophesy by giving the heightened threat to your wellbeing so much energy.

However, the reoccurring numbers may give an individual various attributes such as, sympathy, kindness, health, resourcefulness, excitement, love for pleasure, motivation, kindness, influence and invention etc. As much as the reoccurring numbers have hidden meanings, they can portray various principles like passion, progress and multiplicity.

There are changes in a persons life, which are followed by opportunities and energies that are positive. The numbers play important roles in a person’s life so if you experience them try to know what they try to tell you.

There are also many psychic readers that can go into depth regarding the numbers that you’re seeing as it isn’t always the same case for each individual, even if they see the same numbers. Each individual has their own set of directives from the divine and the higher self. Interpreting these messages can be a daunting task but rewarding at the same time. Learning and growth in this area is encouraged for anyone that receives messages from the higher self.


Crystal Jade Psychic Guild – Insight For Life


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How to Open Your Third Eye

The third eye is one of the renowned chakras, commonly referred to as the mind center or the brow chakra. The third chakra is the most significant chakra as it’s the avenue to our inner vision and wisdom. Learning and trying to figure out how to open your third eye can be frustrating, particularly because our sense of personal self and our ego block us from achieving this. Many of us read about the third eye chakra, but not all with the third eye knowledge are able to open the third eye. Opening your third eye is not as complicated as you think, nor is it for specific blessed people. On the contrary, it’s for regular individuals who are longing to communicate with their inner selves.

So, how do you open the third eye chakra? The contents about the third eye can be confusing, especially if you follow the misleading advice of non professionals. There are some laid out steps to follow if you desire to open your third eye. Interestingly, these steps don’t involve painful yoga lessons or extremely long meditation sessions. While the above exercises might actually help you open your third eye, they are not the best. The best technique to open your third eye is the Aum Mantra meditation, which surprisingly enough, utilizes chanting to open the third eye. The third eye’s seed sound in “Aum” and this technique uses this seed sound to open your third eye.

How is the Aum meditation undertaken? First and foremost, pinpoint a comfortable area on the floor or on a chair where you can sit up straight. Thereafter, you can close your eyes tight, concentrate and start chanting out loud the third eye’s mantra “Aum”. This mantra is best said by starting with a considerably long sound of “ooooooo”, which is followed promptly with a shorter mantra of “mm”. Chanting alone won’t open the third eye. You need to keep uttermost attention on the center of your forehead, which is ultimately the location of the third eye, while chanting “Aum”. Focusing and paying uttermost attention to the third eye will appreciably increase the effectiveness of this meditation, enabling the stimulation and opening of your third eye.

Like other third eye opening techniques, this technique is time tested. By succumbing to existence and persistent practice of this technique, you create a greater awareness of the third eye. With concrete practice over a substantial period of time, you will open your third eye with incredible ease. If you have persistently tried other third eye opening techniques with no success, then this technique will open your third eye. However, you have to remember that opening the third eye is all about paying uttermost attention and focusing on the third eye. If you perform the Aum meditation without uttermost focus, then opening the third eye will be the mystery it has always been. Therefore, relax, pay uncompromising attention, chant the Aum meditation loudly, and hooray! You will have unfolded the mystery of opening the third eye.

There are alternative methods of obtaining insight into your third eye. A gifted psychic reader can help in identifying imbalance within the spiritual anatomy as well as make appropriate suggestions regarding sources of problems, changes that may need to be made or offer services to assist you in obtaining and maintaining.


Crystal Jade Psychic Guild – Insight For Life


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8 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition and Make Your Life Better

I am blessed in many ways.

One thing that I am particularly grateful for is the fact that over the years I have been able to connect with a steady clientele of people who are willing to listen to their inner voice and create successful lives. My clients are people who have had enough with being depressed, stressed, emotionally unhappy, perpetually dieting, or living with low self-worth. They choose to work with me because they want more.

With my front row seat to how these personal growth oriented people think and behave, I have come to the conclusion that they share at least one thing in common: They allow themselves to reach forward into the desire of living their full potential, to have more happiness, more emotional well-being, and more fulfillment. They may have only the tiniest speck of hope that life can be better, but they are willing to use that speck to take their next step forward. That’s their biggest secret.

These people are aware that although their current situation may feel stuck or overwhelming, life doesn’t change on its own. They are willing to take responsibility for themselves to have more fullness of life. From the depths of their despair, emotional distress, or personal suffering, they are willing to reach for a greater life experience.

