5 tips to be good at remote viewing

When I trained in Remote
Viewing with the Probable Future course, it took me only two months to develop
the ability however I made the mistake to stop the training when the ability
appeared it eventually vanished within a month.
I noticed that pattern
with many things, stopping a training when the ability appears doesn’t
necessary mean that the ability will stay, I think that continuing the training
for six months after a newly ability has been developed is safe and even after
some maintenance is necessary ;the best maintenance to keep a psychic ability
is to actually use it regularly.

I had no
clear goal when I learned remote viewing, having clear goals will give you more
motivation and once you complete your training you will be able to achieve your
goals you had in mind with your newly developed remote viewing ability.

There are dozens of applications to remote viewing

Greg Kolodziejzyk uses remote viewing to predict the stock market and
so far he is been successful at it, making a 100 000 dollars profit during the
period 1998-2005.

I heard of another guy using Remote
viewing to go play in Las Vegas casinos.

Some people use Remote viewing to
make more accurate psychic reading.

Hobbyists interested in ancient civilizations use
it to make their research.

Once you have a clear goal in mind
of what you want to do with remote viewing it will be a lot easier to keep at

Optimizing your chance of success

As far as psi functioning is concerned
I always get better results when my mind is clear, quiet and with the two brain
hemispheres synchronized.

In practical terms, I tend to
reduce or completely eliminate watching television, listen to music with
headphone these activities tend to interfere with an efficient
PSI-thoughts process.

In a nutshell, brain hemisphere
occurs when certain audio pattern are presented to each hear, usually, it helps
to improve brain function, relaxation and it also helps with the development of
psychic ability to achieve this I use a couple of binaural beats CDs sometimes
I work with Hemi-sync, Immrama or Mind-tek those are my favorites providers.

Frequent meditations should also be a part of a
successful practise, because it simply help the mind to function better.

Energy Work

I noticed that when I do the N.E.W energy work
routine (I do 25 minutes a day) after a while I tend to develop frequent
episode of lucid dreaming and it was also confirmed by the developer of the
N.E.W system Robert Bruce, I highly recommend the N.E.W routine it does help also
with remote viewing by providing extra-energy which to perceive more clearly.

Good Habit and precision

Have a remote viewing journal with all the details
of each of your session, also it is very important that when you want to remote
view something you have to decide for a date, for example if you want to remote
view the church in your street, the target is ‘My church at (address) today
(date) at (hours)’ because the mind doesn’t care much about time, so if you
aren’t precise with the time you might perceive things as it were 25 years ago
or may be perceive things as they will be in a distant future.

Removing emotional block and
limiting beliefs

Some of us
are curious about the paranormal but in same case hold deep seeded fear about
it, in such case these emotional blocks must be cleared before one can develop
good ability. If you feel you have limiting beliefs regarding your ability to
learn a PSI-skill I suggested you use the easy method of EFT to clear it. EFT
is based on the idea that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in
the body’s energy system. EFT uses tapping on meridian-acupuncture point to
re-balance the system and eliminate emotional blocks.

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The above simple tips should help to start a
healthy practice.

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