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Positivity in life is an essential ingredient, and there are very few websites that actively help in introducing an element of such positivity into people’s daily lives. Sure, there are self help portals that show people how to make their life better, but Revelri does this with a twist. There are no philosophical quotes or wordy lines of advice in Revelri – there are just actions, simple, everyday actions, the kind that people can take up on a daily basis and try to carry out.

This is one of the highlights of the website, because these actions are designed to cater to everyone.

As a child, you’re sure to have harbored dreams, ambitions and desires that you later gave up on slowly, mainly because of your shifting priorities and the race to establish a luxurious life. During this journey, you would have missed out on the smaller things in your life – seemingly trivial everyday instances that can brighten up your day and perk it up with a bit of fun. Revelri pulls out all the stops to bring back these instances into your life, to show you their importance and how contentment and fun in such small doses can have a giant impact in your life.

Instead of turning to medicines to cope with everyday pressure, have you ever tried blowing bubbles as an adult and relived your childhood days?
Has it ever occurred to you to buy a box of toffees for your coworkers, which is an act that can not only bring you together but also add a smile to their faces?

And when was the last time you read to your children at night, or cooked up fairy tales or adventures for them to infinitely enjoy?
These simple tasks are what Revelri mainly focuses on, in an effort to make the lives of its users better.

A Treasure Trove of Small Delights

The website can be accessed through your Facebook account, and if you’re too particular about not using your Facebook credentials, you can create an account using just your email ID. The sign-up process is very simple and straightforward, but building your complete profile as a Reveler might take a bit of time. There are no loopholes and you don’t have to spend money, as Revelri is completely free!

Revelri digs deep into the lives of all Revelers (a catchy name for all Revelri users) and extracts vital information and personal details in order to tailor the profile efficiently for them. The actions that are given out everyday are personalized – so when you sign up with Revelri and enter your personal details, the actions that you get will only revolve around what you can do.

You don’t have to worry about getting tasks or actions that involve children if you’re unmarried and single and you definitely don’t have to worry about wearing killer heels to work because such actions will apply only to Revelers who register themselves as women!

Apart from their personalized nature, the daily actions provided by Revelri are unique because they apply across different cultures and are not bound by geographical constraints. Its actions can be credited as Revelri’s strong point.

And a Few More Surprises!

Have you ever felt grateful for having an amazing family and close friends to rely on?

Have you ever had the time to express your gratitude for all that you have in life?

With a unique idea, Revelri makes it easier for you to express your gratitude – through the Gratitude Journal. Like the name suggests, this is indeed a journal that you can maintain online for expressing your gratitude, one that will help you get a load off your chest and mind. You’ll have the power to make this journal public too, for other Revelers to view and be inspired.

Revelri also has a WishTree feature, where you can list out your short term and long term wishes and desires. Sometimes, for you to succeed in fulfilling your ambitions, all you need to do is write them down somewhere so that you’re visually reminded of these aims time and again. Revelrisolves this problem by providing an online solution, in the form of a WishTree.

If that’s not enough, there’s a Synergy section that focuses on the well-being of the entire community. If you’re feeling low and helpless and would like an extended hand or a prayer for your condition, you can post a case in the Synergy section and fellow Revelers will flock to pray and wish the best for you. If such positive motivation can’t set things right, nothing will! As a Reveler, you’ll have the freedom to extend your prayers towards another member who’s having problems in life.

The Synergy section brings to the fore all that Revelri is about – being a part of a community. The site is populated by like-minded individuals who believe in improving their lives, and spreading happiness and peace. To make things easier and to allow them to communicate with each other, Revelri provides messaging options in their profiles so that they can constantly keep in touch.

Although these features are very exciting and quite new, Revelri needs to work more on these sections to make them a tad more attractive – right now, the actions steal the show in the website. But the best thing about Revelri is that it offers all its features for free, while other websites often lock their best features away under a paid account. So go ahead, introduce some passion and fun into your life, because Revelri’s here to make the world a utopian one.

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