In short, these people put their faith in that tiny voice inside that tells them more is possible. Despite major life challenges, they listen to their intuition and allow themselves to become curious to explore their own limits of what is possible. In thinking about how some people allow themselves to want more for themselves, I realized how important it is to look beyond the voice of despair, no matter how loud it may be, and learn to listen for the voice of intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to get a sense, understanding, or feeling about something. Your intuition is an aspect of you, it is an extension of you. It is how you speak to yourself about getting yourself together and making new choices that move you forward into advantageous possibilities. Your intuition can help you see when you are staying in your balance, or if you are getting pulled out of your balance by other people or events.

It has been said that intuition is your own voice of higher consciousness, or your own divine spirit talking to you. Intuition is not from the logical mind, but from a higher perspective. Albert Einstein once said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution come to you and you don’t know how or why. The truly valuable thing is intuition.”

Even if you have not been accustomed to listening to your intuition, or trusting your intuition, you have this amazing power! Read below for the eight best strategies to help you hone your intuitive abilities to assist you in making better decisions for your life.

1. Self-Love

Intuition is not something outside of yourself. It is not someone else telling you what to do. Intuition is your own higher perspective. It is your own desire to express yourself creatively in all that you do. Your intuition is your infinite capacity to search for, and find, creative solutions for your challenges and your life. Most everyone already knows that when you ignore intuition, the situation does not generally turn out so well. Allowing yourself to invite more of your intuition into your life is a powerful act of self-love. By embracing your intuition, you show compassion for yourself and make the choice to bring more positive outcomes into your life.

2. Listen To Your Body

Intuition is accurate information from your spirit. Your intuitive messages can come in a number of forms. You may hear actual words, see a clear image, or have a deep inner knowingness. Your intuition may communicate with you in the form of hunches, insights, Aha! moments, a feeling, a sixth sense, or various types of body sensations. You may also experience intuition by noticing synchronicities. Set your intention to notice the many individual ways your intuition communicates with you.

3. Embrace Quietness

Intuition is initially often a quiet, gentle nudge. It generally does not shout loud enough to be heard over your stress, upset, frustration, anger, or judgement. Spending some quiet contemplative time each day is good way to strengthen your intuitive voice. Simply sit in a quiet place every day for about 1 to 20 minutes. Take a deep breath, and ask, “What is it I need to know?” or, “What will move me one step closer to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Then be open. Release your need to think, analyze, and know everything. The best information comes from the quiet guidance of your own intuition.

4. Sit With Your Problem

Try this experiment. When something is deeply troubling you, just sit with it. Don’t do anything to logically fix or solve the problem. Instead, just sit, place your intention on allowing the best possible outcome, and breathe. See if you can step away from the negative thoughts circling with frenzy within your head. Your intuition sees many creative ways to bring about a goal or bring about a positive outcome to your situation. Your job is to stop fretting and stressing with the problem, and instead place your focus on being open to amazing new potentials. Make the decision to allow your intuition to get involved in your life.

5. Play Games With Your Intuition

Play fun little games with yourself that allow intuition to expand. For example, when standing in front of a bank of elevators, ask your intuition to “tell” you which elevator will reach your floor first. If you guess correctly, make a big deal of it. Let your intuition know it did a great job and how happy you are to hear from it. Notice how good you feel and breathe into that feeling. Let yourself know that you want more of this type of intuition that feels good. It doesn’t matter if your correct guess was just a fluke or actually intuition. Your purpose is not to second guess, but to build up more of what you want. If you guessed incorrectly, just shrug it off. Let your intuition know that you may have ignored it in the past, but you are now ready to begin listening and taking action on its wisdom. Have some patience with yourself. Once you decide that you want more intuitive information in your life, it will begin showing up. Allow yourself to turn those initial little successes into avenues of greater intuition.

6. Ask Intuition Based Questions

Questioning is one of the best ways to develop stronger intuition and gain clarity and insight. When getting in touch with your intuitive self, ask questions that would lead you forward into positive solutions. Ask clearly formed questions that allow clear answers. For example, you might ask, “What is the next step I could take that would bring new energy and new passion?” Intuition can bring you down paths you hadn’t considered. Intuition can show you new paths to try and new possibilities. Your intuition is infinitely inventive. When listening for your intuitive answers, remember that you may get your answers from a variety of sources including hunches, coincidences, feelings, words, or even physical sensations.

7. Follow Your Intuitive Hunches

Once you get an intuitive idea, decide to take action. It doesn’t have to be a huge life changing action, but you can take one small, comfortable step in the direction of your intuitive guidance. On a day-to-day basis, allow your intuition to play a bigger role in your life. If you have a sense to take a left turn instead of a right turn, follow through and go left. If you are grocery shopping and the broccoli somehow calls to you instead of the carrots you had intended to purchase, buy the broccoli. You don’t need to logically question “why” you turned left or bought broccoli. Your goal is to create a bond of trust between your logical self and your intuitive self. When you fail to follow your hunches and gut feelings, talk to your intuition. Tell it that it did a fine job of providing useful information. Let it know that yes, it would have been wise to follow through with the intuitive course of action, but this time you choose not to. However, let your intuition know that you still want the input even though you might not always listen.

8. Journal

Writing is a gateway to the soul which means it is also a gateway to your intuition. Exploring with pen and paper allows a process to unfold of reconnecting with hidden aspects of your self. It helps you speak out, allowing ideas to become tangible words. It allows vague concepts to take shape in the safety of a journal. Writing is a power tool that allows what is often locked away inside to have access into the world. It allows you to feel into your physical body and connect with intuition, creativity, and imagination. Writing allows the time to find precisely the right words or the most powerful images to express your self. It takes fuzzy or confusing images and brings them into sharp focus. Writing is an easy way to gain insight from your intuition.

Intuition is your higher perspective and guidance. Since it is an aspect of you, it holds your best interests for creating a fulfilling and meaningful life. Intuition is your urge to creatively manifest your most fulfilling and meaningful life, your goals, your dreams, and all that is good and beautiful. Utilize these eight suggestions to sharpen your intuition and you will be surprised at how often it will give you a short cut to the life and outcomes you want.

Dr. Annette Colby, RD can help you take the pain out of life, turn difficult emotions into joy, release stress, end emotional eating, and move beyond depression into an extraordinary life! Annette is the author of Your Highest Potential [http://www.TheHighestPotential.com/] and has the unique ability to show you how to spark an amazing relationship with your life! Visit www.LovingMiracles.com [http://www.LovingMiracles.com/] to access hundreds of content filled articles and sign up for a Fr’ee subscription to Loving Miracles! newsletter.

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Message from the One and Only

Message from the One and Only

September  23, 2015
In the Light of at-ONE-ment




This crucial message from the One and Only was received today, September 23rd, 2015 by Gerald O’Donnell, a day when the portals to the Most High were kept opened and unencumbered as the day of at-One-ment unfolded.



Today is an important day in the unfolding of the Creative processes which the One and Only operates.

Today, all the gates which perceptually separate man from his Maker have been kept open, on purpose, so that a flow is restored between the original Source of all thoughts and creative endeavors, and their manifold expressions at all levels of Creation.

This is a unique and important moment, a point of singularity, that allows the One to enter at will the many that are expressing It on all levels.

Creation is at a crossroads between eternal Peace and Life, and final chaos.

In this very difficult period and challenge, the two real final opposite poles of perceptive realms — The One and the many — have to turn around and at long last embrace themselves, face to face, in a final act of Love and Unification, where the One perceives the many as Himself and thence cares for them as Himself, and the many Creatures, at all levels, perceive the One as themselves and thence care for Its expression and manifestation across and throughout their realms of operations.

This final embrace has been long in the making.

Many entities have spoken at length about this era which pertains not only to this Creation but to all Creations at once.

It is the beginning a new era — the Real Creation, the Real Beginning, where man listens to God, and God listens to the desires and hopes of man, and manifest them as they are in tune with His tendencies and hopes for them, as Himself.

A great deal of dislocation, imbalance, and suffering has already occurred in this and many other realms.

Battling forces that have lost all contact with their origins are fighting to impose their will or mode of operations upon others.

Many have faltered and lost their ways and this is becoming acutely manifested across most levels of Creation.

The cry of the innocent and the meek is seldom heard.

The Earth has been pillaged intensively and deeply damaged for her resources, and great instability shall soon ensue if humankind does not correct its ways and balance itself in a loving embrace, face to face, with its environment that nurtures it and gives it sustenance and Life force.

Great and Holy souls have been deeply injured in a final attempt to rescue a lost humanity from a disastrous fate. Many have ceased to speak. Many have departed, discouraged and deeply wounded.

Mankind knows only of few of those, and instead of listening to their common messages, they have rather created stories or legends around their lives and focused far, far more on the stories of these short lives than on the messages that they were trying to convey. And those messages were always asking humanity to unite and love each other, and never ever to engage in unjust combat, battles, and competition against each other.

And the Holy Source of these messages became lost and forgotten as mankind started to focus mostly on the messengers and not on the message. So the messages became distorted in order to fit the tendencies that many powerful men wanted them to reflect.

Many ask if God is now actively causing all the strong convulsions which are ripping humanity throughout this planet. And the answer is: It does not have to do so, since chaos is brought about by mankind and imbalanced energies that have infiltrated this realm and abode in order to keep man separated from its Maker.

The One is only about Oneness, peace, unity, hope, and great Love spreading across all and every creatures.

Barriers are unknown to Its Mind; so are colors, races, religions, or systems of economical and political dreams, for to the One all is but One, and the One sees all as Himself, as One.

The perception of separation is foreign to It. That perception is only given to Its lower elements and creatures, through ingenious systems that allow for such perceptions to exist and operate between facets, groupings and all the points of Light that they encompass.

Were the One to remove these perceptions fully, all the facets, all the points of His Consciousness, would merge into One and fully disappear within Its One Eternal and Infinite Mind.

That is why the reconciliation of the One with the many needs to be achieved in a slow, painstaking but glorious manner, and soon so.

You are running out of perceived time. Although time is but an illusion, steps are not. And within the effects that you are causing, a moment shall soon come, a point, where the full fragile balance of your common biological parent which is the Holy Kingdom of Nature shall start to collapse, rapidly so, and engulf all of humanity without any exception into a very painful horrific period which could culminate in the end of this experience if you, as mankind, do not take immediate steps to let go of your perceived differences and lack of understanding of each other and of your role here and engage fully in all your endeavors and your energies into full cooperation and a great desire to save yourselves from your selves.

You will need to let go of old programs that have shown not to serve you well. You will need to unwind patterns that you keep repeating blindly that have hurt so many so often and that have no reasons to exist ever more again.

You will need to unite across all boundaries, all separations, all cultures, all religions, and break these barriers once and for all in the name of the true Loving Unity that you were born in and come from and should go back to.

You can still do it and when and if you so decide to achieve this Holy goal, the One will manifest healing of your Being, both individually and collectively, and of the magnificent planet of operation upon which you were placed and created from.

And miraculous moments shall arrive where you will feel finally that you are all one family and have this feeling in the depth of your soul as a constant reminder of who you are, where you come from, and where you shall all go to again.

Lay down your weapons, be they on physical planes, or mental ones.

Create only technologies that advance the totality of the human condition in full harmony with its planetary body.

Do not create technologies in order to profit from them only. This is the pitfall of man, to put his desire for profits above the good of all his brothers and sisters.

Return to your roots. Respect the sacredness of the incredible miracle which life is as it was gifted to all of you by the Eternal. Do not soil it. Do not deprave it. It is in the creation of Life that you are co-creating with the Creator.

Focus only on that, on your nurturing this Holy gift and propagating it. Do not cease it from propagating! Do not shorten its span of experiences! Focus on your children. Cherish them more than you cherish your selves and the Eternal will see you for the pillars of strength and love which you are manifesting as mother and father. Do not stop this magnificent experiment!

Believe, in the depth of yourself, that you, together with your Creator, can bring about a higher, far better expression of your creative selves across this universe. And soon, as you engage in that across all the universes, they will sing in unison the symphony of Love of the Holy One manifested across all of His world forever and ever, as your life becomes but the Life of the Eternal and the Eternal becomes but fully imbued with His manifold Lives. And Eternal Life shall then be you fate.

This will be all.

The One and Only



Kindly spread this message as wide and to as many as you can. This would be a great act of Love and Oneness towards others and appreciated as such. PLEASE share this transforming communication with as many friends,  family, and other individuals as you can. Here is the link to this message:  http://probablefuture.com/In The Light of at-ONE-ment. Message from the One and Only. September 23, 2015

Please share this communication on social medias and emails with friends and family, time is really pressing…

Psychic Use Of Remote Viewing

Any sense that is beyond the accepted 5 senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and hearing is known as a sixth sense or extra sensory perception (ESP). There are many accepted, as well as challenged, sixth sense abilities one of which is remote viewing. How psychics use remote viewing will vary from person to person and from reading to reading.

Understanding how psychics use remote viewing and what you can gain from such a reading, will help you decided if this is the right kind of psychic reading that you are seeking – will it give you the answers you are seeking and the insight into a situation that you need?

What is remote viewing?
There are a variety of definitions which change with how or why you would use remote viewing. Broadly speaking, remote viewing is the ability – both psychic and taught – to be able to ‘see’ in the mind’s eye – the omnipresent mind – and witness an event in a different universe or time. This sounds far-reaching and impossible but, with practice and skill, it is possible to view a variety of situations.

How psychics use distance viewing is important for you as you may be searching for specific answers or an insight into a recurring situation. This ability, when it is a psychic ability, can be used to look at the past, identify where or how these issues are occurring, as well as suggesting solutions to the problems.

How psychics use remote viewing in a session
Some sessions can take some time to complete, so if you are in a hurry and want a quick answer, then you may need to sit the session another time or seek another psychic tool. Patience is essential when taking part in viewing sessions.

You are the transmitter of information in this type of session; the information the psychic needs is contained within you. The psychic will need to place themselves in a bi-location; in other words, they will split their psychic self, retaining a sense of the present but allowing the greater portion of their psychic self to travel over time spans and events. This may sound deep and disturbing but there is no need to be fearful – there is no wailing or gnashing of teeth!

A target contact is needed and will also inform how psychics use remote viewing to furnish you with the answers and information you need. Once this target is found – it can be a person, situation or event in your past – then the psychic will be able to interpret the messages and the vision.

People often think that the psychic will have a television style view of what is happening but this is not the case. Visions and symbols will require interpretation, colours will also be present and will all add to what is being transmitted back to you, the seeker.

Remote viewing can produce staggering results that can be exhilarating and uplifting. But, on the flip side, for the person using their psychic abilities to remote view, it can also be draining. It can take over an hour to connect and interpret visions, colours or symbols but those psychics with this extraordinary gift will tell you that the results are incredible!

Rachel Swanoski writes for the metaphysical industry and in particular around the theme of energy readers such as clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers and psychics. The core objective of the themed articles is to advance world awareness.



Scientific Explanations For Remote Viewing

Eighteenth and nineteenth century physical science had completed and embellished the “golden age of a mechanistic and deterministic models of the universe” where the universe and its constituents are ruled by rigid interactive forces that can be measured, phenomena that can be predicted using mathematical tools, and where the universe or any system operating within it is made of the sum of its parts.

Light was thought to be an electromagnetic wave vibrating in an undetected, and later experimentally disproved media: “the ether”, at certain rates of vibration that would define its color. It was part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum that allowed one to perceive an electromagnetic wave as heat, light , radio waves, or other electromagnetic radiations depending on the frequency of its vibrations. This spectrum had been well-defined by the equations of the English physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1864.

Man’s biology was reduced to a mechanical system albeit of extreme complexity, and thought was perceived to be but an epiphenomenon of the mechanical brain.

All this was very hygienic, logical, and comforting. It allowed to view the so-called invisible world of spiritual forces or entities as a personal unproven hypothesis, and permitted the justification of atheistic concept to be scientifically sound. Basically it allowed for purely atheistic politico-philosophies alike communism to find a sympathetic resonance within the “intelligentsia” and the masses.

It also gave a great mechanistic impetus and approach to the fields of biology, microbiology, psychology, neurobiology, and the allopathic technical mechanistic approach to the health sciences. Technology was “king” and the understanding of interactions between well-defined separated systems would bring the possible conquest of disturbances and imperfections in the “machinery” of biological entities.

Man having created a new religion called “science”, which revered himself and his intellect, had the perception of having attained a Godlike control over nature.

By the end of 19th century the ultraviolet catastrophe – as it came to be known – put this whole hygienic view of the world in question, and the theory of “quanta” of Max Planck was introduced in 1900. The German physicist Max Planck introduced the notion of packets of energy that he called “quanta” in order to explain why the wavelength (color) of the radiation given off by heated objects did not rise in a continuous manner but in discontinuous spurts from value to value as they grew hotter. Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who was to become later one of the fathers of the “Manhattan Project” that developed the first US A-bomb during WWII, used in 1913 the theory of “quanta” of energy in order to prove that the whole world of atoms was full of “quantum” jumps. An electron could jump from one level of energy (so-called orbit) to another without appearing in-between these states. Discontinuity had been introduced in our equation of the universe!

In 1905 Albert Einstein defined light as made of quanta of energy or particles that he coined “photons” in his famous paper explaining the photoelectric effect for which he received a Nobel prize in 1923. He nevertheless acknowledged that light could also be defined as a wave, depending on the mode of observation used in a chosen experiment, and the particle/wave duality was introduced in our attempts to grasp the mysteries of nature.

The new physics of the beginnings of the twentieth century gave a mortal blow to the deterministic principles of the old school of thought. Time and space became relative notions according to the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Quantum physics stated that all particles of matter could be viewed either as material bodies or as waves. It allowed for one electron (or any other particle) to be in two locations at once (double slit experiment), and proved that one could not predict the next location of a particle by knowing its present one.

In the strange world of quantum physics, particles dematerialized themselves into waves (such as in transistors) and rematerialized themselves later into particles. This depended on the type of experiment they were subjected to, and most importantly: the choice made by a conscious observer as to how he or she would view these particles.

To most theorists, the phenomena of nature existed only as determined states as a conscious observer witnessed them, either directly, or through the artifacts of a measuring device. Quantum mechanics was born, and with it our view of reality would be forever changed.

In order to comprehend events in the phenomenal world, one needed to introduce a major variable that had until then been ignored: The consciousness (self reflective thought) of the observer. Without the perception of a material world by a conscious entity, there were great doubts as to the existence of that material reality independently of its observation.

In other words we make a potential reality manifest itself by our choices, even retroactively through time and immediately across the perceived infinite space, as the two experiments mentioned hereafter have proven, to the surprise of most physicists. Or, in other words, volition and free will operate outside the confines of time/space, and our impression of making choices is but a delayed awareness of events that higher levels of our minds have already made for us and therefore project to our awareness (ego) as a holographic packet of sensory information, post facto. We are therefore, at a higher level, the maker (subject) of our reality projected to one’s self (object) within the web of probabilities of the quantum world that we “materialize” for both the subject and the object that are but two mirrors of one same reality: Consciousness, defined as self -reflective awareness.

Very advanced “remote viewers” know at which points volition is part of the higher levels of one’s self and at which points it is made available to the lower (conscious level), as the quantum self or higher self merges with the lower self (ego).

Our courses attempts to allow the conscious part (reactive sensory apparatus operating as intellect) and the much higher vibratory mind (deep subconscious level) to merge with each other in awareness in order to allow a human individual to be more in control of one’s reality and probable future. At the level of the higher mind time/space is instantly bridged. “Remote Viewing” and especially “Remote Influencing” allows one to connect to that level.

Mr. O’Donnell only mentions quantum physics in order to allow for the comforting view of reality of most individuals to be shattered and at the very least questioned. Each one is to find his or her own truth, using eventually his or her own path. The course is only meant as a guide to a new world, an opening to a new way of viewing and experiencing reality.

In 1982 at the Institute of Applied Physics and Theoretical Optics at the University of Paris, France, the team of physicists composed of Alain Aspect, Jean Dalibard and Gerard Roger made what may prove to be the greatest scientific discovery of this century. They proved experimentally that the world is non-local or non-separable. This is equivalent to saying that space, as we perceive it to be, does not exist, but is an illusion of our senses. Projected by whom? This is the big question that science tries to answer.

In the same field of quantum theory, time is not only relative but one can experimentally change the past, as the delayed choice experiment, carried out by scientists in the 80’s at the University of Maryland and the University of Munich has proven.

Although this all seems to belong to the realm of science-fiction, it is a reality, albeit hard to accept, for all the minds that dwell in the world of the quanta: a world full of seemingly contradictions, surprises, and a certain sense of humor.

All modern disciplines are nowadays affected by it, short maybe of modern biology, neurobiology and surprisingly psychology that are still embracing a mechanistic view of thought and have not, as yet, been able to define it.

Quantum physics gave us the invention of the atomic bomb, the transistor, the computer chip, laser and devices using laser light as a conduct for information, Josephson junctions in supercomputers, superconductors etc.

You should never doubt your natural-born ability to operate at such a high vibratory level of thought. This ability has been proven since antiquity, and is still utilized successfully by highly secretive intelligence units belonging to the major world powers.

This is one case where a dose of skepticism in the field of thought orientation and exploration is unhealthy, and the fear of ridicule even more so. You have to become open-minded, as a child is. All major shifts in scientific thought have incurred the ire of the static-minded old Praetorian Guard of proven inadequate sclerotic systems that are beginning to hit too many walls loaded with points of singularity.

The methods taught in our courses are probably part of the dawn of a new paradigm shift in scientific thinking that will revolutionize and change the “old classical scientific concepts” of the late 19th century that still rule for most of us our interpretation of our perceived material reality. This will have major implications in the natural and health sciences, the biological perceptions and their assumed correlations, all other phenomenal science, and the understanding of what the mind is.

If we are in the process of constantly creating our reality by thinking about it in an individualized and global manner, and that science reflects but a snapshot of our attempt at understanding our Creation, a major shift in our thought- perception will induce totally different ways at experiencing the phenomenal world and controlling it to our desires.

All aspects of our lives in this new Millennium will, most likely, be profoundly transformed by it.

The introduction of consciousness as a major factor in the equation of reality by modern quantum physics is at the core of one of the major paradox of so-called psychic research. According to quantum physics, the thought of the observer has an influence upon the result of an experiment. Therefore, if we are co-creator of our reality by mere thought, the natural imbued skepticism of many scientists and their methodologies introduce a negative bias in the results that they would obtain in thought experiment such as “remote viewing” etc.

In other words, in order to achieve 100% success at proving the efficacy of “remote viewing or influencing ” one would need to deal with scientists and tests subjects that are of the firm belief of the easy achievement of such mental feats, which would automatically be called a bias experimental protocol by the skeptical scientific community. That is why the best results at remote viewing were always achieved within intelligence and military secret units that pragmatically only cared about bridging time and space effectively using mental technologies, and were not the least concerned about peer recognition and the fear of being ridiculed.

Internationally renowned Gerald O’Donnell, B.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Computer Science,and an MBA, former intelligence agency Remote Viewer, founder of Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing ( ARVARI ), has been a visionary in mind/consciousness research. He is now dedicating his life to skilfully inspiring and guiding students through healing and empowering meditations on Oneness, to access incredibly high levels of creative energy, that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon one’s thoughts. www.probablefuture.com/p22.htm


Abundance – The Three Core Truths

Here’s an example of some common “I can’t” feelings experienced by people who struggle endlessly with abundance:

– “I always have to work hard to make money.”

– “No matter how hard I work… or how positive I try to be about my financial situation… I never seem to have enough.”

– “It’s not fair. Other people always get the lucky breaks. If only I had a quick windfall of money all my problems would disappear.”

– “Money always goes to money. There’s no point trying to think differently. I see it everyday. I suppose I should just be happy with what I’ve got.”

– “I’m not the kind of person who makes a lot of money. I never have – so I guess I never will. I can never achieve abundance on every level”

And on it goes.

If you can relate to any of the above… or… you’re struggling financially…it’s a sure sign that you have subconscious “negativity” programs running “on the turn table of your mind”… and therefore… you NEED The Release Technique. You see, when it comes to abundance, there are three core truths:

CORE TRUTH #1: It is our own suppressed feelings that are the root cause of all our problems (including financial problems). It’s our own suppressed feelings that keep us broke… bind us in chains of misery… and make us suffer in every way.


CORE TRUTH #2: All of us have the inborn, natural ability to “let go” of our suppressed feelings that have a negative “hold” over our lives.


CORE TRUTH #3: The more we “pull up” and “let go” (or release) our suppressed feelings (subconscious programs)… the lighter, happier, healthier… and…more abundant we become.

Look, here’s the best way I know how to describe it…

The Mind Works Just Like A Computer!

And, your suppressed feelings (subconscious programs) are like a virus interfering with your success – sabotaging every effort you make to change your life and to create abundance.

That’s why traditional “success techniques” to achieve abundance rarely work as well as they should for most people.

See, what traditional techniques have in common is they’re all about flooding your mind with positive words and images.

Nothing wrong with that.

But here’s the problem: Since the age of about 5-years old, we all get into the unconscious habit of suppressing our feelings. These suppressed feelings (subconscious programs) then act like a virus that “eats up” all the positives you put into your mind.

So until you learn how to “pull up” and “let go” (release) your suppressed “hidden” negativity… you have an “anti-success /anti-money virus” inside you that will forever keep you struggling with your finances and won’t allow you to achieve financial freedom.

However, the good news is – once you learn how to use The Release Technique to “pull up” and “let go” of your suppressed negativity (mind viruses)… you naturally have a positive state of mind… and therefore… you effortlessly “pull” abundance into all areas of your life.

Because once you learn to “let go” of all your subconscious programs (mind viruses) “hidden away” inside you – guess what?

Suddenly, as if by “magic,” the damn will break and an avalanche of abundance will start pouring into your life from all directions. You WILL achieve financial freedom, and the independence that goes with it.

You’ll Wonder Where The Abundance Has Been Hiding All These Years!

It may come slowly at first. Then faster and faster the more you use The Release Technique.

Also, it will give you… another… big and unexpected advantage.


You’ll Have A New Feeling Of Solid Confidence, Peacefulness And Sheer Joy Flooding Into Every Area Of Your Life!

In other words, using nothing more than The Release Technique to “let go” of suppressed “negativity”… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of your life.

It’s as if learning how to “let go” of your limiting subconscious programs… is… a springboard… that can send you rocketing to a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure you could never get before.

Look, here’s the bottom line: With this admittedly unusual process of”letting go” of suppressed “negativity” stored in your subconscious…

It’s Utterly Impossible For You To Remain Stuck In Your Financial Quagmire and Impossible NOT to Achieve Abundance!

This is no joke.

It WILL “Show Up”… Often From “Unexpected” Sources!

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a high paying job either. It doesn’t even matter if you have no job. Or, no current income.

You CAN achieve Abundance!

Larry Crane, Self-growth’s Official Guide to Abundance, and best-selling author and speaker, has been teaching The Release® Technique (The Abundance Course) for over 30 years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance in their lives. The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide. Larry’s Abundance Course home study program IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as exactly taught by Lester Levenson. [http://releasetechnique.directtrack.com/z/43/CD1]


Inspiring Story – Woman Uses Love, Successfully Thwarts Bandit

A woman worked at a convenience store.

The store wasn’t in a bad part of town, but it wasn’t the greatest either. Late one night, around closing time, the woman was tidying up. Out of nowhere, a raging bull of man burst into the store and in a booming voice demanded the woman turn over all the money to him. He yanked out a very frightening, ugly-looking, grimy gray pistol.

To the woman it looked like a bazooka. The agitated stick-up guy pointed the barrel of the ugly pistol right at the woman’s face. The woman’s reaction was total terror. Like a bolt out of the blue, she remembered what she had learned. She began to silently say “I Love you,” to the man. Silently. I love you. I love you. I love you, over and over.

Suddenly, the man’s arms fell to his side, his face softened, and he broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. He dropped the gun on the counter, wailing convulsively. Soon the police swarmed in and hauled the would-be robber away.

Imagine the drama as it was actually in progress. It’s late at night. A woman all alone. All she wants to do is finish her day and go home. Out of nowhere, an angry, desperate man is in your face, a loaded gun pointed right at your head. Is this the end of your life?

The woman began to say silently, I love you, I love you, I love you. The robber instantaneously felt the magnificent, omnipotent power of love. He didn’t know what hit him. He was literally disarmed.

What hit the robber was the power of love. The power to overcome any evil, any negativity, any problem, any wrong situation.

You too can learn to use the power of love to find solutions in your life, solutions you might never have thought of, like the woman in the story did.

The power of love can turn your life around. It can help you attain all your goals. It can give you a life you never dreamed could be so happy. You’ll find the solutions you’ve been looking for when you learn to apply love.

You know the Thoreau quotation. “Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” That’s what we usually hear. We seldom hear the complete quotation. “Most people live lives of quiet desperation and they go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Learn to apply love, open yourself up, and sing the song that is bottled up inside of you just waiting to break out. Learn to apply love, and you might just save your life, as did the woman in the story.

Get the most powerful force in the universe working for you and get your life working in ways you never imagined. Guaranteed: Your life will be the life you deserve.

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